Guess what I’m wearing?

Go ahead, guess.

Oh hell, this should have been a no-brainer for 90% of the regular visitors here. Yes, I’m wearing a new CB-6000. I’ve been wearing it off and on – mainly on – since Friday morning. I’ve needed to make quite a few adjustments in order to find a balance between comfort and security.

The picture here shows the CB-3000 on the left and the new CB-6000 on the right. The differences appear to be slight, but some of them are significant once you begin wearing them.

So far, I’m liking it, although I’m not totally loving it. I need a few more days to work out some issues before I post my own review on it. And after the review, I’m going to post a bit on modding the device. You know, for the gear-heads.

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20 Responses to Guess what I’m wearing?

  1. Rio says:

    Just the thing to keep a guy in order


  2. Barney says:

    A good starting point for those interested in investigating the “chastity” journey, however never secure enough for me without some sort of piercing…..just my point of view.


  3. Completely unrelated, but your blog now makes me want fudge.


  4. Ms. Rika says:

    Can you pull out of the back? We have a 2000, as you know, and we’ve proven that, even with POI, it’s POSSIBLE to pull out, orgasm, and put your penis back in without any detection.

    My hubby was able to show me, by pushing the cage down and slowly working his penis out the back, he could do it. Then, with the device still hanging on his scrotum, he could masturbate. He then showed me how, with a little lube, he could reinsert and I would be none the wary.

    Of course, a PA piercing puts an end to it. We also came up with a solution that works – we drilled a hole through the tag on one of the plastic locks, then attached the lock under the corona of his penis, which surprisingly fit snugly, but not too snugly for my hubby. Then, we put the device on him and snaked another plastic lock through the bars at the end of the cage and looped through the hole on the tag of the lock around his penis head and locked that one on the outside of the cage…voila!

    We had provided feedback to the folks who make the CB products…I’d be interested if they ever made it more secure.

    – Rika.


  5. darklily says:

    Completely unrelated…but I’ve never liked fudge.


  6. Tom Allen says:

    Rio – Some guys, anyway.

    Barn – I personally had some issues last year trying to get my frenum to work within my CB3K. I’ve been told that a PA is much better for that.

    IL and DL – When I have a chocolate fix, I’d rather eat something dark. I don’t care for vanilla “fudge” or worse, white chocolate. I’d just as soon eat some Crisco with sugar.

    Ms. R – No device is going to be 100% secure for 100% of the users. I’ve had to make a spacer for the CB3k in order to prevent the pullout problem. I’m still experimenting with the 6k. Right now it seems okay, but it’s very snug… which, admittedly, is also a bit of a turn-on 😉


  7. Welcome to the CB6000 club! You are certainly right about the happy medium between comfort and security. I did a LOT of experimenting with mine. Bigger ring with smaller spacer, smaller ring with larger spacer. The first time I put it on, I used the largest ring and I thought it was way too small. After some adjusting, it has become comfortable. The worst part I am finding is getting it relubed after taking washing it out after urinating.

    The squirting water wasn’t getting it clean enough, and it was not practical to carry a squirt bottle everywhere in public. I came up with using a large size McDonald’s cup and filling it with warm water and soap, then I will completely cover my entire cb and balls and shake it around. The repeat and rinse! Just like shampooing. I can take a McD’s cup in public to a restroom and no one thinks it out of the ordinary, except just the grossness from imbibing in a public restroom (except I’m not drinking).

    After the cleaning ritual, it dries out and I have yet to find a way to get the lube back inside the cage. I thought about a thin red tube, like the ones that are on the WD40 cans. Except without the WD40, but some kind of lotion or lube instead.

    Good luck with the new CB6000, hope you get a nice good fit.


  8. Still off-topic, but I like vanilla fudge with a Belgian chocolate swirl. Mixes dark and light perfectly… but I also hate white chocolate.


  9. Tom Allen says:

    ILB (and other non-fudgers) – My image header is 904 x 160 – feel free to submit appropriate replacements.

    AK – I can’t imagine going through that much trouble trying to rinse after every time I pee. I clean it thoroughly in the shower every night, and at home, if necessary, I’ll blast a little water into it with a plastic squeeze bottle.

    I wore the 3k for 4-1/2 straight months without removing it once, and I never had hygiene problems.

    As to the lube, I can smush a little in from the top, and I can dab some on my pinkie and smear it in from the front (I enlarged a section so I can use a urinal – I’ll get into more detail on that later).


