Not the Usual Anniversary Present – 6

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Week 14: I became somewhat resigned to our arrangement.

The rest of the week passed by without comment. She got her nightly back rub, and I was still horny most of the time, and it was well into our third month since my “birthday present”, or “our arrangement” as she sometimes called it. Since her day off came at different times in the week, I might go anywhere from five to nine days. Over a month ago she had stopped unlocking me for night sessions, saying that she preferred to have me inside her when she was awake and rested. Her next day off finally arrived, and I was looking forward to some good, long fucking. I was so excited that I figured I’d be able to come twice. She handed me the key and I hopped into the shower. She kissed me and told me not to take too long, as she was going to have a little surprise for me. The soap lather helped to ease the cage off, and I quickly finished shaving, dried off, and stepped back into the bedroom.

My wife was laying there in a black outfit, holding a pair of leather handcuffs. “Come on down,” she teased, “I have a little surprise for you.”

Although she has talked about handcuffing me during lovemaking, she hasn’t actually done it since we were dating. I lied down on the bed, and she climbed on top of me, kissing me deeply. “You’ve been such a good boy that I thought that I’d give you a little treat.” She had me roll over and fastened the cuffs securely behind my back. Rolling me onto my back again, she took my cock into her mouth. “Mmm… big, isn’t it?”

I couldn’t answer, I was too busy enjoying myself. For over three months I had pleasured her in every way imaginable, and my reward was to be kept locked up. Now it looked as if I was going to get some attention for a change. She swung her legs around and settled onto me in a sixty-nine position. I hungrily lapped at her sweet, salty juices, relishing the feel of her soft thighs around my head. She ground her hips down onto my face, almost smothering me, as she came.

“No, don’t stop,” she whispered, and pausing only to take a breath I went back to softly flicking my tongue over her swollen lips. This was one of those nine day periods, and she had rubbed it in by having me give her extended massages almost every night, and a few nights she made me follow up by licking her to a nice, slow orgasm. Not surprisingly, I was ready to come almost immediately. Her own tongue was licking the head of my cock, and I fought hard to keep myself under control. I concentrated on making her come before I could, since without the use of my hands, I was unable to push her away.

She was making herself excited by sucking hard on my cock, drawing all the blood to the already swollen head. My cock soon felt as hard as a steel rod. Thankfully, she paused to let out a moan. Her head dropped to rest on my leg, but her hand tightened around my sore balls as she came loudly. I stopped licking directly on her lips, and kissed and caressed her upper thighs with my own lips and tongue. She lay there for a few moments before getting up.

“Very nice,” she complimented me, “we never do it that way anymore.”

She swung her leg over my hips and teased my cock with her pussy. I was already gasping from holding back my own climax, and didn’t know if I wanted to push it in or wait. Sensing my distress she smiled “Poor honey. You want to come so bad, don’t you?”

Eyes closed in concentration, I could only nod.

“You’re trying so hard to hold back, maybe I shouldn’t let you come at all. Is that what you want?”

My eyes snapped open. “No! No, I want to come, really,” I managed to croak out, “ I just want it to last a little longer. It’s been so long, and I want it to feel good.”

“Hmm, so it doesn’t feel good other times?” she asked in mock hurt.

“No! Yes! Um, it always feels good… Oooooohhhhhhh…” I moaned as she slowly lowered herself onto my hot shaft.

“Isn’t this good?” she asked again, rocking on my hips. She reached back to squeeze my balls. “Mmm, got something in here for me?”

I could only moan. “Please, please, no, yes, oh please…” I lost all sense as a huge, unstoppable climax began to build. I could feel the pressure in my balls, in my cock, and deep inside my groin. I opened my eyes briefly to look longingly at her, and heard myself moaning. Suddenly what seemed like a gallon of hot come pulsed deep into her pussy as my hips pushed up off of the bed. Finally I collapsed, my cock now spent inside her, the pressure in my balls released. I opened my eyes again. “That was incredible,” I told her, “I think my throat is dry from moaning so much.”

Still smiling down at me, she said, “I didn’t give you permission to come. You’re so selfish, you couldn’t at least wait until I was satisfied? After all, I had to wait more than a week for this, you know.” Using her fingers to hold her swollen pussy lips together, she slowly raised herself off my now-soft cock, and moved up to position herself over my mouth. “I think that you need to eat me until I’ve had enough,” she said, holding her dripping pussy over my mouth, “besides, weren’t you just saying that you had a dry throat? I’ll bet that there’s a real lot of juice for you in here.”

