My own chastity story

Okay, I’ve got a story, of sorts. It’s not my usual Friday Fantasy because, well, it’s not fantasy. This goes back to when my wife and I were first experimenting with chastity play and orgasm denial.

I’ve mentioned that a few years ago my wife and I tried some chastity play for a while. It started off as “just for a couple of weeks,” and when a couple of weeks went by, we (and yes, it was a “we” decision, we’re not into any serious D/s) thought we’d go for a month. The month turned into two, then three and then six, and it ended up being almost 8 1/2 months of 24/7 wear in my CB3000. Although I was unlocked for sex periodically, I was not allowed to have an orgasm during that entire time. Since it was mostly her idea in the first place – we had been looking for a kink to experiment with and that seemed to grab her fancy – I went along with any decision she made about it, just so she could get comfortable with the idea.

At first, she unlocked me a couple of times a week to have sex, and then I would clean up and we would replace the cage. After a month or so, we invested in a good strap-on harness and a good silicone dildo, and my unlockings became less frequent, several times it being four, five, or six weeks running. She prefers penetration over oral, so the harness really worked well for her. When the time came for our agreement to end, we were in the middle of some marital differences, so we put away the toys for a bit. We thought about playing once in a while, but frankly, after 8 months, going for a couple of weeks just didn’t seem quite as exciting, so we didn’t bother with it for a while.

Anyway, about seven or eight months after we had ended the last session, my wife left for a trip to visit some family for a week. I stayed home because of work (and because I enjoy my alone time anyway). So after spending the first day masturbating a few times out of boredom, I dug out the CB3k, cleaned it off and locked it on myself. Surprisingly, it didn’t take long for me to get used to it again, so I left it on for the rest of the week. When it came time to head to the airport to pick her up, I was going to remove it, but at the last minute decided to leave it on. I got the bags, we had dinner, and she didn’t discover it until we got home. She felt it against her leg, but didn’t say anything until later on when we went to bed. She then asked why I had put it on and how long I’d worn it (just for the hell of it, and all week). We talked and then made out for a few minutes, and that’s when I discovered something: she was wet. No, I don’t mean the moistness that women get when they’re aroused; I mean literally dripping down her legs with excitement.

I made love to her with my fingers and my mouth for a while, maybe 20 or 30 minutes, and then she asked me to put on the harness. I entered her, slowly at first, resting my weight on her and remembering how to angle myself for her pleasure. By this time I was rock-hard inside my cage, my balls were tight against the ring, everything straining to be free. I found my rhythm, and brought her to a tremendous climax literally within a minute. I slowed to give her time to breathe, and she indicated that I should keep going. As I continued my slow, deep thrusts, she began talking to me – something she rarely does during lovemaking – asking me how it felt to be locked up again, telling me that she missed me inside the device, and telling me how hot it made her to feel the dildo deep inside her with my hard cock inside the cage bumping into her ass. In no time at all she was coming again. And again. And again. It seemed that each time was more powerful than the last. Finally, I whispered in her ear that I didn’t want her to allow me to come that night, that I would stay locked up because it was obviously making her so hot, and she came so suddenly and so hard that she gave herself a headache. We relaxed for a few minutes and then went to sleep. Well, at least she did – I was awake for a while longer, trying to calm down.

We had things to do during the week, so we didn’t even get a chance to talk, let alone have a repeat of that first night. But finally the weekend came, and Friday night found us freshly showered and in bed, our bodies hot against each other. I reminded her that I hadn’t come in over two weeks, and in response, she placed my hand on her mound so I could again feel how wet she had become just thinking about my frustration that week. No oral tonight, she asked me to put the harness on right away, and we spent the next hour in some more serious lovemaking. Again, I noted how turned on she seemed to be, and she kept repeating that she was getting off more and more on the idea of having me locked up. And that’s when it started to come out; she whispered that she wanted to keep me locked up even longer than the last time, to not even let me out for a moment. Each time she mentioned it brought her to another climax, and by the end of the evening she was as worn out as I’d ever seen her. She went right to sleep from sheer exhaustion, while I lay awake for a while, not just from my own frustrated arousal, but also from this new development on her part. Was she really serious?

