Oh, for God’s sake!

Er… let me rephrase that.

Hit & Run, the blog side of the libertarian publication Reason, just posted an interesting article on the Folsom Street Fair, or more specifically, the advertising for the FSF – the well-known San Francisco gay/kink/leatherfolk festival. Apparently some Christian groups have taken issue with one of the advertising posters in which mostly half-dressed men are seated Last Supper-like about a table.

Folsom Street Fair 2007

A comment from the Christian NewsWire includes this amusing tirade:

HUNTINGTON, Conn., Sept. 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Once again, San Francisco prepares for the perverted Folsom Street Fair where homosexuals, sadomasochists and others gather for public displays of nudity, beatings, group sex and public masturbation — PART TAX PAYER FUNDED — with police just standing by and watching.

Further down we read:

Stephen Bennett, president of SBM and a former homosexual said, “This is the most vile, vulgar and disgusting public display of filth I have ever seen in my life. There is no doubt a double standard when Christians and Christianity are mocked by homosexuals and degenerates in such a blatant, vile and sick way. Where is the media outrage over this event? We Christians will no longer tolerate this abuse nor be silent.

Now, a slight crush on Maymay notwithstanding, I’m not gay. But personally, I’d love to be able to check out this event, which I understand has been a major event in the city for years. Granted, it’s not the typical agricultural fair that we see here in New England (and uncharacteristically, I’m going to resist the obvious jokes about pony-players and livestock) but I fail to see what the big deal is – it’s an event for mature, consenting adults. In fact, I learned something in perusing the FSF web site:


Each year FSE returns all proceeds (including gate donations and beverage sales) from the Folsom Street Fair tm, Up Your Alley Fair and Magnitude® to qualified local charities.

A list of charities follows, most of which are local concerns.

I’ve just spent a half hour reading various online discussions about the morality of parodying the Last Supper with gay leathermen, and I’m only scratching the surface. Frankly, I’m amazed that so many people have jumped on this minor news item. What’s more amazing to me, though, is how people like Stephen Bennett never learn that such vociferous objections almost always result in more people learning about the very thing that they’re looking to stop from happening.

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21 Responses to Oh, for God’s sake!

  1. cerealover says:

    A quick search of Google images will bring up 100’s of versions/parodies of The Last Supper…


  2. Fusion says:

    …never learn that such vociferous objections almost always result in more people learning about the very thing that they’re looking to stop from happening.


    And like anything else in life, if you don’t like it, don’t look/read/go.


  3. Jamie says:

    Stephen Bennett, president of SBM and a former homosexual …

    I couldn’t let the phrase “former homosexual” go by. When Ted Haggard was so abruptly “cured” of his homosexuality, it got me thinking about just how differently many conservatives define their sexuality and their relationship to God. I also found the following blog entry, which I liked, on the subject:
    ” Straight to Jesus: studying the Christian gay-conversion movement” at


  4. maymay says:

    Oh hell, this is just more free press as far as I’m concerned. Thanks, silly Christian sensense, for popularizing every sexual activity I love. 🙂 As Kate Bornstein said, there are many more people in the world who love sex than those who are afraid of god.


  5. maymay says:





  6. Patty says:

    It takes someone very comfortable with their lifestyle to be able to poke fun at it, and someone even more comfortable to allow others to poke fun at it. I am sure the FSF were not trying to imply any Last Supper inuendoes, but I can see where it does appear so. And the charities they are supporting are not causes that many conservative Christians would see as worthy.

    And who doesn’t have a crush on our favorite podcasters Maymay & Eileen?



  7. Cat says:

    I have the star wars version of the last supper as the screen saver on my desktop. I wonder why they spend so much time on these non issues. I guess it’s just easier than what the so called Christian is really supposed to do.


  8. Cat says:

    oh btw Tom, Roonie is going to Folsom this year for work. Like you I would love to go.


  9. Tom Allen says:

    Dammit, dammit, dammit!
    I really want Roonie to do a fetish shoot of me. Not that I can really display the pics anywhere, but just to have done it would be like, a really cool hot thing.


  10. Cat says:

    yeah I find that I post more and more of the pics because it is very cool. but they are definitely not the kind of pics you put in your photo album and leave on the coffee table. she has been on me to pick a time to do the 70s bondage shoot. she will be out for Folsom and then skin too. With all this traveling she is doing lately you never know she might be in your area. I can ask her about taking photos for you if you would like? I think the big thing for her now is she likes to use them for her bondage babes pics on the new site social kink. If you are willing to be the bondage babe of the week she will probably do them for free 😉


  11. coquetteinbed says:

    oh, too bad you can’t be there… I’ve been waiting the entire year for this event. and the day before, we have Lovefest!
    sorry for the tease, I just couldn’t help it. 😉


  12. Selena Kitt says:

    *shaking head*



  13. havingmycake says:

    Remember all the additional publicity given to ‘Life of Brian’ and ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’? Religious zealots made the producers of those movies rub their hands together in glee.


  14. kimba says:

    sorry.. serious conversation going on.. I just popped my head in for the nudity.. when do you expect it will be ready Tom ?


  15. Tom Allen says:

    Okay, here’s the 411: this is the last week of my personal training exercising. I’ve cut out the cardio workouts and concentrating on weight training. So, but the end of the week I’m going to be as buff as I can be. Not that I plan on backsliding – I’ve tuned up my bikes and now do the cardio on my own, and we joined one of those $10 /month gyms to continue working out.

    I figured I’d wait until my program was done before taking pictures. I’m going to ask Mrs. Edge to take some, both with and without clothing. Or, umm, devices. Does that work for you?


  16. Eileen says:

    You have a gym that costs ten f’ing dollars a MONTH? Augh, sometimes I hate that I live in New York.

    Looking forward to it. To give you a heads up, I plan to post a picture in one of my upcoming entries involving boots, leather, and possibly me.


  17. Tom Allen says:

    The price varies depending on what kind of membership you buy. I don’t have access to the tanning rooms or the in-house classes, or go to the other locations, but I don’t care. Also, I pre-paid for the year, which bring the price down a bit. But still, even at $20 a month it’s still a good price.

    Every time I visit NYC I think that I’d like to live there – but not forever. I mean, I can take my daughter out for dinner at a family-friendly place for under $15 here, if we’re just getting burgers and stuff. And for the last 20 years I’ve gotten very accustomed to living in spaces larger than broom closets and having more than one bathroom. I’ve stayed in some nice lofts and studios that would be fine for me, but not with 2 or more.

    OTOH, living out on the edge where the sticks meet the ‘burbs has its own issues that make it less attractive for some people. For example, raking leaves in the autumn sounds like a romantic weekend, until you’ve got to do it in 40 degree raining weather, and your neighbor’s oak trees have all blown into your yard, and the town pickup wagon will be there later in the week so you’ve gotta get’em done now…


  18. Cat says:

    Tom you are going through a lot to post naked pics I must say. Of course I am waiting on pins and needles for the reveal…I just wanted to make it clear I appreciate the extra effort you are putting into this 😉


  19. kimba says:

    Ummm.. you have Cat and my email addresses.. and also our ‘private abode’ if you care to do some pre-revealing revealing.. xx


  20. Tom Allen says:

    Well, you and Cat have already seen pictures of me… they’ll be pretty much the same pictures, just, umm, a little thinner is all.


  21. amy says:

    We went this year for the first time and it was AWESOME. I want to go every year. Richard got some incredible pictures.

    I thought the Last Supper ad was cute. How on earth could someone interpret it as insulting to Christianity or, even weirder, to them as a Christian ffs?


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