HNT – Say “Aahhh…”

Suzy tells me that I should have more pictures. Cat tells me that I should post some HNT shots.

What the hell.

I had a doctor’s appointment today, and of course everything was fine. Hell, I’ve been working out all summer and taking those wonder drugs for high blood pressure and cholesterol – if things weren’t fine, somebody was going to hear about it.

Anyway, since I had to disrobe anyway for my checkup, here I am disrobing.

Yeah, that whiteness on my upper chest is not from the lighting – it’s ‘cos I’ve got grey hair there, too.

Oh yeah – sorry that it’s not really Thursday. I’m not very good at the timeliness thing.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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11 Responses to HNT – Say “Aahhh…”

  1. kimba says:

    Tom you are all blurry and pixeled.. and I can’t tell if it is really you.. no penis..?

  2. nigel says:

    Love the new Blog title, Tom,
    was do the letters HNT mean?

  3. Fusion says:

    Right with you there Tom on the white hair…
    Maybe a HNC (half naked chest ) rather than HNT…

  4. Susan says:


    Love the salt and pepper man pelt.

    I’m with Kimba, I know you’re an edgy guy, but please don’t pixel your penis:)

  5. Tom Allen says:

    Nigel – Half Naked Thursday. It’s a long running blog meme thing by Obasso. For some reason it’s mostly women that participate. D’you suppose that men are too shy? Or that women don’t particularly care about viewing regular, ordinary guys?

    Having removed my piercing, I need to find some other way of being an attention whore, so I’m going to get into this game.

    Kimba – sorry, dear, it’s those damn phone cameras. Next time I’ll ask the nurse to take a shot with the regular camera, okay?

    Does this mean that you will no longer obsess about my penis? 😦

    Fuse – I started going grey very early. It still cracks me up to find grey pubic hair, grey shoulder hair, grey stomach hair.

    Ms Pants – “man pelt”? That’s a new one.
    Sorry about the low-res quality of my phone. However, if you weren’t trying to enlarge it (the picture, that is) then I can’t imagine what the problem is with my penis.

  6. kimba says:

    Tom – when I clicked on it to enlarge it (not your penis) I got an error message

    ‘what you are looking for isn’t here..’

    Which made me laugh.. Still no penis..

  7. Tom Allen says:

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    Kimba, it’s a HNT shot. It’s just my shirt half unbuttoned showing off my damn sexy chest. There’s pics of my penis all over the friggin’ internet, it’s okay to have a few of other bits of me, isn’t it?

  8. kimba says:

    umm.. is that a real question or a rhetorical?

  9. Cat says:

    well Kimba’s penis obsession not withstanding I think the HNT is quite nice. I am a fan of man pelts and an even bigger fan of more guys getting into the HNT habit.

  10. darklily says:

    Kimba- Of course it’s Tom. He’s wearing a plaid shirt.

  11. Kate says:

    I am a fan of ‘man pelts’ and plaid shirts. Nice shot there Tom.

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