A few days later I began to get an idea of just how serious she was. We went to bed early one night, and began kissing and fondling each other, and she said that because she was tired, she only wanted me to take her with the dildo for five or ten minutes. So during our lovemaking, I asked her how serious she was about not letting me out and about going for longer than last time. Nine months? Ten? Perhaps a year? She started to respond that the idea of my agreeing to go for a year was so hot… and she climaxed right in the middle of her sentence! Oh yes, she was serious; she’d love to see me frustrated, to know that I’d be aroused and excited all the time just for her. Our “five or ten minutes” soon turned into 45, and again she fell asleep out of exhaustion. Needless to say, I was awake – again – for quite some time.

Fortunately, we managed to make time for each other a couple of days later, and I tried to keep our lovemaking slow and paced. I asked her how serious she was, and each time she kept responding that she wanted me to stay locked up for a long time. Then she asked the tough question: Did I want to know how long? I thought about it, and told her no, I didn’t want to know – I was willing to leave it completely at her discretion. Oh, how that sent her into a series of short, fast orgasms; and when she was done, she asked me to tell her again, to beg her to keep me locked up. Each time I told her that I didn’t want to come sent waves of pleasure through her like I’d never seen. She even suggested that we make a replica of my own cock, so that she’d never have a reason to allow me to be out, and I told her that we could check for something, since they had several that were very natural looking. She wondered how I’d feel about being “replaced”, and of course, I told her that as long as I was keeping her satisfied, it was good enough for me. Ah yes, that was the right answer, and she soon finished, exhausted and happy.

Needless to say, by the end of the week we had checked the Blowfish site and had decided on the Bent Realistic (medium) because it seemed to be the closest thing to my own natural shape and size. I spent the money for the expedited shipping, and soon found just how closely it resembled me – close enough to make her very excited and me very nervous. We couldn’t wait to try it out, though, and soon I was half proud and half jealous of this new addition. The large head stimulated her better than the dildo we had been using, and best – or maybe worst – of all, she kept saying how much it felt just like my own cock. I found that I could position it just a little lower on my hips, and before long my wife was whispering in my ear thoughts and fantasies of keeping me locked in the device for longer and longer periods, of not ever allowing me to come, of forever feeling my cage pressed against her ass while I filled her with my new silicone “friend”. And each time she whispered a new fantasy brought her another wave of pleasure, another climax, and another satisfied sigh.

We finished with her asking me to lay on my back so she could ride me. This is my favorite position because I enjoy watching her. As she pressed herself onto me, I felt the stirrings of a “release”, what I call it when my body is about to release its semen without an orgasm. I told her what was happening, and she paused and asked me to stop. It was very difficult because I’d gotten so completely turned on from pleasuring her, but I managed to hold on. When I was back in control, she told me that she didn’t even want me to release unless she gave me permission, perhaps once a month or so. She continued to move her hips on me, slowly, just enough to keep herself aroused, but not quite enough to come. She told me that she found herself even more excited this time around than the previous session, and while she couldn’t explain what the attraction was to her, it became obvious that she had developed a serious kink, perhaps even a fetish for this. As she worked herself into the last climax of the night, she confessed that the hottest thing in the world at the moment was knowing that I was caged, frustrated, and aroused just for her. She said that she was serious about not allowing me to come, and in fact, about not even allowing me out of the cage for at least six months and probably for a year, to a year and a half – right up until the summer. Could I handle it?

I don’t know.

Could I?

Could you?

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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63 Responses to My own chastity story

  1. roo-roo says:

    Wow! That’s incredibly hot!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lady Julia says:

    How do you feel about this years later? Are you happy you did it? Do you have any regrets?


  3. Cat says:

    Hell No! I couldn’t handle that LOL. But I can certainly see why she is turned on by the idea who wouldn’t be. And I have to 2nd Lady Julia’s questions because I am curious about that too…


  4. Suzy says:

    I’d have to be in the no column as well:) Great post and thanks for the Wham. You are so sweet:)


  5. Tom Allen says:

    roo-roo – nice of you to drop by. It was most definitely hot.

    LJ – Now that I’ve broken the ice, I’ll post more about it in the future. Yes, it was a good experience overall.

    Cat – I don’t get this: “But I can certainly see why she is turned on by the idea who wouldn’t be.” What about it seemed irresistible to you? Especially since you wouldn’t want to be in that position yourself, what makes it so appealing?

