Wow, I’m humbled.

That is, if by “humbled” what I really mean is that my ego has just gone up a size.

2am has been memed as a “Thinking Blogger” and in accordance with the rules, has passed on the torch to five others, including yours truly.

The rules are simple:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

The Thinking Blogger Award Thinking Blogger Award


Since the time-honored rules of childhood play won’t allow me to tag 2am back, I am presenting a list of five other blogs which have given me pause in the last six months. While The Thinking Blog does not say anything about sex blogging, I, myself, see no reason why those of us who blog about sexuality should be excluded from this meme. Even the very vanilla among us think about sexuality, and some of us have made a virtual career out of thinking aloud.

1) Lady Julia at The Entranced Realm has posted quite a bit on the nature of caring and relationships. Her posts on domination and submissiveness have been insightful and well-written, especially because she refuses to adhere to the old stereotypes.

2) Angela St. Lawrence at ZenFetish maintains one of the most erudite sex blogs that I’ve ever read. You never know what topics she will hit next: sex workers, domination, politics, holidays, and even vanilla sex are always on the menu. No less deserving are her regular commentators; I can barely keep up.

3) I have to admit to having a little “kindred spirit” crush on Cat over on Never Judge a Book by its Cover, but that’s not why she’s on this list. Cat’s explorations in D/s and BDSM have been interesting, but that’s not why she’s on this list, either. Rather, she’s on this list because her life situation is not an easy one, yet she always shows great attitude and seems to bounce back from various life challenges. While she doesn’t set out to make me think, after reading her posts I always put thought into how well I would do in her position.

4) Alexis on Why is Alexis Alexis? Sexuality, topical issues, politics, and sometimes some good rants. ’nuff said.

5) Although a relative new link on my blog, I have known maymay at Maybe Maimed for several years through his postings in various web forums. An introspective sort, he touches on BDSM, D/s, and more recently his own explorations in orgasm denial and chastity. I have no idea how he finds the time to write as much as he does. Vitamins? Extra appendages?

Unfortunately, Richard of Down on My Pansexual Polyfetishist Femdom Chastity Blog Lore misses this award because it says specifically “Thinking Blog.” That’s blog singular, and since we’ve long since lost count of how many domains he’s registered, Richard was disqualified at the gate. Too bad, because he’s usually got some great insights on that kinky sex stuff.

Also disqualified is Goddess Susan because she only has a Fauxblog.
Well, that’s not true, I could have bent a few rules. It’s more because she never came across with that car…

2am, thanks again for the nomination. I’m not sure what prompted this but I always appreciate an opportunity for a shameless ego post.




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9 Responses to THIMK!

  1. Susan says:

    Congrats Tom! Your choice of blogs was
    wonderful as well:)


  2. Cat says:

    Congrats Tom, 2am chose well. And thank you for choosing me I am flattered.


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Susan – Yes, I thought it was good. Tough to pick only five, though.

    Cat – Let me be serious for a moment. I want to stress that you don’t set out to make anyone think, but whenever I read some of your posts I become very introspective. I wonder if I would be handling the situation as well as you are, I wonder what I would have done differently, and I wonder what continues to motivate you. And I wonder how you manage to do it and still keep a great attitude.

    Okay, that’s all the serious I’ve got in me tonight.


  4. 2amsomewhere says:

    2am, thanks again for the nomination. I’m not sure what prompted this but I always appreciate an opportunity for a shameless ego post.

    Here are some of the things that motivated to name you as a Thinking Blogger…

    1) Your blog posts on enclosure.

    2) Your discussions on how you outed yourself to your wife.

    3) Comments you have left on my blog. (Emotional Ayn Randianism should have an Urban Dictionary entry someday, really it should)

    4) Comments you have left on Joe Flirt’s blog.

    You were a very easy choice for this award.



  5. Cat says:

    I think I understand what you mean. You come away from my posts applying what happens to me to your life and wondering if you would handle things the same. Or handle things at all, right?

    2am you made the perfect choice…


  6. Tom Allen says:

    Ah, Emotional Ayn Randianism. That was one of my better moments. And I’ve gone back to Schnarch several times now, and you’d think that with my Libertarian mindset Schnarch-ish concepts would be easier to swallow for me; but I always get this sense that while they look great on paper, there are some aspects that will be, if not impossible, then extremely unlikely to work in real life – or at least, not for everyone.

    I’ve been avoiding the “bad marriage” blogs lately because they’re just so depressing. It took my wife and I several years of tiptoeing around before we finally realized where the problems in our marriage really lay; it’s really been only in the last year that we’ve gotten a handle on what to do with them, and we’ve had some minor backslides (not unexpected). Reading the stories of people who are in dying relationships and simply awaiting the death rattles became just too much for me.

    Except, for some perverse reason, Joe Flirt. It’s just that Joe and his situation reminds me so much of my first, very brief marriage. I feel badly for him – he seems to be a martyr for to feel trapped because of his daughter, and I can well understand that. He apparently had a good relationship with his wife at one time, and it went so far south that he doesn’t know where to begin looking for it.

    I’m going to stop here before Joe comes to throw something at me.

    Thanks again for the mention!


  7. Mr. Allen! WOW. How very nice of you. I didn’t know you like me so much. Now I have to live up to it. Thank you so very, very much.

    xo, Angela


  8. Oh…and now I have to do this. Yikes. You’re hurting my brain…but I will carry and pass the torch proudly.


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