Not the Usual Anniversary Present – 2

Week 3
So far, I think I can live with this.

The next time was about a week later. It was her day off, so I arranged to go in late. Instead of handing me the key, she had me warm her up by licking and rubbing her until she had come a few times. Naturally my cock was so swollen that it was pressing through the cage, making it impossible to be removed. I had to put a cold washcloth over it to make the swelling go down enough. She undid the lock and helped me take it off, eager to feel me inside of her.

The cage that I wear is a modified version of the ones that you can buy at “adult toy” stores, but since I own a machine shop, it’s more secure than the plastic models on the market. It has a hinged stainless steel ring that encircles my cock and balls. It stretches my balls out from my body a little, so I’m always just a tiny bit aware that it’s on. I expect that after a while my skin will stretch enough to be just a bit more comfortable, but it hasn’t happened yet. The cage itself is held on by two thin plastic-coated stainless steel bands fastened to the cock ring. When soft, the end of my cock just about reaches the end of the cage, and just about fills the sides. That means that as soon as I get excited, my cock swells to the point where I’m exceedingly uncomfortable. Naturally, it can’t extend any further, so the skin bulges out from the metal. It stops just short of being painful. The problem is that when I’m aroused, the feeling of constriction itself becomes even more arousing, and I’m trapped in a vicious cycle. You’d think that since I had designed and built it myself that I’d have been more aware of the comfort factor, but wearing something for a few hours is nothing like wearing it for a few weeks.

Another one of the benefits for my wife is that once I take off the cage, my cock is swollen wider than normal. I suspect that this is part of the reason that she likes me so confined. I teased my head into her, just the tip at first. I love to hear her gasp as my head slides in and rubs that spot under her pubic bone. In, then slowly out, and in less than a minute she was coming. Even though I was excited myself, I managed to give her some slow, deep strokes. I like to pull out just about all the way, and then plunge back in, my head dragging her lips. She gets very wet, and I like to fuck her this way until she’s come quite a few times. This time was no exception, and after she had come four or five times, I pressed my hips tightly against her and hugged her body close to mine. My head was still swollen, and when I angled my hips up, she responded by scratching my back with her nails. Gradually I sped up my tempo, and in another minute she was biting my shoulder, and I heard her moan lightly as she came.

Seeing that she was still excited, I turned her on her side. She loves to have me fill her this way, and she was so wet that I slipped right in. I pushed my hips up to hers so hard that her eyes popped open in surprise.

Too hard?” I asked, “Want me to stop?”

She shook her head, barely able to speak. “Just, umm… a little… ooohhhh,” she moaned.

I love to watch her in the daylight, so I continued to fuck her this way for a few more minutes. My balls were swollen and sore, and as they dragged on her thigh I became more stimulated. I again pushed deeply. “Oh, honey, I want to come this way. Can I come yet?” I asked her feverishly.

She nodded, “Come for me.” and pushed her hips back to meet mine.

I closed my eyes for a moment and gripped her side and her thigh. I thrust deeply into her, feeling my sore balls rubbing her thigh. Moments later, I felt my hot come gushing out, so much that it squished out of her before I had even finished. Wave after wave of pleasure propelled my hips forward until my cock was sore from pulsing. Weakly I leaned over her to kiss her neck, and then without pulling out, settled down to snuggle, spoon-style.

“That sounded nice,” she said, her arm lazily caressing my leg.

“Mmmm,” I moaned, “that’s because I finally got to stretch my love muscle.” I hugged her tightly, enjoying her warm back against my chest and warm ass against my groin. “When I’m locked up, I can’t stretch, so all those spasms get backed up, you know.” I kissed her neck. “Of course, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want me to do this more often.”

She playfully pushed me away, “Because then it wouldn’t feel so special to you. I’m just trying to give you what you asked for.” She turned to face me, and gave me a long, deep kiss. “And doesn’t it feel good when we finally get to have sex?” I couldn’t argue with her, so we lay there for a few more minutes until I had to leave for work. She watched me squeeze myself back into the chastity cage and lock it up. I got dressed, and remembered the morning for the rest of the week.

… to be continued…

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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12 Responses to Not the Usual Anniversary Present – 2

  1. Gillette says:

    Well, jiminy crickets…I loved that post and sure felt a relief I didn’t know I needed…the anticipation has had me on pins and needles. Glad you two enjoy each other so much!


  2. Tom Allen says:

    and sure felt a relief I didn’t know I needed…the anticipation has had me on pins and needles.

    I’ve written about our experiments in long-term orgasm denial, but the truth is that we like to mix it up. It’s all good!


  3. EuroPosh says:

    you know I’ve been reading your stories for a while and every time I think to myself: I wish my partner had your patience and maturity. I am so jealous.


  4. Tom Allen says:

    I wish my partner had your patience and maturity.

    EP, I’m sorry, but you’ve posted to The Edge of Vanilla by mistake. The guy with the patience and maturity is three blogs down, on the left.


  5. EuroPosh says:

    Tom, I know what I’m saying.


  6. wombat1 says:

    I’ll just go get a cold shower now… or stand naked out in the cold rain.

    good stuff man


  7. Garry says:

    Tom… of all the thinking that I see on the net, your blog is as close to what’s in my head as it gets. Scary, hun?

    Seriously… thank you for sharing. I still owe you a coffee. Glad to hear you also grind your own beans in the morning. My very best to Mrs. Edge this holiday weekend.


  8. jon says:

    Hello Tom
    I’ve been looking – or maybe you know by watching where your hits come from?

    My wife read your caged stories but doesn’t think she wants to go that way – she likes the real thing too much – no dildos ever. Am I whining? NO
    She does make me wait to unload for days at a time, all the while she has multiple orgasms 2-3 times a day! I’m glad I can keep it under control. And as a plus we don’t have to spend the $ on the cage!

    Also, I see you have a link to Maria’s Diary. I used to email with her but since Feb-Mar? I keep getting Forbidden Access errors. What happened to her site? or is it just me?


  9. Tom Allen says:

    EP – Thank you, ma cherie.

    W1 – It’s not all about sex around here… sometimes there’s, uh… some… er… I’m glad you stopped by.

    G – I think it just means that you and I are fairly normal – fsv of “normal”.

    J – Chastity devices are not for everyone, nor is the long-term denial stuff. We’re just playing, and I try very hard not to come across as if what Mrs. Edge and I do is the “One True Way” to do this.
    BTW, we sometimes do the denial thing without the cage – I can’t tell you which is better/worse; they both have their own points to them.

    Dont’ know what’s going on with Maria, although I think I’m overdue for a spring cleaning around here. Some blogs haven’t been updated in months.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi.


  10. sexymomma says:

    Wow Tom… Thank you for another great post…keep em cumming!


  11. Tom Allen says:

    SxM – There’s a double entendre in there just waiting to happen…


  12. Gracie says:

    mmmmm…such lovely torment.


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