Back in the saddle again

Well, not exactly in the saddle. We’re not into pony play.


I’m back into something else, though. Wanna see?

A little bit ago I wrote that the whole frenum piercing thing just didn’t work out well with regard to using it with the CB3000. The barbell often pinched my skin in the cage, especially when I got aroused, and the lack of room made it difficult to keep clean, resulting in several infections during the year. I could never wear it for more than a couple of days at a time, which didn’t sit well with the increasingly kinky Mrs. Edge, who over the last couple of years developed a fetish for longer (much longer) periods of orgasm denial.

For me, that is.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I removed the piercing and let the hole close up. That it did so with something approaching the speed of a nano-black hole was also annoying. However, there doesn’t seem to be any permanent scarring, and all’s well that ends well, right?

Knowing that Mrs. Edge was going on a short business trip this week, it was motivation for me to dig out theCB3K and fix some minor things so she could have something to think about while being away. These devices have ventilation holes at the top and bottom; unfortunately, the top holes allowed my skin to swell out rather painfully, so I had filled them in with epoxy. The epoxy yellowed and became loose, so I replace it with tiny bars of acrylic that I shaped and super-glued over the holes. It keeps the skin from swelling through, but allows some air flow and water for cleaning.

Yeah, it’s gear-head talk, but chastity is not an exact science.

I put it on on Friday morning, and ended up wearing it all through the weekend. Family, work, and other obligations kept us from enjoying any intimate time, although we did manage about 10 minutes to look at the new CB6000 model online. It looked that she was going to head off to the mid-west without our getting an opportunity for sex, but Monday night we both managed to get to bed at about the same time. While she was in the bathroom, I donned my strap-on harness and warmed up her favorite dildo (which she calls my “other cock”), and lay in bed waiting.

She crawled in, and after a few minutes started moving her hands around. She felt my other cock and said “But what if I didn’t want this one? What if I wanted your real one?”

“That’s fine with me,” I told her, “in fact, even better, since I haven’t come since last week. I was just warming the other one up so you could have the option.”

We began to make out a bit, and then a bit more, which was nice because for the last few months it seems like we’ve only had time for quickies. A short while later I was lying on top of her, my other cock pressing against her mound and my cage pressing against her ass cheeks. She indicated that she would like some lube, and I reached into the bedside drawer for the heavier stuff that I use for my other cock. My other cock is very lifelike, but the thinner lubes sometimes aren’t enough lubricity to last and will sometimes leave her a little bit chafed.

We settled into her favorite position: missionary, with my hips pressed tightly against hers, angled slightly upwards to allow the curve of my other cock to massage her sensitive spot inside. I have learned to enjoy this position myself, because when I’m not focused on the six inches of sensitive meat, the rest of my body needs some extra sensation. I continued to kiss her while maintaining long, slow stokes, and it wasn’t long before I felt her legs tighten around mine and felt her arch her back slightly. Obviously the idea of me back in the cage warmed her up pretty quickly.

She smiled mischievously. “That damn piercing,” she complained, “wasted a whole fucking year on that.”

I felt badly about this, and told her so. I mean, it was my idea, after all.

She indicated that I should shut up and to keep fucking her.

A few minutes later, she came again, a little harder than previously. She opened her eyes and told me “You know, I should really make you pay for that mistake. Do you realize I’d almost forgotten about this?” I smiled.

“Pay?” I asked, “Like, deny me for a while?”

“Yes,” she replied as I continued my slow thrusting, “like, a long while.” Her breathing grew deeper and faster.

“It was over a year that I tried to make it work,” I reminded her, “maybe you need to make up for lost time with me. Would you make me pay for a whole year?”

She closed her eyes tightly and nodded. A few short moment later her long nails were digging sharply into my ass and she was pressing her hips up to meet mine. A short moan, and suddenly the look of intense concentration on her face turned into a relaxed grin. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.

A quick, mini-fantasy had just played itself out in her head. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m convinced that she has stronger orgasms when she thinks about keeping me locked in for longer periods. I checked this morning, my ass still has scratch marks. “I really was going to unlock you, but now I think I’m going to make you wait until I get back.”

“But… but…”

“It’s really because you do such a good job with your other cock, you know.” She tweaked my nipple and laid back. “It’s late, and I think I’m done for the night.”

I asked her if she wouldn’t mind sitting astride me for a couple of minutes. I love this position because I enjoy seeing her body – even more now that all the exercising has given her a nicer shape. She complained a little, but pushed me over and slowly lowered herself onto me. My cage was pressing against her ass, and I could feel her warmth through the plastic.

