CB-6000: The new male chastity device

The chastity and orgasm denial subculture is all a-twitter about the soon-to-be announced CB-6000 chastity device, the latest device from the Millers.

I don’t have any more news than anybody else, of course, but I figured that if I threw those words in the blog post title my stats would go up like a teenager on prom night.

Frank and Doris Miller are the couple who introduced the CB2000 back in the early 90s, and then followed up with The Curve, and later, the CB3000. While the devices aren’t perfect, they did manage to make a more affordable product for those of us with a chastity kink. While many people explored the do-it-yourself approach, serious kinksters know that shiny, cold steel is de rigeur for true orgasm denial.

Previously the typical options were to have custom-made stainless steel belts (often costing from $500 to$1,500 and up), or to try some of the less expensive plastic or metal devices that trapped ones cock, balls, or some combination thereof. The notable high-end belts are made by Neosteel, Goethals/Carrara, and Tollyboy (several other notable companies have gone out of business in the last five or ten years). The belts are generally made so that items can be added to them, such as internal or external dildos, electro-stim units, and attachment points for bondage and restraints.



Then there are the Rolls-Royce of chastity devices, made by the Latowski company. These are custom fitted “bikinis” made from ergonomically shaped stainless steel. Lots of shiny, organic curves, and astoundingly expensive. I’d love to get one, simply because it looks so hot.

There are other, less expensive options for those of us who are not lottery winners. Mistress Lori sells a range of stainless steel tubes, some with cage-like ends, that utilize a penile piercing (usually a PA, but some of them will take a frenum) instead of a full metal waist belt. The devices are custom made, and over the years they have built up a number of loyal users. Several other devices have been marketed, including a tube welded to a single handcuff, a plastic device that forces one’s penis and testicles into an uncomfortable shape, and a locking ring with spikes. Several manufacturers have developed devices very similar to the CB2000/CB3000 line; and at least one makes a metal belt to which one can attach a CB2/3000 to make the device more secure. Across the pond in the UK, Tickleberry offers some interesting metal variations on the CB3000 idea.

I should also point out that Tickleberry has the hottest chastity photo gallery in the known universe.chstysent1.jpg

Anyway, the rumors have been circulating for half a year that the Millers were going to release a new design – something that would be incompatible with the older style devices. They have done a good job of keeping pictures and other information on the down-low because only today have several re-sellers and distributors announced that there would definitely be a new version; tomorrow, June 22 is supposed to be the day that the information will be released.

Why the secrecy? I don’t know, but I suspect it has something to do with the Chinese knock-offs. Yes, believe it or not, last year it was reported that several Chinese companies were selling a counterfeit version of the CB3000. The reports that trickled in suggested that they were were made from a cheaper grade plastic, that the edges were sharp or unfinished, that the metal hinge pivot was causing rashes in the wabbly bits because it would rust, and that the units tended to break easily. Those of us who remember the introduction of the CB3000 several years ago will note that these are pretty much the same complaints that some people had about the original version. The point, though, is that the Millers were able to straighten out their production problems and turn their product into a small success; it’s too bad that some companies have to resort to forgery and counterfeiting, especially when the marketing demographic is so small to begin with.

Edit: I finally decide to upgrade. You can read about my first impressions in the article: A Week in a CB-6000.

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9 Responses to CB-6000: The new male chastity device

  1. kimba says:

    Tom I have barely seen you around since the new template fiasco.. how could I come close to giving you an orgasm? (aside from that one picture..)

    I am very tempted to pull out your PhD. name right now..


  2. MWK says:

    My goodness, am I the only one that finds Tom’s knowledge on this subject UBER fricking hot??!

    *fans herself*


  3. bitchyjones says:

    That gallery is *amazing*. That guy is so fucking gorgeous. Do you think there was some kind of administrative error?


  4. Tom Allen says:

    Beej, I knew you’d love those pictures. And yes, they are a very hot couple. Say what you want about fetish fashion, but you can’t tell me that she doesn’t look gorgeous in those outfits.

    Also, note that he has grey hair, which indicates that one doesn’t need to be a 22 year old to be a hot fetish model. In fact, I’m going to hit the gym – no reason I couldn’t look like that and start a new career.


  5. Cat says:

    well Tom make sure to post the pics when you take them ok…


  6. Tom Allen says:

    I don’t have any more news than anybody else, of course, but I figured that if I threw those words in the blog post title my stats would go up like a teenager on prom night.

    And I was right – I had 793 hits today, about 50% more than my previous high days. Google and Yahoo fielded a lot of hits for “Chastity” and “CB6000”, in addition to the other chastity related searches that seem to bring people to this blog.

    And yes, the Millers put up a flashy new website, advertising their new product. Looks pretty much like the CB3000, except that the ring holding it on is different (presumably it’s easier to get on), and the polycarbonate cage unit is molded just a bit differently.

    Not the huge, innovative change that a lot of us were hoping to see, but it will be interesting to hear the feedback.

    If any of my readers would like to post their review of the device, either leave a comment, or drop me an email.


  7. kimba says:

    I think the Millers should send you a product to review..? Send them your piercing pics and a link to this post..?


  8. airmaxlad says:

    I’ve just uploaded pics of my new CB-6000 chastity device if you want to take a look.


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