Vermont Town Has Had Enough With Going Buff

It seems that in the state of Vermont, wrinkles and grey hair don’t just make you unattractive, they actually make you frightening.

From this news story:

Vermont Town Has Had Enough With Going Buff

Monday , July 16, 2007




Topless women on parade? That was fine. Teenagers loitering in the buff, in a downtown parking lot? No problem. Naked sunbathers at swimming holes? It was just au naturel.But a senior citizen in his birthday suit, walking through the center of town on a Friday night, wearing only a fanny pack? That’s where Brattleboro draws a fig leaf.

What was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

On July 6, a 68-year-old man showed up naked downtown, walking the streets during Gallery Walk, a monthly social event in which people roam downtown, stopping in art galleries and shops.

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should,” said Select Board member Dick DeGray.

Read the news story here.

Actually, I heard about it on the radio this morning as the regular newscasters fill in time by reading the weird and quirky news reports. I’m often amazed at how people who are dancing around the half-century mark can make cracks about the unattractiveness of getting older.

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12 Responses to Vermont Town Has Had Enough With Going Buff

  1. maymay says:

    Why can’t most people make the distinction between comfortably naked and hothotsexytime naked?


  2. bitchyjones says:

    You need to take a stand against this prejudice, Tom. And there’s only one way. Post pictures of your naked self right now.

    C’mon, Tom. For Beej. Oh, and for the struggle. Naturally. For the struggle.

    Fight the power!

    And keep those of us that love dirty old men happy.


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Wasn’t this pic naked enough for you, Beej?
    ( and for some reason I get the impression that you have a different connotation to the word “struggle.”)


  4. Gillette says:

    I’m so weird. When I saw the title I why can’t they work out and be healthy??


  5. Arafinwe says:

    I grew up near Brattleboro and used to frequent it’s trendy hang out spots back in the days of Flower Power whilst trying to be a hippie. There was occasional nudity for the apparent sake of shocking the older generation. Now it seems the tables have turned. GO GRANDPA !!!


  6. diggerjones says:

    He’d have been alright if it wasn’t for the fanny pack! Do people still wear those?


  7. la fille says:

    Killing myself laughing… at the comments. I agree with Bitchy. I want naked dirty old men. Oh. Not that you’re old. Or dirty. Damn. Just post more naked pics of yourself. And no, that one wasn’t enough.

    And Gillette — yes, you are weird, my love.

    Anyhoo… back on topic. Definite age-ism. 68? Hardly elderly these days. I hope someone still wants to see me naked when I’m 68. Why the hell not?


  8. Tom Allen says:

    lfm – I promise, I’m going to have some nekkid pics of me at the end of the summer. I’ve been working out (along with Mrs. Edge) and am going to be insufferably egotistic at the end of the program. 😉


  9. M.T. says:

    That’s a nice picture. Woot.


  10. Tom Allen says:

    That’s a nice picture. Woot.

    What, the 68 year old guy? Or my new Simpsonized avatar?


  11. M.T. says:

    The one about which you asked Bitchy whether it wasn’t enough? 🙂 Silly.


  12. Tom Allen says:


    Oh, that one. :-\

    Yeah, I’m about as naked as you can get in that one… I’m only showing 3/4 of the view, though.

    I’ve been promising another shot for months, and some people have been asking for shots of me wearing the device. I’m just trying to lose a couple of more pounds so I don’t drive away my 23 readers…


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