We talked for a few moments, she asked me “If I took off the cage and told you that you had only two minutes to come, could you do it?” I nodded. “Two whole minutes? Sure thing.”

“Well, how about one minute?”

“Umm, yeah, I think so,” I replied, not liking where this was headed.

“What if I took it off and said ‘You’ve got twenty seconds to come, and then the cage is going back on’?”

“Oh, that’s totally unfair,” I protested, still aware of her weight on my hips, “I train myself so hard to not come quickly, and then you try to sabotage that by telling me it’s the only way I’d get to come?”

She laughed softly, and rocked her hips back and forth.

“You know,” I confessed, “I sometimes do have fantasies about you teasing me for a long time, stroking me, keeping me right on the edge…” “Yeah?” she asked, her eyes closed, concentrating.

“And then, right at the very end, just when I’m about to come really hard…”

She closed her eyes and leaned forward slightly as I moved my hands from her breasts to her shoulders, and down to her waist.

“… you suddenly stop touching me as I come, just letting it spill out, ruining it.”

She tensed briefly, frowning in concentration, and I pulled her hips down to meet my own. She let out a breath, sighing, and her body relaxed. She leaned forward to lay against my chest. No question that she was now really done for the night.

“You don’t mind waiting until I get back, do you?” she asked, sleepily.

“No, I’m good. I thought I’d be begging to come, but I’m actually feeling pretty satisfied right now,” I assured her. “Thank you for getting on top for that last bit, I really enjoy looking at you.” And truthfully, being able to spend some time close both physically and emotionally really did make me satisfied.

She whispered a goodnight and turned on her side. I got up to remove and clean my cock, and to apply some lube to help me sleep through the night. A few minutes later I was back under the warm covers, spooning against her back.

In the morning, just before she left she noticed me rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer, looking for some masking tape.

“What do you need that for?” she asked. In response, I handed her a pen. She watched as I removed the emergency key to the lock from my keyring and wrapped the tape around it. I gave it to her, and she signed the tape, knowing that if I tried to remove it in order to unlock myself I’d rip the tape and destroy the seal. She dated one side and, displaying some good humor, drew a couple of little hearts on the other side. She took her own key and put it in her purse.

You can see my jumble of keys with the picture of the taped key. Clicking the above picture will bring you to an album with pictures of me wearing it. NOT SAFE FOR WORK or in the same room with younger family members.The camera adds ten pounds, of course, but anyone who’s seen my pics from last year can see that I’ve toned up quite a bit since then.

And even though she said something about “waiting until next week,” I have no idea if she really means it. At this point, I don’t know when she’ll next let me out.

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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33 Responses to Back in the saddle again

  1. Cat says:

    You have toned up quite nicely indeed…but a whole entire year locked up? I can’t even imagine. But I am happy for you being back in the saddle and all.


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Naw, it really wouldn’t be a whole year. Mrs. Edge really does prefer the more natural option, and doesn’t mind me coming – once in a while.

    FSV of “while”, anyway.

    But the idea of making me go for a year is still pretty hot with both of us.


  3. Fusion says:

    It looks more comfortable than I would have thought Tom, I had visions of a bulky metal device. And you have buffed up well mate. Good on ya!

    But did you really have to post more pics of you know what? sheesh Kimba will be here soon…


  4. Eileen says:

    I said it once, I’ll say it again.




  5. Eileen says:

    P.S. Tom, do you ever smile in photos?


  6. havingmycake says:

    You scrub up well Mr Allen. The device is nothing like I imagined but Id still never get Ruf to wear one… not even for two minutes, let alone a year!

    PS Yes, he likes to pull my hair sometimes too but, on this occasion, he had his hands full forcing my hips backwards and my neck forward so my head hit the wall. And, no, Im not complaining 🙂


  7. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse – there are bulky metal devices for those so inclined. Hell, there are all sorts of male chastity devices available, more than most people would imagine. While some of them have a serious fetish factor, the CB3000/6000 styles are small, relatively inexpensive, and don’t require a major change in lifestyle.

    Well, beyond the obvious. :-\

    I’m thinking about buying an inexpensive weight bench to keep in the basement, so I can at least maintain the exercising over the winter.

    E – I think that I tend to smirk, rather than smile.
    Trust me, I was smiling on the inside.
    Even more now that I’ve seen your reaction 😉

    Cake – They are fairly comfortable, although it does take a change in mindset.
    Hope you didn’t damage the wall…


  8. B says:


    Nice pix.

