Exercising my perogatives

I’ve been feeling badly about not having written anything of substance for a while; but when I check my site stats, I see that most visitors are simply coming here to read hot chastity porn, so maybe nobody has even noticed that I haven’t written anything of substance in a while.

First off, I’ve got all the usual excuses about being busy with work, family, etc. Actually, that’s a good thing; I used to stay an hour or so after everyone left work to wind down and do a few things without being distracted, and if I had anything to write, that was usually my best time. And I’ve been spending more time with my family, since the weather turned nice. I still spend a lot of time reading and commenting at night, but my “think and compose” time has sort of evaporated.

But there’s something else, too. Although I didn’t write much about it here, I did make a small post on my LiveJournal about some health problems I’d been having; specifically how I’d spent Valentine’s Day evening in the ICU at a local hospital because I developed chest pains after shoveling snow. While it turned out to be either stress or a pulled muscle, or maybe both, the real issue was that I’m a stone’s throw from being 50 years old, and over the last 5 years I’ve put on some weight from a more sedentary lifestyle. I spend more time behind a desk, and have more stress from customers, employees, suppliers, etc.

Since then, I’ve been a regular visitor to the doctor for those various tests that they recommend: blood pressure, cholesterol, heart strength, and all that. For the last few months I’ve been taking Diovan to lower my high blood pressure, one of those Statin drugs to lower my cholesterol, and a few other odd pills which I’m gradually reducing as things get to where they should be.

But the biggest reason why I’ve been lacking time is this: I recently got into one of those 12 week diet/exercise programs with a personal trainer. While I was never really heavy, over the winter my weight had crept up to 205 lbs, which, on a 5′ 8″ frame was simply too much. By June I had dropped about 15 lbs from paying more attention to my diet, but I wanted to do better.

Mrs. Edge had been toying with the idea of liposuction (for her, not for me) after several of her friends had done it, but she ended up (partly at my urging) trying to get her own weight down with exercise. She found a training-style gym in the area that uses the Body for Life method, and signed up. After six weeks, I managed to clear my calendar and I joined with her. We managed to rearrange our schedules to we could go at the same time, which meant I’d have to leave work much earlier than usual. So, while I don’t have that end of the day winding down period, I’m making up for it by doing something even healthier. It’s 6 days a week, usually for an hour.

Anyway, I’m only a month or so into it, so I’ve only lost a little weight, but I do seem to have lost a lot of fat; my pants are looser, I’m down another notch in my belt, and I’m slowly getting back the muscle definition that I’ve lost over the last dozen or so years. We do weight training and cardio, and the twenty minutes on the treadmill is more work than an hour of weights. In fact, I’m off to by some better sneakers for that because I’ve kind of hit a wall; I just can’t run any faster, and it’s jarring me so much that I’m thinking a more shock-absorbent shoe might help.

The real fun, though, is watching Mrs. Edge watch herself in the mirror. Never the athletic type, she’s showing some real definition in her arms and shoulders, and her butt is changing shape as her thighs build muscle and lose fat. She looks at herself all the time. I’ve caught her flexing her arms, and she just laughs because she’s never “had muscles” before. We ran into her chiropractor the other day, who noticed her posture and shape – she was practically swaggering with pride for the rest of the afternoon.

Several people have commented on both the expense and the time commitment involved. It’s not cheap – a few friends have commented on the time and money, “Oh, I’d never manage to find time to do that” or I’m much too busy to exercise every day” or “I’d rather spend that money on a vacation.” And sure, I used to say the same thing. But since February, I’ve managed to find time to miss work, to get to various doctors and labs, and I’ve managed to spend a lot of money on prescriptions.

Anyway, I’ve committed to doing this until the end of September, after which time I’ll probably join one of those$15-a-month gyms and go a few times a week for maintenance. I know that Bitchy Jones and a few others have been asking for more nekkid pics of me, my piercing , or my chastity device, and I keep putting everyone off. I’m anticipating that in two more months I’ll have some much more, er, photogenic material for you.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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26 Responses to Exercising my perogatives

  1. Gillette says:

    Congratulations!! It’s always so fun when the muscles start to reappear, yes? After a three year hiatus, I’ve been religiously going to the gym again, too. It feels GREAT to be getting my body back.

    Cool. I bet you’re even hotter now, huh?


  2. almost.. says:

    Good on ya, Tom.

    Though of course it is sad to see so few posts, I suppose your health and well-being are a bit more important. 😛


  3. Kate says:

    well, I’ve missed ya…

    and good for you! I look forward to the more photogenic, er, photos….


  4. kimba says:

    *..in two more months I’ll have some much more, er, photogenic material for you*

    marks.. date.. on calendar.. hmm.. yep.. that’s done..
    Two months you say?

    It’ll be like the first day of the Stocktake Sales at Macy’s here in two months time I bet..


  5. Garry says:

    Excellent… keep up the good work, and never mind the occasional plateau; they too will pass. I’m trying to get on-board the same train, though without the weight loss (just tone up what I have, back to where it was 25 years ago).

    Take Care!


  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, good for you and Mrs. Edge!

    The husband has gotten back into his four mile a day walking routine and he’s much happier for it….although he does manage to hurt himself some days. (Not from doing it wrong, just from some body issues he has with pinched thises and thates.) Still, even when he hurts he’s happy he’s walking.

    Moi? Sigh. I have been thinking about liposuction……..

    🙂 Maybe I’ll join your ranks some day. (Now get back in that field. It’s great exercise.)

    hugs, E


  7. la fille says:

    Well done. I was in a good bike riding and running routine over the past few months… and then going on holiday just completely messed me up. I’ll try to refind my motivation after reading of your success. 🙂


  8. serenity39 says:

    Well i only visit for the clean stuff, the nice normal pure as the driven snow stuff. i wouldn’t dream of expecting anything else here. I don’t even let my eyes wander over to the left side when i visit. really.
    But good on yeh for the exercise thing. i admire it in other people, can’t seem to get my own ass in gear. but hope springs eternal, eh?


