Captive Ring doesn’t mean what you think

Something like 3/4 of my blog hits have something to do with chastity, which continues to amaze me because it seems that it’s so little about what I actually write about. Not that I could really describe what the hell I do write about, since that seems to be all over the map. Anyway, I did want to mention that chastity play with Mrs. Edge has been rather infrequent in the last year since I got my frenum pierced, ironically enough in order to enhance the security of the CB3000 that we use.

I discovered that the original 5/8″ wide barbell was just a bit too wide for comfort, and the balls would pinch my sensitive skin during moments of arousal. This eventually led to the idea of getting a slightly smaller barbell, so I swapped over to a 1/2″ which was a little better, but still gave me problems with comfort. I’ve had to modify the device several times to accommodate the barbell, ending up with actually cutting out a section from the underside of the of the plastic cage, and rebuilding it with acrylic bars so as to allow the balls on the ends of the barbell to nestle in the spaces between the bars. This made for a much better fit, and not long afterward we decided to make another attempt at wearing the device for some time. After a little over a week we removed the cage to discover that I was developing an infection around the piercing.

Our guess was that lotion and/or sweat was getting trapped around the balls, and the snug fit of the cage didn’t allow me enough room to flush around the piercing properly. A few more minor adjustments and we tried it again. It seemed to work for almost a week, but once again I seemed to develop an irritation. After that we started to discuss whether it would be worth it to keep trying, or to just remove the barbell and let the hole close up.

Those of you who are not male chastity enthusiasts are probably thinking “Hell, just take the damn thing off every few days and wash. What’s the problem?” The problem is fitting the concept to the reality: chastity (for many of us) becomes hotter the closer the device gets to the “set it and forget it” ideal. Removing the device a few times a week is the pin-prick near the balloon of “You’re totally under my control” fantasy that both partners usually enjoy. It’s all the more frustrating to us because, pre-piercing, these issues never surfaced.

Yes, we’re frustrated in our frustration.

Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day and had a thought: if the balls trap lotion, sweat, germs, etc., then maybe I could try a piercing that was less prone to collecting such irritants. So, last night around 10:30 pm, I stopped at the local piercing and tattoo shop on my way home from a formal event. Owing to the lateness of the hour, or perhaps it being a school night, the shop didn’t have the gaggle of teenagers hanging around like at my previous visit. Of course, most tattoo parlors probably don’t get many drop-ins wearing a tuxedo, so I attracted a certain amount of attention as soon as I walked in the door.

See larger photo The guy behind the window was not the person I’d met before. He was in the middle of tattooing an arm, so I waited for a few minutes for my turn. I’d gone in looking for a 10 gauge, 1/2″ diameter captive segment ring. My thought was that such a ring could easily spin through the hole, and be less likely to attract and hold irritants. He had one slightly smaller – 7/16″ (approx 11 mm) which I thought might be even better. We traded stories for a few minutes, and I promised to come back when I had a cool tattoo design worked out. Yes, that’s right – I’ve got an idea for a tatt, but I’m not sure on what part of my body I want it yet.

Mrs. Edge was going to bed by the time I got home, so I got some jeweler’s pliers from my toolbox and popped open the segment. The edges seemed a bit sharp, so I polished the edges down and cleaned it in peroxide and then alcohol. I took a hot shower, removed the barbell… and spent 20 minutes trying to get the friggin’ ring in the hole, with no success. I got out of the shower and replaced the barbell, then put a generous amount of Aquaphor – just enough to make the ring slip through my fingers. Upon comparing the ring to the barbell, I noticed that the ring was slightly larger in diameter, so I put the barbell back in (again!) and pushed the ring along behind the barbell, which kept the hole from closing. I managed to squeak it through, and used the pliers to pop the segment back in.

