The Edge of Famous

I mostly use the WordPress account because, well, I like it better than my mirror on Blogger. Cooler features, easier to manage, pretty colors. I wish I could modify the template more, but one thing at a time.

Anyway, last week I was home sick with a wicked flu, so I didn’t bother looking at the other account. I checked it the other day, though, and almost fell out of my chair. My hit count went crazy! Normally the WordPress blog gets between 200 and 300 hits per day, and the Blogger gets maybe half of that. But for several days running the Blogger account was double the WordPress one. What?

Turns out I was getting most of the hits from Fleshbot – an adult blogger site. Apparently The Edge of Vanilla was one of several featured blogs. More specifically, one of my Friday Fantasies was mentioned in the Jan 5th picks.

Sex Blog Roundup: Laws Of Desire

Devotion sometimes overwhelms simple desire, making lovers do things that would make no sense to anyone outside its spell. It makes a wife cherish a husband’s t-shirt or a submissive crave a dominant’s admonishments. Today’s roundup of the some of our favorite recent writing from the sex blog scene runs the gamut of devotion from the sweet to the extreme, from a simple boudoir kiss to all manner of soul-shattering orgasms … including those forced or denied.

I should mention that my friend Crash was also on that list, as were several other blogs that I hadn’t yet discovered. Some good reads on all of them, I might add.

Gosh, I certainly hope that this brush with fame doesn’t go to my head.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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13 Responses to The Edge of Famous

  1. Suzy says:

    Way to go Tom!


  2. Cat says:

    Very cool, I think half of my hits come from your site now I know why the hits spiked this week. Of course they are no where near your count.


  3. Crash says:

    Thanks for the mention, Tom!

    Wow, I hope being mentioned on your blog doesn’t go to my head ….


  4. Tom Allen says:

    Let’s all blame Kimba!
    All of this started after she got involved with us “fetishists.”


  5. waiting4him says:

    wow…way to go! i will have to go check it out..



  6. Crash says:

    Nah, I couldn’t blame Kimba. She’s my Aussie sweetheart!

    🙂 Who loves ya, baby? 🙂

    I figure now that I’m bald, I need to start quoting bald guys. Telly Savalas was first on the list since someone called me ‘Kojak’ last night


  7. kimba says:

    Tom -I am so proud of you..

    But blame me if you like.. Yes – actually I am probably the only reason why people read your blog these days.. What’s that dippy, loveable Aussie gal misinterpreting now? they all wonder..

    Oooohhh Crash – I was so disappointed to not see your fabled moustache at your place.. I like my men with a bit of fancy facial hair.. and not that you are ‘my man’.. but I like a bit of moustache perving anyway..

    We’ll pass the hat around and see if we can come up with better quotes for you, ok?


  8. Crash says:

    We’ll pass the hat around and see if we can come up with better quotes for you, ok?

    Please! It was either that or Yul Brenner’s ‘Et cetera, Et cetera, Et cetera’ from The King and I … 😛


  9. kimba says:

    hey Tom… where’s this week’s fantasy?
    or are you fantasising about being famous?


  10. Tom Allen says:

    Oh dammit, why didn’t anybody tell me?

    A combination of a wicked flu, plus some end-of-year stuff has put me behind. I suggest that y’all read Crash’s site until I’m better.

    Actually, even Mrs. Edge asked why I hadn’t sent her anything this week. Now I know I’d better get better.


  11. kimba says:

    it had been noted here Tom.. most were too polite to say anything..

    Reading Crash is a very very worthy diversion.. but I think I am wearing holes in his site I read it so much.. *wink*


  12. Crash says:

    Someone’s reading my blog?!?!




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