  9. EuroPosh says:

    I am running out of excuses for why I don’t exercise…


  10. maymay says:

    Oh damn. Second post in as many days about exercise and I’m beginning to really get down on myself. But it’s really good to hear, for serious, that you’re succeeding! I keep falling on and off the exercise bandwagon, but seriously, gyms are so fucking horrible in NYC and I can’t stand the treadmill. I want to be playing sports, not running in place.


  11. Tom Allen says:

    I certainly didn’t intend to make anyone feel guilty for not exercising. And I certainly do not want to be like those people who have quit smoking, who walk around making you feel guilty and lecturing on the evils and moral turpitudes and all that.

    Although I was still carrying the weight well, I’d become more sedentary in my habits over the last half dozen years. Not as much yard work, not as much activity, things like that. It creeps up on you, and next thing you know people are giving you larger sized clothes on your birthday.

    I do have to get a pair of decent running shoes, though. The $20 sneakers just aren’t making it on the treadmill – 20 minutes of cardio is killing me. Anyone know how to pick out a good pair?


  12. Fusion says:

    Since I changed my eating and exercise habits last january, I’ve lost close to 45 pounds, and it’s made a real difference. I have to start going to a new one about a mile away from home now, as I think all this great aussie food it sstarting to hang around too much again…
    Keep it up Tom, it’s worth it!


  13. Tom Allen says:

    Wow, you lost 20 kgs (I’m trying to speak Aussie for you) since January? That’s serious discipline.

    So, what is Aussie food, anyway? Besides the vegemite and prawns, I mean?


  14. darklily says:

    Well, although I have to admit reading your journal is a guilty pleasure (usually wedged into the time it takes for reports to print or to eat lunch), if you don’t take care of yourself physically then there won’t be anymore journal to read.

    I have been trying to figure out some excercise routine for myself, but I just can’t manage it. I really am too busy with everything else. Well…ok…so maybe there is a treadmill in the house…unfortunately it is in the garage, folded up and pretty much unaccessible. I can’t even get a car in there. Big stack of wood in the middle (and plywood all over) that still needs to be installed in the house. Aargh.

    Congrats on making some time for yourself, Tom.


  15. havingmycake says:

    Hey Tom, I guess if you’re trying to lose weight, you wont be riding around your lawn making those wonderful lines… but that’s a good thing. And it’s really lovely that you’re finding the time to do it with Mrs Edge – go to the gym and exercise, you perverts!! It’s so much more fun to have a training partner to compare with. We’re all approaching that age where we need to start looking after ourselves properly if 50 is to be the new 30.
    As to lyposuction, I heard that if you have it and then dont adopt a better diet to maintain it, the fat goes back on but in little nobbly hard lumps that look even worse than cellulite. I dont know whether anyone out there has had it who can confirm or deny?


  16. Garry says:

    Shed? A Shed…? Hmmmm… Would have never guessed. Oh! Shedding pounds… now I get it.


  17. Arafinwe says:

    What a badass looking color scheme you’ve gone with!
    Nice shed, but do you ever think of painting it black and red, too?
    Like most things, it’s what’s inside that counts.
    Good luck with the fitness regimen.


  18. kimba says:

    I love your sheds.. and your multiple orgasms quote.. and I love the template..
    All good .. all very good..


  19. Eileen says:

    Yes, the black and red is all very bad-ass and pretty and such, but this template plays merry hell with some of your sidebars, m’dear. (At least, it does in Firefox, which I’m currently using at work.) The recent comments are all smooshed together and hard to read, and half of your sidebars only show up if I maximize the window. I suspect that, like me, you are trying to avoid making your writing skinny-miny when all your sidebars are displaying. There must be an easier way to do that.

    Can I request usability first, pretty color schemes second?


  20. Eileen says:

    Oh, there are your sidebars. They’ve all gone hiding on the bottom of the page. That’s rather silly; are they shy?



  21. Tom Allen says:

    Garry – The “sheds” was just wordplay. No hidden meaning intended. But now I’m hedging my comments.

    Eileen – I use Seamonkey, but I checked this in FF and IE7. I dont’ see anything like what you’re describing. My windows are not maximized, and I’m running in 1280 x 1024 mode. Nobody else has complained, though, so I’m wondering if it’s not you. There are a couple of WordPress templates that have giving me problems: Ocean Mist doesn’t like certain widgets, and one of the Andreas templates doesn’t look right in IE with certain widgets. Hopefully others will chime in.

    Ara – I like the white, vanilla-looking shed. It keeps people from imagining the eye hooks in the ceiling and chains and the clamps on the floor.

    Cake – Your link is broken. And my riding lawnmower is faster than walking, so I have more time for, uh, exercising.

    DL – Sometimes its hard and you can’t fit it all in.
    And sometimes I don’t use double entendres. 🙂


  22. Arafinwe says:

    It’s good if the hedge gets trim, right?


  23. Tom Allen says:

    Yay, teh interwebz is working again at the Edge residence!

    Eileen, I’ve looked at this on 3 PCs and 8 different browsers. It’s you.

    Ara – you may not know, but in the 80s, “trim” was slang for women’s genitalia; as in “Yo, didja get any of that fresh trim from the new girl?”


  24. Arafinwe says:

    Now what on Earth would make you think that I didn’t know the REAL meaning of the word? A person would do well to never take anything I write at face value. 🙂 Although,…………it is a very nice photo of a tall hedge. Really.


  25. darklily says:

    Hmmm…”double” you say? That might be hard to fit it all in.


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