You lost the what?

Sooner or later, somebody is going to mention this, so I might as well be the one to comment on it.

An ER doc in the Northwest US wrote about his first experience with male chastity devices. As it happens, he had no idea that they even existed until a distraught man came into the ER and asked to have one removed.

It was made of steel and the lock was jammed. It was damned difficult to remove. Ring cutters are no good on steel, being made for soft metals. I have used rotating cutting tools before but they tend to heat up the metal too much. Bolt cutters are … imprecise and thus difficult to use in the genital region. Ultimately, though, it took our largest and strongest bolt cutters and a fair amount of lubricant to remove the offending device. The patient did not wish the device returned to him, and so after the entire staff had gazed at it in wonderment it was placed in the dirty utility room for disposal.

Knowing that the metal devices can cost upwards of $500, I was surprised that the man did not want it returned. But then, I have no idea if it was placed on there consensually.

Ah well. At least the poor doc didn’t have to remove anything weird from the guy’s rectum.

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5 Responses to You lost the what?

  1. Jamie says:

    I went to the original post (thanks!) and read the comments. I want the (presumed) doc who made the following comment to be *my* doc:

    jz-md said…

    I include this line for any acute complication of sex (back pain, penis fracture, retained fb) : “you seem to have a healthy, creative sexual life. I hope this episode doesn’t discourage you.”


  2. Aarkey says:

    Well I guess that replaces the what if “theory” with fact, doesn’t it.


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