The feeling was a bit strange at first; I’ve had the barbell for over a year now, and no longer notice it. The ring moved around a bit, and I could feel it against my skin (even today I can feel it brushing against my underwear). I cleaned up and went to bed, where for some reason I slept badly. Mrs. Edge didn’t notice it during the early morning snuggles, and I didn’t call attention to it, simply because I can never resist the opportunity to have a little fun.

My next concern will be seeing how well the ring does under deep hydraulic testing conditions, aka: penetrative intercourse. I’m concerned that the ring will try to swing back and forth, door-knocker style, which might pull on my tender skin. Or hers. If that works out okay, then we’ll once again try the CB3k. But it’s possible that I might have to give up on the frenum if Mrs. Edge decides that she’d rather get back into serious playtime.

What’s that? Pictures? Umm… I can’t find my camera. But I’ll post some soon, I promise. After all, I just went through all that boot-camp weight-training cardio-vascular lean diet exercise thing, so I might as well show off a bit, right?

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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28 Responses to Captive Ring doesn’t mean what you think

  1. Eileen says:

    Care to share the tattoo idea? I’m very curious.

  2. maymay says:

    Hmm. Good luck. Chastity does seem to be one of those fantasies that are so often foiled by practical, real life troubles.

  3. Fusion says:

    I’m curious too about the tattoo. Please tell…
    One thought (out of many) about the ring is how it looks like the joint connections could be a spot where material could accumulate that would cause infection. Will you have to clean the ring more often?

    btw, I was mentioning this to someone else in the room, and her only comment?

    “Don’t make me think about his penis.”

    uh huh….

  4. Cat says:

    I wish I had some intelligent questions to add to Fusion’s but I can’t fix my face from the frown the description of the ring going back and forth caused. Ouch…I am having a hard time getting past the ouch factor for some reason.

    Maybe pics with your new buff body might help?

  5. Cat says:

    I wish I had some intelligent questions to add to Fusion’s but I can’t fix my face from the frown the description of the ring going back and forth caused. Ouch…I am having a hard time getting past the ouch factor for some reason.

    Maybe pics with your new buff body might help?

  6. Tom Allen says:

    I’m not discussing any particulars about the tattoo. At least, not yet. For one thing, I might chicken out. For another, I don’t have the details worked out yet. But he said he’d done a few things similar to what I described, so I will probably give this some very serious consideration.

    Fuse – The joint section was what worried me, as well. After examining it, I think it will be okay.

    Cat – the edges of the ring scraped me up a little bit, but that’s okay, ‘cos I forgot all about it after I cleaned it again with alcohol.
    But the ring spins freely now, and the swelling is going down. We’ll soon see how it works.

    Dammit, where the hell is my friggin’ camera? I wanted to take pics of me in those sexy tight bike shorts.

    Kimba – Thank you for not thinking about my penis. I know that you’ve spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about my penis, and now you’re trying to not think about my penis so much. So I’m going to give you some encouragement to not think about my penis by complimenting you for the time that you now spend in not thinking about my penis.

    After I post the pics, I’ll be sure to mention to you not to visit the page so you won’t be tempted to think about my penis some more, okay?

    Um… is it okay if my penis thinks about you?

  7. Arafinwe says:

    Once again our modern civilization can look back with pride upon those like yourself who tinkered, adjusted, and just would not give up. Great inventions are often born out of such experimentation. You give Yankee Ingenuity a shot of adrenaline!

  8. kimba says:

    Aaah I’m with bitchy… 🙂
    But I guess Fuse kind of gave that away already..

    Your penis.. um.. thinks about me..??

  9. Tom Allen says:

    Ara – Tinkering is good. I love live to tinker with things.

    Kimba – I’m sorry, were you thinking about my penis again?

    Beeeeeej – Wow, the celebrated Bitchy Jones doesn’t have enough hot guys to play with, she stops by to check out my piercing and to think about my penis, too? What did I do to deserve this?

    BTW, I found my camera this morning. What kinds of pictures did you want, again? Should I open up the request lines?

