Orgasmic release in a CB-3000

This is for Eileen, who asked the question, “Have you found that you’re able to come while wearing the CB3000?”

I posted this on the CB-3000 Yahoo group back in December of 2003.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a note in a few of the chastity-oriented groups that after almost three weeks of 24/7 lock-up in a CB3000, and slightly longer without an orgasm, my wife and I were making love (rather passionately, I should add), and in the middle of it, I felt a sudden, odd feeling in my groin; a minute of so later I had a few involuntary contractions, and what appeared to be a small amount of ejaculate had leaked out. Keep in mind that I was still inside the CB3k, and there had been no direct genital stimulation, so we were both a bit surprised. I had wondered if anyone had a similar experience.

Anyway, last night after well over 30 days sans orgasm (or what my wife was calling “the *first* 30 days”) and 4 straight weeks locked up, I “came” again, only this time it was unmistakable. Last week we acquired a Terra Firma strap-on harness from Stormy Leather, and a nicely shaped Tantus silicone dildo that’s fairly close to my own proportions. She had unlocked me a couple of times this week to use me for her pleasure, and earlier in the evening we had spent some time kissing and fondling each other. Needless to say I was pretty aroused by the time we went to bed. So still caged, I used the strap-on on her for about 20 minutes, when she asked me to lay on my back so she could “ride” me for a bit. Seeing her come several more times like that nearly drove me out of my mind with lust, so of course I didn’t complain when she leaned back and started massaging and squeezing my testicles as she rode up and down. I told her that the pressure of the dildo against my pubic bone seemed to be doing something, but I wasn’t quite sure what. She kept squeezing, and without much warning I felt a similar feeling to the one from the other week, only a little stronger. I let her know that it felt like the same thing was going to happen, but she kept on riding and squeezing anyway, since she finds the idea of my “involuntary” climaxes to be exciting.

Well, a few moments later I felt not just small contractions, but some huge muscle spasms. Since my penis was filling the cage, my urethra was lined up with the slot at the end, and a very large load of ejaculate sailed as far as four or five feet away, onto the floor. Again, we were both stunned because I hadn’t had any direct stimulation. In fact, the CB3k kept me from being totally erect, and it was certainly pointing me in the wrong direction (down, instead of up).

I realize, of course, that sex is 90% mental, and that anyone can climax with enough arousal. But we’re still pretty surprised, and not unpleasantly, either. On my part, it wasn’t an unpleasant experience, although it was a bit … weird. I think that I bruised myself a bit on the hard A ring, but the feeling was pleasant ( sort of), and surprisingly not “draining”. In fact, I woke up this morning as aroused as ever, so it doesn’t look as if I’ve gotten all those hormones completely out of my system. On my wife’s part, she gets insanely excited to think about having 100% control over my orgasms, and had been talking about only allowing me to have the “involuntary” type. The idea that I can have a somewhat pleasurable climax and still be pretty horned up just adds fuel to her fire at this point.

So anyway, I’m just reporting what we thought was an unusual experience, and again am looking to hear from anyone to whom something similar might have happened.

Since then, we’ve found that these “releases” are pretty much involuntary, however I have learned to figure out how close I am and I keep her informed so that she can decide whether or not to let them continue. It’s odd because I can’t always tell – usually it’s during sex, but a few times it happened some minutes later when we were relaxing. I guess if you consider it a type of prostate milking, then it can be a useful thing to work with.

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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15 Responses to Orgasmic release in a CB-3000

  1. Eileen says:

    That is fascinating. I wonder if May and I haven’t encountered this as much because of the particular kinds of toys we play with – of which strap-ons for him are currently absent. We also don’t tend to engage in ways that mimic intercourse. Your comment about the release not being satisfying is similar to his reactions regarding milking.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. la fille says:

    The human body is an amazing thing. Truly.


  3. allforher says:

    I found myself having mini-contractions(?) at random times when I would go for long periods between orgasms, especially in the hours after stimulation. They would come out of nowhere and be gone quickly and would be followed by small amounts of cum that would leak out. Well, a little more force than just a mere leak, but very little. I would guess that it’s from pressure on the prostrate, but I couldn’t say for sure. These always occurred while completely flaccid.


  4. kimba says:

    I love reading your experiences Tom.. Makes it all the more vivid that I have seen your penis/know what you look like almost naked..

    I haven’t bought Fuse a birthday gift yet – I wonder if he’d like a CB3K?


  5. Tom Allen says:

    Makes it all the more vivid that I have seen your penis/know what you look like almost naked..

    Umm… thanks. I think.

    I haven’t bought Fuse a birthday gift yet – I wonder if he’d like a CB3K?

    Haven’t you been keeping up? The CB-6000 is the new thing, now.

    All – I’ve also had other types of “leaking”, sometimes when flaccid, sometimes not. It used to weird me out.

    E – Mrs. Edge prefers intercourse, and since we discovered a very realistic “replacement” she saw no reason to deprive herself.

    And the “release” (as we call it) can be, at times, more satisfying than others, but in the end it’s always more frustrating then satisfying.


  6. Emma Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have had spontaneous ejaculations in all of my devices, even the Neosteel belt. When a guy gets horny enough and, if something is somehow getting stimulated, nature takes over.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


  7. Fusion says:

    I’m curious about the “very large load of ejaculate” that “sailed as far as four or five feet away”
    Have you always had this kind of distance, or is it from being denied for 30 days? Or maybe because you were only semi hard…


  8. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse, it’s not typical for me – at least, not since I was a teenager. I’m sure it was a combination of other things.

    Which brings me to another question: in some of the other groups I read, some men seem to have a fascination for distance and keep asking questions on how to increase distance or quantity. Since when did orgasming become a competitive sport?


  9. maymay says:

    Since when did orgasming become a competitive sport?

    Did you miss the memo? That happened at about the same time when penis length became the measure of masculinity.


  10. Tom Allen says:

    Did you miss the memo?

    *rolls eyes*
    Oh yeah, that memo.


  11. Tom, thank you for the post. The exact same thing happened to us. I think the longer shot is because of the pressure of it shooting out of a constricted space. A thinner hose essentially and more pressure.


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