    GS – Wham has 8 views! It’s catching up to James “Laid”, which surprises the hell out of me with 17. Who else even has heard of that tune?
    And just so you know – there is a difference between espousing a hot fantasy and wanting to live it 24/7/365. But 24/7 for a little while?


  6. Cat says:

    she confessed that the hottest thing in the world at the moment was knowing that I was caged, frustrated, and aroused just for her. Are you kidding what woman would not find that appealing????


  7. Myles says:

    very hot. I am a bit biased though, I find it incredibly arousing to have my guy in chastity–at least I did back when I was a Femdom instead of a Fauxdom.

    thanks for sharing!



  8. Russ says:

    Wow… Not sure I could last 48 hours, let alone months.



  9. Sassy says:

    Sounds wonderful. Also sounds like she found her niche. Did you ever think she would come so far from where you were initially?


  10. diggerjones says:

    Me? Not right now. Not yet. But given the enthusiasm you were greeted with…maybe,

    So when does she apply the soldering iron to the lock to make it permenent?



  11. chaos says:

    I don’t think I would like to keep my guy in lock up (or down) for a long period of time. I enjoy the build up and the teasing to the point where he wants to cum but I don’t allow it. I might could do it for a week, a month or maybe a few months but I have a fetish for the feel of his cum ~ of course, I do like the idea of being in control of when he cums…..


  12. europosh says:

    I read your post a few days ago and I’ve been thinking about this idea since then. I am intrigued, perhaps because I spoil myself and never deny myself anything. maybe it’s a matter of age, but I’d feel like I am missing on something… it also works best for stable relationships, right?
    I am truly intrigued and I am going to keep on reading about your experience.


  13. Her knight says:

    You’re definitely on to something about the difference between a hot fantasy and living it 24/7. For me, the differences emerge after about 3 days locked up. That’s when you’re really wishing you could touch Her property, and/or you have a powerful urge to come, and you don’t have the key.
    So, you ask Your Princess what you can do to earn a period of freedom, and She just laughs and tells you that whenever it was just got further away because you asked…
    Thanks for the post! Even though it caused me pain, due to being in lockup.


  14. Suzy says:

    27 Wham views! I think we’re talking reunion tour:)


  15. kimba says:

    Tom..? I have questions..
    Honestly this does sound truly hot.. I love the teasing element.. love it.. I wonder about it though.. Don’t you miss the feeling of your wife? Especially against your fren piercing and all? I am thinking now of your penis far more than I think I should.. I guess this post heightens the more than just physical act of lovemaking.. Damn I am talking around in circles trying to understand the concept..

    Your life just got a hell of a lot more interesting to me.. thanks.. tell us more..


  16. kimba says:

    three shopping days until my birthday.. I am going to have to step into a shop in the next three days and buy myself a toy..


  17. Satan says:

    I’m 100% with Cat on this one. Be still, my heart!


  18. Bob says:

    My wife keeps me locked up in a CB3000 often so I emailed her your story. I hope I don’t regret it. I am putty in her hands when she has me locked up.


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  20. juigreete says:

    Very useful and informative blog. Recommended for all to see.


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  22. dean says:

    I have to admit it ,all that tease is hot ,but you might has well cut your dick off.
    Pleasing her is great ,but again it seems like a oneway street.
    Way to long a wait .
    For me thats not a relationship.


  23. Tom Allen says:

    Hi Dean – No apology necessary; we all have our limits and desires. I’d never suggest this to anyone else as the best way to go. In fact, we didn’t plan it, we just sort of kept it going a little bit at a time.

    But please dont’ assume it was a one-way street. I got a lot of pleasure out of it, believe me. It’s just that orgasms are not the only pleasure when you have sex.


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  25. flyboycfi says:

    Hi Tom;
    As a fellow chaste person, I love your passion and story. The longest I’ve gone is 90-120 days, before my wife wants the real thing.

    Have you ventured into any steel belts yet?



