*woot* – It works! – *woot*

Okay, here’s the sitch: The daughter is at a sleepover, so my wife and I get the house to ourselves. Cool, right? She tells me this at 6:15 pm, so I’m thinking in an hour we’ll be on our way out to dinner and home early for some well-earned playtime. Haven’t been in the mood since last Thursday because I’ve been too sore from my new piercing (did I mention that I’ve got a new piercing?) .

Unfortunately, she ends up having to work late. 😦

No worries, I get ready to go out for dinner, and she brings DD to her friend’s house – where her mother (one of my wife’s friends) begins venting about her own husband, their marital problems, how they haven’t had sex in a year, they never talk to each other, money woes, etc. Not realizing this, I’m leaning back in a chair reading an old Travis McGee novel and beginning to doze off, when she finally gets home at 8:30 or so. She thinks I’m still in the bathroom getting ready, so she settles into the living room to read the paper. I’m wondering what’s taking her so long in the bathroom, until at 8:45 we finally get our act together and head out to a local dining spot, hoping that the kitchen will still be open. We have dinner and wine, but by the time we get home I’m starting to snooze and I want a shower and some sleep.

But just when the evening looks wasted, I perk up slightly from the shower. We’re both in bed, and I’m showing off my piercing. Then she pulled out a letter she had recently found, something that I’d written to her back in 1989 – back when we were dating. It was an erotic tale, not one of my best (and why the hell didn’t I use paragraph spacing? I hate that!), and before long we were both feeling interested enough to make an attempt at some kind of sex. My firm – very firm, in fact – erection didn’t seem to bother the piercing. So, what the hell, right? We have a strap-on harness which I carefully donned, and chose one of the realistic fleshy dildos, and in a few minutes we were experimenting. She was concerned that the straps or unusual bending might catch the barbell, but fortunately everything went along pretty smoothly. So, after she’d had a few orgasms in a couple of different positions, I upped the ante.

“I’ve got some condoms in the drawer. Maybe we could try this out and see how the barbell feels inside.”

We talked about if for a minute, but figured that if it was starting to hurt, then I could just carefully withdraw and we’d go to Plan B (Rule No. 2: There is always a Plan B). So I removed the fleshy, silicone thing and unwrapped a Trojan Extra-sensitive, and then began the comical task of unrolling the very snug latex over a very sensitive piercing. Damn, now I understand why some guys lose it when putting one of those things on! I ended up needing to unroll extra and carefully stretch the rolled ring over the sides of the barbell. And then some of the creases caught some spare skin, and then I couldn’t adjust it… I was lucky to retain half an erection by the time I finished.

For those non-savvy about piercings, it’s recommended to use a condom to keep germs and secretions out of the fresh hole, and also to help keep the barbell from moving around and stretching the skin.

Anyway, a few minutes of making out again, and I was ready to go. My wife claimed to be pretty well lubricated (she wasn’t lying), and so we began. I guided myself carefully, until my head was just at her entrance. To get a little more control I shifted to the “push-up” position, and slowly eased my engorged head deeper into her, until I could feel her lips just start to close around me. A slight sudden pinch, and then I was in. I pushed in a bit further and stopped. A little more. A little more. A little… ooch! Okay, that’s far enough!

It was slow going, but worthwhile. The metal pin held the sensitive underside of my cock out a little further than I am used to, and even with the condom there was some movement of the barbell against the thin skin around the holes. We found a comfortable positions, and continued. I think she may have had a small orgasm, and we stopped after five or ten minutes. At some point she tried to raise her hips to get me into her a little deeper, but that hurt, so we took a break. We ended up swapping positions, and she got on top. I made her move – an inch back, no up, no a little frontways… ah, that’s better – and she carefully rode me until I was very close to the orgasmic edge. Since she was concerned that I would lose my sensitivity, but even with the condom I was feeling everything in glorious Technicolor. I wondered if I was just overly sensitive because of the new-ness of the piercing.

Naturally I asked how it felt to her; in the missionary positions she can feel the balls slide in on the bottom just after my head slides in on top. She claimed to feel the balls slightly deeper in, too, and it was enjoyable. She wondered if it might not feel sore after a half hour or more, but I think that with some lube and no condom it should be better. While she was on top she could still feel them nudging her inside. I had to ask her several times not to get too carried away, and in fact, I had a moment in which I just couldn’t help raising my own hips and it pinched like hell! Dammit, that pinched! We stopped for a few moments, and continued, since I was pretty close to the edge. Apparently she was pretty close as well, because I told her that if she wanted I would be willing to wait a few more days before coming. She went over the edge seconds later, and – according to one of our new rituals – after I asked for her permission, so did I. Wow! It lasted almost a full minute and was very intense, even though I had been trying to move as absolutely as little as possible. Damn, I hope they’re all like that one!

In the past I’ve complained that after sex she immediately gets up for a towel, so there was some irony in that this time I was the one who hopped out of bed. I had another few moments of comedy as I now tried to get the damn condom off – again, trying to stretch the rolled ring around each bead. And again, I pinched my already sore frenum, and checked carefully for pulls or torn skin. Everything looked okay, so I gave it a warm rinse and a quick saline soak before returning to bed. We talked about it for a few minutes and then went to sleep. I tried sleeping commando, as it my habit, but I woke up at some point and got nervous that in my tossing and turning I’d catch the barbell, so I slipped on my new boxers and went back to sleep.

This morning I woke up with a major woody, so I’m pretty certain that everything is going to be working just fine.

Oh, and we were going to take pictures last night, but sort of forgot about them in the playtime. That’s okay, it’s still a teeny bit discolored – a few more days should clear that up.

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One Response to *woot* – It works! – *woot*

  1. LambChop says:

    I’m a late-comer here, but what style of piercing did you get? Still in? LOVE IT!

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