Thoughts on “Thoughts”

Despite the aftermath of the Great Comment Fiasco in the Autumn of 2006, Ms. Susan herself has opted to comment on comments – to the delight of all nineteen of her most devout readers. To me, it’s one of those self-referential “breaking the wall” situations, almost on the level of when Dilbert has a visitor from Family Circus, or when Jimmy Neutron gets zapped into the Fairly Oddparents world.

Yes, thirteen years of college have been wiped from my brain and I have been reprogrammed by Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network. Anybody else out there have children, or is it just me?

Anyway, she left a comment on a comment on an article from last week that I wanted to comment on.

In her post, she writes:

“In reality because D/s or FemDom is just play to us right now. My “dungeon” consists of a paddle, some scarves, padded cuffs, feathers, lotions, vibrators and a blindfold. Pretty much standard bachelorette party stuff. We have added a collar which we both adore and some new elements to our play. Quick and quiet are usually two really important elements for us. The little erotic stories can be read to each other late at night. And yes they contain some real life elements:)

“For me as a woman the real benefit to sexual exploration is the intimacy I am able to share with Tyler. It started out as sharing fantasies but the intimacy has spread into other non sexual areas of our marriage. That was much needed.”

In case anyone missed the subtext, Sue and Ty are using some D/s activities to enhance their enjoyment of each other. They are teasing each other with BDSM fantasies in order to enhance their level of intimacy.

In short, they are playing.

And you know what? I think that this is great! They are playing, having fun, enjoying each other, living in the stolen moments when they don’t have to make breakfast, correct homework, do the grocery shopping or unclog the toilet. So it came as a bit of a disappointment to read her further thoughts on this:

“[…] I take every thing in proportion but the blogs and websites I was reading were Goddess This and Mistress That. After a while they become completely unrelatable to my life situation.

“I know there is an outlet for my thoughts; I’m just not sure it’s blogging or at least blogging about “playing” D/s.”

That’s sad.

What’s even more sad, is that between the time I started writing this article this morning and now, Susan has deleted several of her well-written posts, and has again disabled the comments.
I suspect that, despite what she’s written in the now hidden comments, it’s because she really did not want me to win a car.
There are dozens of web logs in this community, and more dozens of web forums and internet groups in which many of the regular contributors are so damned serious. S/slash writing protocols. Capital Letters for Dom/mes and lower case for subs/slaves. Week long discussions defining the difference between subs and slaves. I/introspective R/retrospectives on the A/author’s J/journey (and why is it always a journey? Why isn’t it ever a trek or a voyage or an expedition?).

I’ve heard – all too often – the nervousness of the newbies who are concerned that they aren’t doing something “right”, as if there were some kind of performance review at the end of the quarter. Not long ago, a woman on a chastity group emailed me because she had questions on how to be a Domme the “right way.” She was concerned that she was enjoying herself too much to be a “real Dominatrix.” Another woman was concerned because she enjoyed the sensation of her husband orgasming inside her, and – based on what she’d read – believed that as a Domme she was not “allowed” to do that anymore.

Recently, Bonnie of Collars’n’Cuffs posted an interesting rant:

“So many on the blogger sphere try to tell newbie’s and the committed to the lifestyle you must do this or that, this way in order to member of the Femdom Fan club. […] I don’t blame a lot of the blogger’s for disappearing or hiding when the answer they give are not the answers the reader wants to hear. or they are burnt out from the derivative thoughts and opinions. […] I get it now you have to fit the Femdom mould in order to belong. “

While I don’t think that anyone has flat out told Susan that she’s doing something wrong, I get the impression that like a T/traveler on a J/journey to a place that is enjoyable to visit she’s absorbed some of the local color and wondering how she “fits” into an environment in which Ladies, Mistresses and Goddesses trade tips on edge play while naked subs and the great uncollared cavort at their feet – the better to give foot massages, of course. And I wonder if, like me, she hasn’t thought that perhaps she’s a bit out of place because she doesn’t make a second career out of Femdomming.

I write “like me” because our own dungeon is a couple of drawers in a bedside nightstand. More than once I’ve looked in on the various BDSM web forums, having felt embarrassed to post amid the veteran scene players, and decided to merely lurk, instead of becoming an active or even semi-active participant. I’m not sure why I feel so nervous, especially as I’ve spent a lot of time on various web groups trying to assuage the concerns of the new & nervous. Indeed, when I’m not being snarky with the clueless, I am usually explaining that it’s perfectly acceptable to just play and have a good time, that not only do they not need to follow any rules, but that they’ll have even more fun by stretching their imagination and making up their own rules as they go along.

Or better perhaps, making up no rules at all.

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2 Responses to Thoughts on “Thoughts”

  1. Anwyn says:

    Now THAT is an intruiging idea…I feel an article coming on over at anwyn25….
    *makes notes*


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Glad to have helped! And welcome to my home away from LJ.


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