  26. Tom Allen says:

    Hey Fly –

    We’ve talked about a Lori’s and the steel belts, but Mrs. Edge really isn’t into the idea. The CB3000 is clear plastic, and she likes being able to see through it – not to mention that it’s probably safer for hygiene. Also, the steel belts have to come off at least weekly for cleaning, while the 2k/3k can be worn for much longer periods; there’s not as much getting covered up, so less fooling is required. We’re willing to trade off some of the security issues and stimulation issues for the convenience.

    90 to 120 days is some serious stuff. Do you use toys or strap-ons during that time?


  27. 43 days is my record…kinda/sorta. i was my own keyholder knowing release was just a thawing out away, takes about 7 minutes with practice n hot water. Dont know if i could last a week without being my own keyholder. i must know,…if not in san diego,…then timelock.


  28. Tom Allen says:

    Hi Tom – nice to see you dropping by.

    We’ve been taking a break for a while, but I expect that we’re getting bored and will start getting back into it soon.

    I dont’ think that I would last long as my own KH – it would be, well, dull for me. I like being urged on a bit.


  29. scatman says:

    hi there my name is scatman i to have my own blog showcasing the best of side boobs. as i was browsing on the net i came across your blog and noticest the pic of lady in black. i was wondering if it was ok if i posted your pic on my blog in exchange for me listing your link and mentioning your blog.if so you can contact me on my email:


  30. Tom Allen says:

    Scatman, that picture is not mine – I just ran across it years ago, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to delete it from my hard drive. Feel free to use it. More better if you could discover who it is or where it’s from.


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  32. rb says:

    Would you like to post your chasity story on our kink site? i love the article. i also operate Wife Worshipper if you are interested…at

    I really like your blog…thanks for sharing.



  33. deb says:

    I had to look up the CB3000. I couldn’t believe it, didn’t believe that such a thing existed and then when I saw it I understood how your wife felt or feels. It made me feel aroused which surprised me. I’ll be back, love your writing, or at least my crotch does:)


  34. Tom Allen says:

    Hi Deb! Why did this surprise you? And would you be interested in elaborating on what you found arousing about this?


  35. brattyone says:

    Tom — when we use the CB6000 life is great…one question. Did your wife “milk” you or allow milking? My “boy” complains of pressure building and the discomfort of the lack of release…. Thanks for sharing…I may forward your tale to him as incentive 🙂 He! He!


  36. Tom Allen says:

    Bratty – Thanks for dropping by. No, we don’t do the milking thing for several reasons. One is Mrs. Edge is squicked by anal play. But the other is that every few weeks I would have an involuntary release while still caged. Usually it would happen while I was wearing the strap-on and having sex with her; the rhythmic motions would stir something and if it had been several weeks, sometimes things would just start leaking. Eventually I learned to recognize the signs and would have to warn her so she could decide if I would be allowed to continue.

    By all means, have your boy drop by – maybe he’ll have a few questions, himself.


  37. L says:

    Hi, me again. I’ve been itching to ask you if you’ve ever tried the steelwerks chastity devices, or if you know someone who has?

    I’ve decided I want one, it looks so damn hot, but some feedback would be nice, considering the price!


  38. Tom Allen says:

    L – I love the Steelwerks website. I should do a feature post on it. That device is so freakin’ hot!

    I have not seen any bad feedback on the SW folks, but then, I have not seen much feedback at all. They are relatively new and I suspect a bit on the pricey side, so they don’t have much market penetration yet. 😉


  39. L says:

    Oh, it’s definitely freakin’ hot. *sigh* I just love that it’s metal.

    I’m actually saving up to buy it (or rather, I’m making my guy save up HAH). They make a non-customized chastity device that they sell cheaper than the customized stuff (that’s the link I put up earlier), but is still somewhere around $1000! But I don’t care, I WILL get it!

    And I will definitely give feedback once my guy and I have tried it. In fact, I’m working on starting my own blog… This is how I came accross your site, my guy sent me a bunch of links to give me ideas and stuff, yours among them.


  40. Tom Allen says:

    L – I hope that he put my blog at the top of the list. 😉

    Here’s an example of how we’re all different: I like the idea that it’s all metal, too. There’s just something about the idea of it that makes it a delicious torment. OTOH, Mrs. Edge, after looking at a number of other devices, really likes the clear plastic of the 3k because it allows her to “see her property;” she likes seeing it all smushed up inside the tube when I’m aroused.