  10. Marianne says:

    Oh. I like white chocolate.

    Which, in conjunction with the whole lube and hygiene discussion, is kind of disgusting.


  11. GreyOwl says:

    Good Grief… Let’s be serious here. Just kidding… Tom; thanks for sharing on the 6k experience. Of intense interest, I just hope the day comes when I can easily share the intimacy with games like this. Yum…

    On the chocolate issue, I just read a slew of info on the benefits of antioxidants included in dark chocolate. The higher the chocolate %, the better. The more sugar and milk, the benefits diminish.


  12. kimba says:


    “For the gear heads..”

    So did you get it for nothing when you told the manufacturers about reviewing it on the blog..? Hmm..?

    btw.. is the size of the padlock a status symbol?


  13. havingmycake says:

    Green & Black’s 70% dark chocolate with ginger pieces is to die for. I have it for a treat once in a while. As to the other contraptions, I had to examine them closely to see any differences so I shall look forward to your review. Ruf, however, will not be reading. He’s made his position very clear on the whole idea and it’s a non-starter 🙂


  14. Luka says:

    Tom, I am mystified. Enlighten me. I get the whole chastity thang, but how is it fun?


  15. gillette says:

    Looks ouchy…is it?


  16. Fuse says:

    Way off topic, but I like my fudge a little nutty.

    And I wouldn’t eat crisco, but you can use it for other activities…


  17. ladypandorah says:

    Tehe. Liking the two different threads running through this feedback!

    Q: Which is better – crumbly fudge which seems ever so sweet or the smooth stuff that leaves teeth marks in it after you take a bite?

    I like the smoother fudge.

    I don’t like white chocolate. It Is Not Real Chocolate. Not.

    And dark chocolate is good for sore throats too if you suck it and let it melt down your throat. I also find Green and Blacks to be one of the best brands for dark chocolate.


  18. Patty says:

    Mmmm, chocolate. Again, I love that quirk of your blog.

    So how is the 6000? hubby’s birthday is coming up and I am thinking about upgrading.


  19. Tom Allen says:

    Again, I love that quirk of your blog.

    Mrs. Edge just shakes her head. “‘You have a sex blog, so why are all these people talking about food?”

    Patty, I’m in the middle of writing a review, even as we speak. You may want to hold off for a bit.

    Lady Pan – Once in a while, The Edgelette and I will visit a little farm store on the back roads, where she will buy a small tin of hand-made fudge. It’s soft and very chocolately. She’s starting to appreciate the dark choc over the milk or light – which means less for me 😦

    Fuse – It’s been a long time since I laid a plastic sheet on the floor and had a Mazzola-rolla

    Ms. G – It’s not “ouchy” in the sense that you’re thinking, but there are som issues with these devices. It’s mos’ def not a “one size fits all” as they’d have you believe. Coming up, I’ll have a post or two on how I modify mine.

    Luka – The simplest way to explain is this: You know the feeling you get when you’re aroused and horny? Wearing a device, especially being denied orgasm, keeps you in that state all the time.

    Cake – I’m gonna need to look for that. I’ve had dark-choc covered ginger bits, and I gave myself a stomachache munching on them.
    No CD for Ruf, eh? Hey, it’s not for the faint of heart.

    Kimba – Despite the impression I give online, I’m really not so egotistical to think that my review matters one way or another to the Millers; certainly it would be unethical to ask for a free device. I’m not sure, however, if it would be unethical to accept one.

    And size of padlock? Uh… no.

    Grey – C’mon, take the plunge! Buy one, slap it on, and mail her the key next time you’re on a business trip.

    Mari – *snerk*


  20. darklily says:

    Heh…guess I’ll have to go on the record and say what I really think of fudge: I hate it. It isn’t because of the chocolate…I *love* chocolate…actually I’m probably addicted to it. But I *hate* powdered sugar…and that is what’s used in fudge. Can’t stand anything made with powdered sugar (it’s the texture/taste….sticks to the tongue/is overly sweet). Uhhh…and I don’t like frosting either.

    Sounds like you are having a whole lot of fun with the new toy. Luckily (or is that unluckily?) for my DH, my creativity mostly involves home improvement (I finally polyurethaned the staircase last week). L noticed my painting skills a few weeks back (a little slow there…I almost became an artist/art teacher at one point in my life)…and asked me if I’d be interested in playing with some liquid latex.


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