  10. bitchyjones says:

    There’s never enough, Tom. Besides, who knows when I might put one out of action?

    Naked pictures please – but I don’t mind accessories.

  11. Fusion says:

    I feel so bad for you Tom, all these women thinking about your penis 24/7. What a burden it must be….

  12. kimba says:

    Again I am with Bitchy..
    Some with and some without accessories.. and one of your butt too.. arms.. and butt.. and penis.

    One smiling.. and one with you looking a little.. mean.. that would be good too..

  13. Cat says:

    wow Tom you are taking requests? Since Kimba already asked for so many I will keep mine very simple…

    Naked, just naked will do.

  14. kimba says:

    I’m with Cat on this too, Tom..
    Gosh.. I spend too much time here I think……….
    Do I sound a little desperate..?

  15. Eileen says:

    And here I keep checking back thinking the naked pictures are going to be up. Aww.

  16. Tom Allen says:

    Hey, I just found the damn camera. Next I’ve got to find time when I’m home alone.
    With good lighting.

  17. Eileen says:

    Tom, in the spirit of random questions –

    Who is the man in the picture you use as an avatar on Fetish Lore? I’m having one of those freaky “So familiar!” moments here.

    I could also be dating myself horribly by not knowing who it is. Oh well.

  18. Tom Allen says:

    Fetish Lore? Oh, that was the avatar I’ve had most of the past year, even on WordPress. You can thank Cat for that – she said that I was “cute, in a Mr. Professor kind of way,” and it was the first thing that came to mind.

    Damned with faint praise, I tell ya.

    It’s Russell Johnson, Eileen.

  19. Eileen says:

    Oh right, that show that everyone in the English speaking world has apparently seen except for me. Of course :).

  20. sexywhispers says:


    “hydraulic testing conditions, aka: penetrative intercourse”???~~rofl. Sorry….spent time as a Marketing person for a Manufacturing facility myself….that visual I could have used!!

    Let me know if you decide on the tattoo Tom….perfectly willing to go with you and hold your…..ummmm….hand. (giggling)~~Dee

  21. darklily says:

    1) How could you *lose* your camera? Sacrilege. Advice: get a webcam . ; )

    2) Why do you have to be alone to take the pics? Could be more fun with Mrs. Edge’s help. From experience…trying to take good nekkid pics of yourself is difficult.

  22. Tom Allen says:

    DL – I found the camera. It was on top of the microwave, right where I’d left it.

    And when I wrote “alone” I was thinking more about not having the Edgelette wandering around the house. I’ll probably need Mrs. Edge’s help to take some of the better pics.

    I can see it now:
    Can you take some nekkid pics of me tonight?
    ‘cos I promised my readers that I’d post some more pics of me.
    “Didn’t they see enough of your piercing last year?”
    Yeah, but they want to see more. They’re clamoring for posed naked photos of me.
    “Umm… how many readers do you have, again?”

  23. darklily says:

    I see I’m not the only one that misplaces things in plain sight (grin).

    Ummm…I think it’s probably a good thing that there are *many* readers clamoring for photos…if it were *just one*, well…that would be much harder to explain.

  24. Susan's pet says:


    Please tell us where you found that ring. I have a Prince Albert piercing, and am currently wearing a circular barbell. I would be interested in that closed ring that you display. By the way, my female partner can not tolerate intercourse with my hardware, regardless of what it may be, so I need to remove it as a preparation to … ah … you know.

  25. Tom Allen says:

    Pet, I found it at a local place in my town. But you can order them online, and probably of a slightly better quality. This one has the teeniest of unmatched edges that I can just about feel as the y slide through the hole.

  26. Allen says:

    Tpm, i completely followed your lead on the frenum and it lasted a year for me. It would fall out at all inappropriate times. i considered using a bonding agent (superglue). my goal was to have several moving to the lorum next. i should be reading you more often. You were a HUGE help in the entire process. Where are you with piercing now?

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