Chastity – Some Backstory, Part 1

Just what is the fascination with chastity devices and orgasm denial? In the couple of weeks past that I posted a bit about my wife and I experimenting with it, my blog hits have gone through the roof. That post has had more hits in the last two weeks than the next most popular post had in a month – and considering that the previous post had been mentioned in Sugasm, that’s saying a lot.

There were some good comments on that post, too, but before I get into all that, I think this would be an appropriate time to give some background to this.

Back in the early 1990s, when the internet was still for geeks, one of my hobbies was web surfing. You know,go to a site, find a link, from there go to another site, then another, then another, until it was 1:15 am and you were a long way from where you’d started at 8:30 pm. Because I’m a normal guy, I’d look for p0rn – not so much for wank fodder, but simply because I found it enjoyable to look at attractive, leather-clad, whip-wielding Mistress types (Sorry, Bitchy, but the thigh-booted, cruel Dominatrix look is still hot, no matter what you say about it). I’d also look for stories, and more importantly, web forums where I could read about people – real people – who were exploring their BDSM-ish natures, especially since this was not an outlet easily open to me in Lower Podunk.

Anyway, in surfing one evening, I ran across a link to a fairly new site that had mostly emails from men (and some women) about chastity devices; reviews of the several devices available at the time, tips on how to make home-made devices, and tales (some true, some not) of being locked in for various periods of time. Chastity aficionados will recognize this as the inimitable Altairboy pages; perhaps the oldest, and certainly the most famous of this genre. I read the stories on that website the way one might look with fascination while passing an automobile accident. To me, it was almost beyond comprehension; I’d spent most of my adult life trying to have as much sex as possible, and here were people – mostly men, but not all – who were not only being denied, but who enjoyed it.


After an hour or two of reading, I left the site, and didn’t think much about it, until a year or so later I ran across it again. I couldn’t believe that dozens of new stories had been added, plus pictures, and even more tips on modifying home-built devices. I again scanned the site, and surfed on elsewhere.

But the seed had taken root.

A few months later I was back again. And then a few weeks later. And then I’d stop by weekly to see if there were any new posts. I began to find them arousing, in fact, and read a few of them more than once.

And then, it happened. If you had told me this a couple of years previously I’d have said that you were crazy, but it happened all the same: I began to wonder how it would be to be locked into a device. I began to imagine them in my head, how they would look, how they would fit, and how I would feel with someone – one of those stern, cruel, Mistress-y types, perhaps – holding the key.

The various online fetish shops were selling items that, while not good for long-term use, were probably okay for weekend play, maybe even a week. I looked at them. And looked at them. Looked at some more. And finally, after exchanging several emails with Joel, owner of The Stockroom, I actually bought one; the style that they used to call a Stallion Guard. It looks pretty cool, but the cage was a little bulky, and did not bend into the most comfortable position for long-term wear. Also, the leather strap that encircled the balls began to stretch to the point where I had to cut new slots in it in order to keep it from slipping off. Lesson learned: “fetish” wear does not necessarily mean “comfort” wear.

By this time the CB2000 had come to the market, and after looking at pictures for several months, I began to get an idea for a device that incorporated the cage with a more comfortable design, and one that could be worn for long periods. Oh, and security would be a big issue to overcome, but since I have a machine shop to putter around in, I felt confident that I could work out the details. So, I decided to build my own.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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2 Responses to Chastity – Some Backstory, Part 1

  1. Cat says:

    So you weren’t tied up by the fedex guy you were writing a very insightful post instead…Leave it to you to decide to build your own chasity device.


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Nope, no FedEx guy. Got work stuff going on- it’s resolving, but I’m still overworked.

    And I have pictures of the device someplace, so I guess I should post them. I think I’m going to answer some of the questions and comments that the post generated.

    Tied up by the FedEx guy, huh? What a totally evil twist on an already twisty story. 😉


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