A week in a CB-6000: My review

So, a little over a week ago, the technical support staff here at Edge of Vanilla Laboratories locked $200 worth of polycarbonate plastic around my genitals in order to test this new device under real-world conditions. By “real world” we mean that cruel, leather and vinyl clad dominatrixes in thigh boots did not tease and torture me daily and nightly, nor did an old girlfriend, ex-wife, or irate librarian steal the one and only key and/or glue the lock shut. That would be “fantasy world” testing, otherwise known as “wanking material.” No, real world testing at EoV Labs consists of Mrs. Edge locking $200 worth of plastic on me, and sending me off to work. After all day at work, sitting and walking around and adjusting myself and trying not to pee all over myself, I come home and cook dinner, clean some dishes, and relax by sitting in a different chair and reading various blogs and message boards. Real world conditions also included doing various chores and outside household maintenance, like taking down a small tree, moving junk from one side of the garage to the other, raking old leaves, picking up debris from the winter, lugging groceries up a flight of stairs, and attending a business conference.

Obviously, we spare no expense here at EoV Labs in order to provide you with knowledge for your own needs.

The differences between the CB-6000 and the slightly older model, the CB-3000 appear to be slight, but they can be significant for some people.

First of all, the A ring, or as it’s now called, the Cuff ring is different, and in our opinion, a significant improvement over the old style that came with the 3K. The hinged Cuff has been a problem since it was introduced; a large number of the hinges simply broke from stress fractures (probably caused during the riveting process). The rivets themselves have caused irritations, and a lot of men complained about their genitals being chafed just from rubbing around the area where the two sections meet. The 6K improves on this by changing to a large “C” shape – the open end fitting directly under your genitals, and held in place by two plastic arcs across the top, one of them holding 2 long plastic pins which fit through holes, making all three pieces fit together as an integrated ring.

While this is an improvement over the 3K style rings, I don’t see it as inherently better than the old 2K style, which were solid rings. The solid rings did not have gaps or edges which could pinch or chafe. The single biggest problem with them, however, is that, being solid, they were difficult to get on and off – a difficulty that we dispensed with by simply leaving them on all the time, even when the cage was removed.

That said, the design of the new Cuff ring, instead of being more or less round in cross-sectioned profile, is a flat collar. The wider surface area feels very “grippy” and leaves no doubt that it is going to hang on solidly. The round-profile rings had a tendency to slide forward during the course of the day, especially on hot days. The new style doesn’t “give” as much, and I confess to a momentary arousal when I first tried it on, simply because I could feel how solid it was going to be.

Actually, the very first thing I felt was pinching, as snapping the sections together caught skin on one side and hair on the other. I imagine that practice and a good trim will take care of that problem in the future.

After the first day, I decided that I didn’t like the pins sticking out from the cuff and through the cage, so I removed the original cuff and replaced it with my old A ring (I’ll post the details about that later). That night in the shower, I discovered that the warm, soapy water allowed me to pull out of the cage. I could do that with the 3K, too, but I usually had to work at it; this was very, very easy. Back to the 6K style ring for me.

With the 6K style cuff, I had to use the oval shaped locking pin. Instead of using the supplied padlock with the on (!) key, I used my old 3K padlock. The new style locking pin fits very tightly through the holes, and the result was a tinny (or rather, hollow plasticy) sound as the lock bumped against the plastic. That meant that walking around nude or with sweatpants was going to be a musical affair, not what I want in my family household. Even the rubber O rings I keep around the padlock body as a shock absorber didn’t help.

The cage itself is a slight adaptation of the CB3K style, organically ergonomic looking, with some differences. The 3K was round inside, with an approximately 1-3/8″ ID (Inner Diameter). The 6K is more squashed from top to bottom, approximately 1-3/8″ side-to-side, but 1-1/4″ top to bottom, giving a slight squeeze to anyone already accustomed to the old style. Since part of the arousal comes from the feeling of wearing the cage itself, the squeeze keeps you a bit more aware that it’s on. That probably necessitated moving the vent holes to the sides. My own experience proved that the narrower, side holes still allowed my skin to expand though, like little flesh balloons. I took care of them as soon as I felt them, but it’s not a good feeling, and one of the only things that marred the feel of the new tube design.

