HNT: Half(century) Naked Tom

It’s been a while since I’ve done an HNT, and since I’ve been on a rant all week long (rage, rage against the dying of the light, and all that), it seems like a good time to post some pictures of what a shriveled, dried-up, half century old guy looks like.

The first one is me working out in my little home gym area.

Yes, I’m really 50.

No, I’m not wearing a sweater.

Believe me, I’ve earned every single one of those grey hairs.

I’m not exercising as intensely as I did last summer, but I do get about 20 to 40 minutes a day of strength training, and several times a week I’m doing the cardio thing. I was killing my legs and knees on the treadmill at the local gym, but now that the weather has warmed up, I’m doing the bike thing. I’ve got this nice 5 mile route that’s mostly flat – a rarity in New England – so I work at improving my time each time I’m out. Last year I was using my Cannondale road bike. This year I’m trying it on my hybrid for a little more of a workout.

Even though I just threw a bash for Mrs. Edge, who is just a few weeks older than I, we’re not doing anything special for my birthday. I’ve eaten enough cake and burgers in the past week to last me for a while. Besides, I told her that everybody has a party on the decade mark. Me, I’d rather have a nice event at, say, 53. It’s a prime number, after all.

Okay, I’m off to my nude shuffleboard lessons.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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18 Responses to HNT: Half(century) Naked Tom

  1. kimba says:

    Oh Tom.. nude shuffleboard??
    Good Lord!
    The images that flings up.. I’ll never forgive you for those images Tom..


  2. One good comment returns another. You look terrific Tom. and you’ve a nice blog. I got a subscription recently as a matter of fact, so I was very pleased to note that you’d stopped by. Thank you!! Blessings


  3. Cat says:

    Keep raging Tom, it will keep you young. Nude shuffleboard? Thanks for the mental picture but the real one is much better. HHNT.


  4. I admire a guy who looks forward to celebrating his 53rd birthday for prime number reasons. I hope I look as fit as you when I hit the 50 mark.

    Happy birthday and HHNT!


  5. Elizavetta says:

    As I said, here’s to the Fucking Fifties… and naked pics of hairy men (of which I am a fan). Nude shuffleboard, eh, not so much.

    And even though you’re not celebrating officially, I wish you a very happy, very naked Birthday.


  6. Luka says:

    Looking good to me, Tom.

    So, what are the rules for nude shuffleboard?


  7. Fusion says:

    Damn, Tom, you look almost as good as I do 😉

    Hey, i just got booked to photo shoot the Nude Shuffleboard Campionships so all you ladies just wait, I’ ll have pictures for you later this summer, I’ll post the un-pixeled ones here if Tom will let me…

    Lookin good for 5-0 Tom.


  8. havingmycake says:

    Nothing to complain about in those pictures! Looking good Mr x


  9. gillette says:

    Happy, happy, Tom…and…hey..yer hott!


  10. searchfinish says:

    ha ha ha….555+


  11. Kate says:

    I have learned that life doesn’t really start until 40, hell fifty is just getting warmed up. I will be there in just a few weeks myself and as for the naked shuffleboard…think I will stick to the piratin’…go you!


  12. darklily says:

    You look great, Tom. Happy B-day. : )

    Hmmm…I’m actually not very familiar with shuffleboard. Darn, sounds like I’m missing a great image.


  13. Em says:

    Lookin’ good Tom. I hope you have a lovely birthday!


  14. deb says:

    Came here from Fusion. Happy Birthday.


  15. MissBonnie says:

    Ohhh looking good !! 😉 I’d have you.
    sexy mind, sexy body

    ..what more could a Lady ask for

    …ok that your not married, not half way round the world would be a start…did I say loaded LOL

    Happy half century, birthday boy

    Naked shuffle board ? Do we get to see pics Tom LOL


  16. Fusion says:

    welcome to the dark side Deb, the really dark side…

    Just kidding Tom 😉


  17. Tom Allen says:

    Just kidding

    No he’s not, Deb. This is the Edge of Vanilla. We’re not quite the dark side, we’re more like the gateway to the dark side.

    Ms Bon – I missed 3 out of 3 criteria for you. 😦
    I’ll try to get those nude shuffleboard pics ASAP for you.


  18. Aarkey says:

    Happy belated b-day.

    And is it wrong to wonder what ya’ll you use to push the shuffleboard discs?


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