Damn Wankees

Okay, this little comment in a recent article from Joe Flirt caught my eye:

When you are used to relieving your… internal pressure… a couple of times a day as I am, it becomes a real problem when you are in a one room “suite.”

Now, I’ve been a long-time subscriber to various chastity and orgasm denial web groups, and I have read about men who claim to masturbate “frequently.” In fact, I’m usually amazed at the number of men who claim to “need” a chastity device in order to prevent overly frequent masturbation.

Hey guys – how much of a problem is this? Seriously, I ask this as someone who can’t imagine having the time, privacy, or inclination to wank once or twice a day. Yes, I know that I’m into the Taoist orgasm denial thing, which may skew my perspective, but I now wonder what kind of frequency most men need or want. Daily? Twice a day?

There was a period in my life during which I masturbated every night in order to help me relax and get to sleep, and I’ve had times when I’ve tried to see how many times I could do it in one day. But those were infrequent episodes, not typical daily routines. And the idea of masturbating so often that it leaves me too drained to have sex had never occurred to me until I began to read the stories from other men who claim this to be a problem for them.

Leave me a comment, or drop me an email: How often do you masturbate, and if you’d care to mention it – why?

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9 Responses to Damn Wankees

  1. joeflirt says:

    I know there are those that “need to” so bad it becomes a problem, but in my case, I consider it more of a problem when I don’t have the time for it.

    And since I am now on 3 years of sexless living with my wife, the “risk” of it interfering with my sex life is of course a non-issue.

    The fact that I sleep alone in another room is also conducive to having more “free time” as well. Particularly before arising or prior to sleep.

  2. roo-roo says:

    “Leave me a comment, or drop me an email: How often do you masturbate, and if you’d care to mention it – why?”

    I typically have one orgasm in the morning and 2-4 before bed. Ever since I learned how to have multiples, I’ve been harassing the hostage more often. It’s not an addiction (I know what those feel like) so I don’t consider it a problem. If I’m going to be playing with someone, I usually stay orgasm-less for a few days prior; it just makes the scene hotter when it happens and builds the anticipation. As to the “why” part………..it feels good. I like orgasms. They’re fun. And it’s free.

  3. Russ says:

    Usually at least twice a day, more if I’m drinking and/or bored.

    It’s an easy way to release natural urges, and in my eyes quite healthy for the body.

    While I don’t have anything specifically against orgasm denial, It’s not for me.

    And why don’t I have a link on the side? ;]


  4. Art says:

    Very rarely. Perhaps once-per-week during a week where I had no opportunity to orgasm in a better manner. Usually not-at-all if the week provided that opportunity.

  5. allforher says:

    Well, it used to be at least once a day, sometimes more. But, since I decided to give orgasm control over to my wife (which she did not accept, lol) I very rarely masturbate, at least not to orgasm. I recently went 19 days between orgasms. The funny thing is, I don’t really have the desire to masturbate anymore. It is just like any other habit, I guess. It just takes some time to break it.

  6. Becker says:

    Interesting question Tom.

    When I was single and living alone I never used to wear clothes so I would often wank without reaching orgasm off and on through out the day usually whilst doing something else.

    As for wanking to orgasm I’d say on average I’d do it 3 times a week but there have been times when it’s been 3 times a day for extended periods and other times when I realise I can’t remember the last time.

    1 thing I find frustrating though are the times I’m working and get in a certain mood (can’t find the words to describe it sorry) and I know there is no point being there as I wont concentrate properly and wont be productive. At those times I have to head home, do the dead and then once the pressure has been relieved, I’ll be able to return to work and the night will go much better than if I hadn’t. For those who don’t know I drive a cab nights.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Also in reply to your bandwidth exceeded post Tickleberry was still online last time I checked and they have the new cd-6000 …

  7. Richard says:

    It varies hugely.

    During my recent libido drop I had to force myself to orgasm at least every ten days or so.

    With my libido back and Alexandra away 2 – 4 times a day depending on various things. If my body had the recovery power of my teenage years I can’t guess how high the frequency might go right now.

  8. la fille says:

    Very interesting information, Tom. More than I thought I wanted to know about you… but maybe not, after all. And to continue the theme of knowing about you… I’ve tagged you to tell 7 random facts about yourself, then tag 7 others to do the same. Enjoy. 🙂

  9. Tom Allen says:

    Russ – And why don’t I have a link on the side?

    I dunno… Thought I’d done that months ago.

    Becker – Interestingly, I tend to work better – or at least, I think I do – before “relieving the pressure”. It’s possible that I’m just fooling myself, too.

    Richard – I’ve had periods of libido drops where I’d go for several weeks without feeling any desire for wanking. I can remember more than once starting and then falling asleep before finishing.

    LFM – Which part was more than you wanted to know?
    And I’ll get to your meme later today or tomorrow.

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