Stalag 69

Here’s something that might interest a certain book expert:

From the New York Times article:

Israel’s Unexpected Spinoff From a Holocaust Trial

I initially ran across this today on the Reason Magazine blog, and there are links to several other related articles. More interestingly, some videos about the books can be found here.

This brings to mind some of the porn that I used to run across as a kid, and how it inevitably seemed that anything to do with pain, cruelty, whipping, humiliation, etc., was most assuredly nothing to do with normal, healthy relationships.

Oh, wait – isn’t Eileen bemoaning the very same thing?

It’s interesting how these books from the early 1960s managed to carry just about all the stereotypical images of femdom porn – Tight uniforms, women soldiers, shiny leather boots, and sadomasochistic tortures. One of the videos (subtitled in English) shows one of the publishers saying that they turned the American fighter pilots “into wimps.”

Just make sure that you-know-who isn’t watching over your shoulder when you view them.

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9 Responses to Stalag 69

  1. So, except for that unpleasant bit about the swastikas I found the youtube clip rather hot.

    Sexy military chicks beating on big strong men? Sign me up!

    I think it’s possible to interpret the historical pulp as a “man’s fantasy”, but I don’t think that it has to be contrained forever by such beginnings. As a modern female with my own sexual agenda, I can gladly take the framework for my own without compromising my desires.


  2. bitchyjones says:


    Yes, yes, terrible! So offensive with the boots and the tight clothes and the macho military guys and the nakedness and the bondage and the whips and the welts…

    …Uh, excuse me…


  3. Tom Allen says:

    There’s something about the detached cruelty that is stereotypical of the Nazi fantasies. “Ve haf vays to make you talk…” and all that.

    But the Stalag books are all about “sexy military chicks beating on big strong men”, which makes them a little unusual wrt femdom porn. No feminized, frilly, potpourri-changing sissified nancy boys here.


  4. Tom,

    Since they lack the offending feminization, shouldn’t you be praising them as avant-garde?

    In regard to the relationshipness of it, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that sometimes sadism is just that. Sometimes you want (well, I do at least) to hurt someone and it’s not one of those “I hurt you because I love you” sorts of deals. As pure fantasy, I am comfortable with that.


  5. maymay says:

    When I was a boy in Jewish school, I always loved Holocaust history classes because they were basically an excuse to daydream about pornography.

    Also, it is quite an arguably useful thing that there is no such thing as Hell in the Jewish religion, not that I would have really cared if there was.


  6. Hello Mr. T,

    Thanks for stopping by “Ye olde blog”. It’s been a while since I– wanton sexual midwife has communed with you— female orgasm sycophant.

    I’m liking the new look.

    Come visit again…as will I. Let’s not be strangers.

    Happy licking!


  7. Patty says:

    Hi Tom,

    We have chatted a bit in the yahoo CB3000 forum. Your blog is great but I especially enjoy the random photos for your heading and the play with edge’s rhyming words. Keep them coming!



  8. Susan says:

    Completely lost on the whole Nazi deal.

    Where’s ” Sister Sledge of Vanilla”

    For Fans of the show The Closer, “Sedgwick of Vanilla”

    For Yankee fans, “Reg of Vanilla”

    For Brokeback Mountain Fans, “Ledger of Vanilla”

    For people who had a traumatic junior high experience “Wedgie of Vanilla”

    I’ll go away now:)


  9. Tom Allen says:

    Patty – Thank you for noticing. It’s the little things that give me so much amusement.

    Susan – Don’t give up your day job. You need to learn about Proper Story, Paragraph and Sentence Structure, Dialogue, Punctuation, Organization of your Story and the list goes on.


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