Banned in Virginia

Hot cross buns

That’s right – if you’re looking at this picture and enjoying it, then you, too, can be banned in Virgina Beach.

For those of you who missed the news article, police in Virginia Beach, VA (in the US) confiscated these advertisement posters from an Abercrombie & Fitch store.

The problem is that the A&F stores, once the place where my grandfather bought shirts,  is now a hot brand with the young crowd. Local ordinances forbid the display of obscene material (e.g., nudity) in places frequented by minors. A&F has been noted for controversial advertising images in the past.

You can see the rest of the shocking, obscene photographs on the A&F website.

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13 Responses to Banned in Virginia

  1. Eileen says:

    Not that the naked bodies aren’t pretty and all, but doesn’t Abercrombie and Fitch sell, yknow, *clothes?*


  2. Fusion says:

    I’m absolutly shocked that you would post such an obscene photo Tom, let alone link to the rest of them…

    just appalled.

    Oh, and I think some officals in Virginia Beach need to get over themselves.

    Hey Virginia Beach, isn’t that Pat Robertson country? That would explain a bit…


  3. Fusion says:

    ok, fine. I misspelled absolutely, on top of the fact I can’t spell worth shit, i’m sick right now too, so give me a break 😉


  4. Fusion says:

    and officials, yeah yeah…


  5. Patty says:

    That would explain the shutters that were just put up on the windows of our A&F. Kind of defeats window shopping.


  6. Em says:

    That’s a nice picture. I’m disappointed in VA. But, the controversy probably gives A&F more advertising anyway.


  7. Luka says:

    Well, they’re hardly what I would deem obscene photographs, though young, perfect bodies belonging to beautiful people do make me sick 🙂


  8. darklily says:

    And might I mention that this particular mall (Lynnhaven) is located less than 8 miles from the beach? You know, where people go around scantily clad.


  9. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get people looking at an advert, it’s banning it. Oh, smart move, Virginia.


  10. gillette says:

    Yeah…well at least in this one they actually have clothes on (mostly). I’ve been at their stores when they had compaigns with huge totally nude photos splashed all over (with the girl-women’s nipples erased out). And I thought the same as Eileen…um…wouldn’t they do better to be advertising bodies in their clothes?

    While hardly the prude, truth is I wonder about this form of advertising for people so young (A&F targets teens and preteens). I think kids get confused…that whole thing where the girls are to supposed run naked, be nakedly entwined with tons of different guys…but when they actually do, they’re called whores. I wouldn’t want these campaigns banned, but I don’t think them helpful or wise.

    Yeah…and this from the whore herself.


  11. Patty says:

    Now that I think about it, this controversy has been going on for a while, since I was in high school. I, like everyone else, thought it would make sense to show models looking good in their clothing. But I think that they aren’t so much selling clothes as selling an idea. “Buy our clothes and you will look so good you won’t even have to wear them!”


  12. Peter Chastain says:

    I am grateful to the Virginia Beach police for confiscating these photos. Had they not done so, I never would have had occasion to look at them on the web. They are all delightful, but I especially like the one shown here.


  13. Kiter says:

    Only in America 🙂


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