The shape of the head looks more ergonomic, with a larger area for the “head” of a penis. In theory, one would imagine that the coronal ridge would fit nicely into the expended area, helping to keep one’s penis from sliding backward, but in reality I discovered that my head – being a bit on the largish side – didn’t quite fit into the area, keeping the ridges folded down. My penis constantly slid backwards in the tube, more so than in the older 3K. This is a problem when trying to use the urinal; I found that I had to work a little harder to make it slide forward, so I didn’t splash around the inside of the cage. I was further hampered by the end of the cage being more tapered, which meant that I really couldn’t push the mead of my penis right up against the end, the better to line it up with the hole. The result was more urine inside the cage.

Speaking of which, I’m amazed that the Millers haven’t figured out a way to make the entire cage more “stand up and pee” friendly. Not all men who wear the device work in offices with an abundance of stalls. I’ve modified my devices to make it easier, but still, it’s not as convenient as I’d like.

Wearing it 24/7 for the next several days was pleasant, and not much different from my old 3K. On the fourth day, however, I discovered that I could, in a warm soapy shower, pull out of the back of the tube. Dang! I had fooled around with various sizes and spacers, and had something as snug as I dared; the next smaller cuff caused some bits to turn blue, and a smaller spacer did the same. I believe that this is from my being more of a “grower” than a “shower”, but I decided to go for the rest of the week before attempting a fix for this.

On Thursday, I developed some chafing on my testicle skin, mainly up around where the cage meets the cuff. I had sanded down the rough edges, but this seemed to be from the sharper, chamfered edges of the cuff – as opposed to having rounded or radiused edges. I still enjoyed the feeling of the wider cuff, though, and found that at no time during the week did it slide down. I’m anxious to see how well the cuff works with the older 3K.

On Friday morning, Mr.s Edge and I engaged in a bit of teasing, with me laying on top of her so she could feel the cage. She actually gets aroused from feeling the cage bump against her ass when we have sex, but the 6K seems to be angled downward just a teeny bit more, and she couldn’t feel it as well. We didn’t get to try a more thorough test run, e.g., having me wear a strap-on with it.

And we probably won’t – at least, not any time soon, as the, er, internal hydraulic pressure slightly split the seam at the inner bottom of the cage and pinched my sensitive skin inside. It was just enough to scrape the skin up, causing a little scab from the abrasion. Gosh, it took over a month for me to split the side of the old 3K!

By the time I got home from work on Friday afternoon, I really needed to remove the cage entirely, as the chafing was really irritating. Removing the cage, I noticed a stronger urine smell than I would normally have encountered after a week in the 3K. This, I’m sure, was from not being able to get the head of my penis right up to the end of the cage; also, I think that the snugger fit of the cage kept me from being able to properly flush it out each night in the shower. Having worn the 3K quite literally for weeks at a time without removal, this was a bit of a disappointment.

Overall, I do not think that the 6K is an actual improvement over the 3K. Yes, it’s got a sleeker look, and the new cuff design addresses some problems with the old design, but I think that the modifications to make this into a good long-term device might be beyond the capabilities of a lot of wearers. Hell, the point is that nobody should have to be a machinist in order to wear a chastity device; however, it seems that the 6K is going to need some serious gearheading in order to make it live up to its potential.

Sometime next month, I expect to have most of that worked out, and I hope to be able to show some pictures of the process.

If you found this interesting, you might also be interested in some of my other real-life experiences which are listed in the True Tales page.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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19 Responses to A week in a CB-6000: My review

  1. Fuse says:

    Wow, interesting Tom, sounds like you should be a advisor at least to the CB company.
    Good luck with the modding, kinda like guys that mod cars, motorcycles, etc, only I doubt you could talk about it around the watercooler, ay?


  2. em says:

    I don’t have much to say, but I do find this subject interesting!


  3. Motrv8r says:

    Very interesting post. I’ve been lurking for a while and find yor real world chastity (or T&D…) viewpoint refreshing.

