Beating a meme to death

And the 80’s revival continues!
I stumbled across Cranky Chaos, who’s also doing the 80s thing, and from there went to this test:

Final Score: 119.425

I wasted 45 minutes of my life. I think I’d have done a little better, but the scoring is extremely picky, and you don’t get points for partial answers. Plus, the whole family is watching Gray’s Anatomy right behind me, and you’d think that they were going deaf because they always crank up the volume. That meant that I couldn’t close my eyes and run through the song database in my head.

I have no idea what the score really means, but apparently I’ve been living in the past.

And just in case we haven’t beat the hell out of this yet, I’ve added the WordPress VodPod widget to my sidebar, loaded with 80s tunes.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to splash on a little Obsession and head out to the sushi bar in my Beemer.

Edit: Fixed the link to the test itself from the graphic.

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6 Responses to Beating a meme to death

  1. chaos says:

    you did good. I had a few minor errors too. Fun huh?

  2. Tom Allen says:

    It was fun, but some of them were really obscure. Meaning: I missed them because I didn’t remember them at all.

  3. kimba says:

    umm.. ahem.. err… umm.. Tom..??
    Gosh that score was good.. wasn’t it..??

  4. Tom Allen says:

    Kimba, thank you for your help for a couple of those questions. I should have emailed you the other ten that I skipped.

  5. Cat says:

    I didn’t skip 10 but I did skip a handful, the songs were on the tip of my tongue but once I had pet shop boys it was over. I am still thinking west end town …. call the police there is a madman around…see what I mean LOL.

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