I don’t remember when it started, but for some weeks now, she had decided that any time that I came in her, that I was to suck out the juices and to clean her with my tongue. She claimed that I was much better than using a towel, and the best part was that she didn’t have to get out of bed. Admittedly, I did get some small pleasure from making her come that way. Unfortunately, she sometimes didn’t care about coming, and merely used me, which made me feel a little humiliated. It was useless to resist with my hands still handcuffed, so I reluctantly opened my mouth and licked her. I almost gagged on the amount of hot, salty come that dripped from her pussy, but didn’t dare stop sucking on her until she had came, shuddering.

“Okay, now it’s my turn to lie down,” she said. She pushed me off the bed, told me to kneel at the edge. She then lay back on some pillows and placed her legs over my shoulders, pulling my head into her still-dripping mound. “Mmm, too bad your hands are still tied, or else you could be fucking me, too.” I just mumbled in agreement and slowly pleasured her with my mouth and tongue. In no time she came again, and I rested my head on her thigh.

“If you undo these cuffs, I could rub you, or use the dildo on you, or even give you a little massage,” I suggested.

This sounded like a good idea to her, and a few minutes later she was stretched out on the bed and I was kissing her deeply, my hand slowly pumping the familiar red dong. I climbed on top of her to give her some body contact, and found myself getting hard again listening to her moans of pleasure. I teased her with the dildo, keeping her right on the edge of coming, and when I could feel myself harden all the way, I slipped between her legs to give her some of the real thing. She responded by arching her hips to meet mine. I angled myself to push at her pubic bone and she grabbed my hips. She was going to have a nice one, I thought, so I pumped her deeply, making sure that she felt the full length of my shaft inside her. Her hips stiffened and I felt her bite my shoulder hard. I continued my pace, and she came twice more before finally settling down to the bed. I kissed her lightly until she caught her breath.

I motioned her to roll over on her stomach, and entered her from behind.

“Ooh, you never do me this way anymore,” she murmured.

“When do I have the chance?” I asked her, pushing my hips deeply. Her pussy was still hot, and soon I felt another orgasm building. I pulled her back onto her side, and entered her roughly. She closed her eyes and gripped my hand tightly. I let her come once, and then I increased my own tempo. The feel of my balls dragging on her warm thighs, and her soft ass pressing into my groin was enough to again send me over the edge. Although not as intense as the first one, I came hard, letting out a short yell. I collapsed on top of her, my legs still shaking.

I kissed her back and neck. “Mmm, just like the old days, eh?” I said.

In response she reached for the cock cage on the nightstand and handed it to me. “No, it’s better than the old days,” she replied, “wouldn’t you agree?”

I started to protest, saying that she had just gotten some wonderful sex, and that I was happy to have gotten to come twice. She replied that making me wait was what made it seem more wonderful, and besides, I should consider myself lucky that she let me come a second time. “After all, you barely lasted two minutes for the first one. You must have forgotten that you’re supposed to be pleasing me, not the other way around.”

And once again she helped to squeeze my cock into the chastity cage, closed the stainless steel ring around my balls and clicked the lock shut.

“Oh, I almost forgot,” she mentioned, “I just felt a few drips down my leg. Would you clean me up, please?”

…to be continued…

More of my ridiculous attempts at erotica can be found on my Stories page.

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8 Responses to Not the Usual Anniversary Present – 6

  1. Susan says:


    So hot. Only you could use the phrase “I almost gagged” and make it sound almost romantic:)



  2. Elizabeth says:

    Geeee, z, us. Tis hot, sir! Hot!

    Glad to see you don’t spend all of your time in the fields!

    hugs, E


  3. kimba says:

    “We never do it that way anymore.. ”

    Frowns.. Yuhuh.. and she sounds surprised?
    You are locked up in a cage all the frickin’ time..

    Please explain to me again.. this isn’t really you is it Doc?


  4. Fuse says:

    I think this is the best chapter yet Tom, very erotic. And handcuffs too…

    Way nice.


  5. Tom Allen says:

    Susan – Thank you. Next on the agenda: eroticizing the expression “Parking the meat bus in Tunaville.”

    E – Well, I do a little bit of writing on all those union-mandated tea breaks.

    K – I don’t understand the question.

    Fuse – Yeah, I’d hoped that the handcuffs didn’t make the story, you know, too kinky or anything.


  6. Tara Tartly says:

    who, tom? you? too kinky? never…


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  8. almostmagic says:


    I have to admit I’ve always skipped your pornish entries before. What the hell was I thinking?!

    Because that is incredibly hot. *shudder*


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