    Mrs. Mortv8r and I have dabbled with chastity play for the last two years. We’ve used a CB-3000 and a short Houdini cuff device. The best thing we did was to try the 2(d)Ni. The open ended device allows you to use urinals. I live in the real world and nobody wants to have to sit and pee all the time or have a funky smell com wafting out of their pants because you can never get the device clean enough. You should really look into trying one…I think you would be impressed. I’d never go pack to the plastic devices after my experiences with stainless steel.

    Just food for thought…. Thanks for all of the great posts!


  4. Dave says:

    The old perv in me is fascinated by the notion of chastity enforced by my love, but the consumer in me is put off by $200 worth of plastic that doesn’t work as advertised, makes washing and urinating challenging, and requires additional r&d. My PA is, by comparison, the most minor of inconveniences.

    Good luck


  5. sissymaid says:

    i suggest a Cbelt3000 at affordable price (99$) here http://www.i-am-a-counterfeiting-jerk.com
    (* Edited for clarity)


  6. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse – yes, it’s a lot like modding your bike or PC. There aren’t many companies making these devices, and the “one side fits all” approach sometimes needs to be helped along.

    Em – since when don’t you have much to say?

    Moti – Mrs. Edge and I have talked about getting a stainless steel device, but she actually prefers the plastic so she can see through it. Not ruling it out in the future, though.

    Dave – I hear ya, buddy, but consider – have you ever bought a PC and then a few months later started adding new cards and boards, or installing tweaking programs? It’s the same mindset. Yes, dropping $160 to $200 for one of the more popular devices is expensive, but hell, even a good silicone dildo will set you back half that much nowadays.

    Sis – Grrr! You’ve touched a button for me. This is an Italian company that is buying Chinese knock-offs, and you seem to be connected with them somehow, since you’re posting with their web address.

    The Millers have put in thousands of dollars, not to mention the time and effort in order to develop a (relatively) low cost chastity device. It’s bad enough that several Chinese companies have ripped off their designs and were pushing the lower-quality devices on Ebay last year, but for you and your company to encourage this kind fraud is unconscionable. I’ll be contacting them about your company after I finish this comment.

    If you had a real company, you’d be making a different design, or you’d be making an add-on product. You are merely a parasite sucking the blood of the more capable.

    Now get your stupid, lazy, counterfeiting ass off of my blog.


  7. darklily says:

    Yay for new toys! I got an non-descript box dropped on my porch about 2 weeks ago. : )

    No, not a chastitiy device…let’s just say I have a feeling you’d have liked them and their use. ; )


  8. Arafin says:

    I am very impressed by the thoroughness of your testing program, but I just have to ask, (being safety conscious and all), how will it stand up to front and side impact in a crash? Does it provide adequate protection to the penis during a head on collision at 30 miles per hour? At 60? Is the function of the CB-6000 in any way impeded by the use of seat belts, (or any other strap type restraints)? Finally, how well does the device stand up to continuous travel over rough terrain such as potholes and washboard?



  9. Marianne says:

    That sounds like way too much work, having to modify. Then again, that’s why it’s marketed to men, I guess. 🙂


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  12. Allen says:

    You are the king of modification and EoV Labs is always at it. You should be a consultant for CB. i too live in the real world and couldn’t stand the thing for two reasons – not getting a good nights sleep and the famous odor. We eventually used an honor system and then lock down would happen on Friday afternoon when i came home and usually a begging to be released on Saturday if i earned the privilege for some fun and frolic and if not it stayed until Sunday night/Monday morning whereby i would beg for it to come off for the week.


  13. Pingback: Ever wanted to try chastity play? | Saxleather Blog

  14. Cody says:

    I would Like to do a test like this for you guys but over a longer period


  15. Joao Carlos says:

    Hello, great post…
    I have a CB-6000 and I made a mofication that decreased very much the pain caused by the chanfered edge…
    I put like a cement in there… I don´t know the name in USA… Here in Brazil we call it Durepox… It´s like a homemade cement that we can buy on a tool store…
    I made a post in my blog with some photos… The blog is in portuguese, but a photo is a photo, lol
    I think it can help


  16. cagged says:

    you bought a knock-off. that is why the rings are not solid.


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