  41. L says:

    Actually, it was near the end of the list. And I didn’t even make it to the end of that list, I stumbled upon your blog through another blog 😀 Yours caught my attention, the others didn’t.

    Hmm yeah, I can understand how seeing her property through the clear plastic is appealing. But my guy has a houdini, which is somewhat like the steelwerks only a lot less pretty, and when he gets aroused it pops out at the end, and I can touch and tease… Also very fun. Plus my guy has a fetish for metal, so a device like the steelwerks cage is almost irresistible to him. Yay!


  42. Tom Allen says:

    At the end of the list? Tsk tsk… If he wasn’t saving the best for last, then maybe he should spring for that Steelwerks device sooner, rather than later.

    Yeah, a metal fetish is cool. It’s nice when your fetishes can co-exist in harmony 😉


  43. L says:

    If it’ll make you feel any better, this was just a random list of sites he found by searching online, not a “favorites” list 😉


  44. Tom Allen says:

    Pffft – he gave you a random list, and didn’t check them out first? And especially he didn’t list mine at the top?


  45. L says:

    Yes, he’s been a bad boy toy, I’ll have to punish him.

    hehehe actually he checked them out enough to know they were all related to the same subject.


  46. Dave P. says:

    I bought some stuff from SW back when they still made body piercing jewelry…nothing but good things to say about them. Five stars.


  47. bdenied says:

    I believe I have been locked for up to 14 days. I have fantasies of a year or longer. I am not sure I could do it in reality but the fact that your wife finds it so hot makes it hot…I am not sure mine would like me locked up for that long but oh how I dream


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  50. Michael says:

    I enjoy revisiting Tom’s blog occasionally as much of what he writes about living a chaste existence as a lifestyle, and the relationship with his wife, mirrors my own to a fair degree.

    With my wife’s agreement, I first locked my penis away in a CB-3000 early in 2005. The lady who runs the web site agreed to publish our story and, surprisingly, four years later this is still the most recent “personal experience” listed there.

    Just like Tom, I ironed out the issues in my relationship with my wife (through much talking and compromise on both sides) and we are now firmly devoted to each other and soulmates. I continue to wear the chastity cage for periods of up to 10 weeks at a time (usually with a week’s break after it’s removed to allow any bruising to settle) although I have recently locked it back on after a 6 week break – the longest I’ve gone without wearing it for almost five years. No real reason for this, other than she was content for me not to replace it after a week out on licence and only recently told me she thought it was time I locked it back on again.

    Also, like Tom, I have discovered the pleasure of making love to my wife using a strap-on substitute penis while mine remains locked away. After some experimenting we found a dildo of an ideal size, shape and texture, and love-making is now a slow, deliberate and sensual act. I no longer have the anxierty of losing my erection or of coming too quickly and bringing matters to a frustrating end. My greatest pleasure is to see her fulfilled and afterwards snuggling up with her to slowly fall asleep in the glow.

    Another benefit of chastity is that for me orgasm and ejaculation are now very separate experiences, and I am able to have one without the other. Who says that men can’t have multiples? Also, I’ve found all of the other erogenous areas of my aging body have become far more sensitive – perhaps this is similar to the effect reported by people who lose their sight in later life in that their hearing becomes more tuned to their surroundings?

    So, in summary, chastity has been a great enhancement to our (otherwise very mainstream) relationship – no leather clad dommes in my life either – which has resulted in both of us finding greater levels of fulfilment in each other in all aspects of our relationship. I can only recommend trying it although, of course, it won’t be for everyone.

    Best wishes.


  51. no way. I already have all the levels of intimacy so i don’t see why I would deny the pleasure of release. Especially since when we first met we couldn’t (for reasons too long to go into here) have sex. So for a year we did everything else. Now that we can … and it’s so SO good … no fucking way I am giving it up.


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  53. CB says:

    Which harness were you using over your CB? Do you have pictures?


    • Tom Allen says:

      We like the ,a href=””>Terra Firma harness from Stormy Leather / The Stockroom. Has held up well over the years.


  54. CM says:

    I have tried the CB6000s and the largest ring with the largest spacer still continuesly pinches my balls. I have ordered a steel device with a smooth round ring to maybe help with this problem. I am a little bit overweight, maybe that causes some of the problem.?


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