    Your friend,



  9. Tom Allen says:

    Wait, aren’t you… ooohhhh, right, right. I gotcha. Yeah, B it is, then.
    *wink wink, nudge nudge*


  10. Scott says:

    Tom, I just stumbled onto this site and have truly enjoyed your postings, and pic’s. Your wife sounds a bit like mine, although we are just getting me started in the denial phase of my life 🙂 the CB6000 is a great belt if you thinking of a new one.


  11. roo-roo says:

    The idea of going a whole year is just plain sexylicious. Yowza.


  12. darklily says:

    Now I’m really curious about the A and B thing.

    My guess: Tab A and Slot B.

    Am I anywhere close, Tom?


  13. Tom Allen says:

    Scott – thanks for stopping by. We’re thinking about trying the 6000, but I’d need to modify it so I could wear it with the solid style A rings. Mrs. Edge prefers me to always wear the A ring, even when I’m not wearing the device itself. Not to mention that it acts as a rather serviceable cock ring.

    Roo – it might be at least a year; after all, it’s been almost 18 months since I got pierced.

    DL – Sorry, not even close. Wanna guess again?


  14. Scott says:

    Tom do you do e-mail?


  15. Tom Allen says:

    Scott – If it dresses up in leather boots and a whip, I’ll do anything.


    Please feel free to contact me at taomlin (at) gmail (dot) com Mrs. Edge and I often answer questions wrt chastity play and orgasm denial from people too shy to comment.


  16. Scott says:

    Me too!!!!


  17. Elizabeth says:

    You know, I try to make intelligent comments. I really do. But honestly, no matter how many words you wrote here, I’m not sure they’ve sunk in. The visuals have overtaken and, well you probably know how that is. IQ drops.

    I’m with Eileen.




  18. Tom Allen says:


    I’m not sure if you’re complimenting the pictures or my writing, but I’ll take all the strokes I can get.

    My word counter says it’s just over 1,630 of them. So, maybe there’s too many to sink in.

    We’ve been like teenagers the last couple of days, too; it’s been a while since we’ve been able to let loose like this. I s’pose I’ll have to give a report when I get my strength back…


  19. Kate says:

    May I second, or third or whatever it is at now…me~ow!


  20. Emma Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    I was just released from a month in our modified Curve. My PA keeps me secured in the tube.

    The longest Em ever kept me locked was 6 months. After a while, a new mentality sets in and you accept your lot with grace…but getting there is an ordeal.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


  21. Tom Allen says:

    Hi Scott –

    Going long term really does cause a mental change, and it’s not necessarily more submissive, nor is it the same for everyone. Nor is it the same each time; the first time around it was new and going for several months was almost fun. The second time it was different. Better in some ways, actually.

    We don’t know what we’re doing this time around. But it’s going to be different, too.


  22. bbjones says:

    omg love the “other cock” concept! for some reason i find that its not too popular, even though one would think a dom would really enjoy.


  23. Tom Allen says:

    Well, Hi Beej – I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about your old fans.

    The “other cock” isn’t too popular? With who, exactly? I mean, it’s pretty damn popular in my experience.


  24. bbjones says:

    hey sorry, perhaps i should use a different alias but on the internet i always do go by BB Jones, and am a regular reader on your blog. (but im not bitchy jones) 🙂


  25. Tom Allen says:

    Sorry, BB. As it happens, Beej has an email address similar to yours – not unsurprisingly – and I simply assumed…

    That said, I’m glad you stopped by to comment. Now, back to my question: can you explain about the “isn’t too popular” thing?


  26. bitchyjones says:

    Ha! This is the real one.

    And all cocks are popular with me. But I have had a particularly nice time with a really ridgy bumpy one taped into Jack’s mouth.


  27. Tom Allen says:

    Well, Hi Beej – I was beginning to think that you had forgotten about your old fans.

    Oh, wait – I said that already.

    Glad you stopped by. Mrs. Edge has been putting me through the paces with this “other cock” think for the past month. I’m not ready to break down and beg, but I have to admit that I’m starting to get very antsy.


  28. No_limits28 says:

    Nothing of the sort happens with our permanganate molecules. ,


  29. Ganry53 says:

    And only after that I saw the perfectly simple correct solution. ,


  30. Billus says:

    Two replies to a 22-month old post, with links that don’t seem to work? Tom I think the solution is to SPAM.

    What are ‘permanganate molecules’, anyway?


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