What class did you say this was?

Well, here’s something interesting: I received an email today, which read, in part:

I was wondering if I could ask you a couple questions about chastity belts. I am doing a paper for a psychology class on different aspects of chastity belts. If you are interested in helping me out, I would like to thank you in advance for your comments. The paper isn’t due for 2 months, so you have plenty of time to think about your answers. I will not use your name or any personal information if you don’t want me to. You don’t have to answer all the questions if you don’t feel like it. The questions are for wearers and key holders. Both opinions are needed. So if you are the wearer, the key holder could also answer questions.

Okay, that’s… different. I’m trying to figure out what kind of class in which a paper on chastity belts would be acceptable. Abnormal Psychology? While I suspect that this is a request of a somewhat dubious nature, I’ll bite this time. The mail headers indicate that he sent it to several dozen people, names that he seems to have collected off of one of the more well known chastity belt story sites (yes, there are some more well known than this one).

Anyway, here are the questions:

Please answer the personal questions first:

Age: 49

Sex: Not very often, obviously (har har har).

Okay, Male.

Wearer or key holder? Wearer

1. (Both) Do you own a chastity belt? If so, which one(s), and explain a little about them? (Comfort, security, noticeable under street clothes, etc.)

I own a CB3000 and several home built versions. The CB3000 is probably the most popular commonly known of the inexpensive devices, and is of the style known as “trapped ball” devices; that is, it is not a full belt. These devices are generally attached to the scrotum and encase the penis, and are able to be secured with a small padlock.While they are not the most secure devices, they are inexpensive, fairly comfortable for most users, and do not show up under normal street clothes. They can also be modified easily to allow the use of a urinal; other devices require partial disrobing and use of a sit-down toilet.

2. (Wearer) Why do you wear a chastity belt?

Because it is a kink that both my wife and I enjoy. We’ve been able to turn it into a fun, sexy game for the both of us. It doesn’t require much maintenance, nor much in the way of special equipment (apart from the device itself). It’s simply a way to have a little bit of kinky, erotic fun.

3. (Key holders) Why do you lock up your partner in a CB?

She enjoys the idea of “controlling” our sexual activities, and also enjoys creating a sense of extended frustration in me.

4. (Both) What is the longest term of wearing the CB? What changes in attitudes were there, and why do you think there were changes?

There are various ways to answer that question.

The longest we went in orgasm denial was 8-1/2 months. That means that the device was removed once in a while for sex (or a couple of times for repairs).

The longest I went wearing it continuously, i.e., 24-7 without removing it at all, was 4-1/2 months. We stopped because a section holding it together broke under the strain.

I’ve been wearing it on and off – including the periods mentioned above – for just about 3 years.


5. (Both) What must the wearer do to “earn” release? (Game, chores, behavior, etc.)

While some people play games of chance (marbles, dice, lotto numbers, etc.) to allow release, and others have some kind of a point system for “earning” a release, we chose not to do anything at all. It’s left totally up to her whim and fancy.

We do have a syntax, though, to make it easier to understand. A “release” to us does not mean my being unlocked, and being unlocked is not a guarantee that I would be allowed an orgasm.

Unlocked means being let out or not wearing the device (or cage). I’m often unlocked for intercourse, and then locked up again.

Orgasm means exactly that – an orgasm, usually via sexual intercourse.

Release means an involuntary ejaculation, usually while I’m still wearing the device. This sometimes happens after several weeks without orgasm or release. It’s not pleasurable, but it does appear to relieve some sexual tension.

6. (Both) Are there any times where there is a “teasing session” during term of wearing?

(Key holder) Why do you do these “teasing sessions”? What do you do?

(Wearer) Why do you think the “teasing sessions” happen? How hard is it to make it through these?

Since this is not a punishment for me, there isn’t any specific teasing. We do have sex frequently, which is naturally very arousing, but it’s not with the intention to tease me along and to deny me an orgasm.

It used to be difficult to do, but I’ve learned to sublimate the arousal into a pleasant afterglow kind of sensation. Surprisingly to some people, I often initiate sex, even though I know I will not be allowed an orgasm.


7. (Both) What are your overall thoughts of a chastity belt? (Emotional feelings, physical feelings, regrets, etc.

Overall, it’s been a good, healthy thing for us. It allowed… no, necessitated our becoming more intimate and learning how to talk to each other about wants and desires and needs. Our relationship was suffering form a lack of intimacy, and while the chastity device did not fix things, wearing it facilitated our attempts to create both sexual and emotional intimacy.


On my part, I have no regrets, except that I feel like I wasted a year trying to get my stupid frenum piercing to work with the device. I modified the CB3000 several times so it’s comfortable to wear for long periods.

8. (Both) How does the wearer get to “release” when it is time?

If you mean “orgasm,” it’s usually through intercourse.


If you have anything that you would like to add, please do so. Don’t hold back.

You might want to read one of my accounts on this, specifically where I discussed the 4-1/2 month situation. Unlike a lot of wank fodder on the ‘net, this is a true account of, well, not how we got started, but how we got deeper into it. You should probably read some of the rest of my stuff on my blog The Edge of Vanilla.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out. If you would like a copy of the report when it is finished, please let me know, and I will send it to you.

I would love to read it. In fact, if you’d like, I’ll critique it before you submit the paper. Feel free to use my name, and if you need any further information, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Okay, hopefully I’m really just helping out some college kid who’s going to surprise the hell out of his Psych prof. Actually, I did something similar a long time ago with a paper on Tantric yoga; I guess it gets tougher and tougher to surprise college teachers now.

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One Response to What class did you say this was?

  1. maymay says:

    Sounds a lot like just another troll to me. College kids writing papers are typically much more clinical, especially for random surveys. I know because I’ve been contacted by more than I can remember through my involvement with Conversio Virium, which is the Columbia University BDSM discussion group for those who don’t know.

    That said, it’s only getting harder to surprise college professors these days because more of them are joining clubs like ours. 😉 Naturally, a big chunk of the student population is thrilled to see the sexier profs at meetings.


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