Tickle me …

If you live in the US, you have some great resources for buying adult products. I’m not talking about those crappy jelly things that they have at the local “Erotique Boutique” stores that are always on the outskirts of every city, usually in the manufacturing or meatpacking districts. No, I’m talking about the good toys that are engineered to give you years of pounding, pulsating pleasure. I’ve bought things from Blowfish, Extreme Restraints, and Stormy Leather, which was acquired last year by one of the best online resources for serious toy users, The Stockroom.

But if you’re on the other side of the pond, in the UK or thereabouts, you really don’t want to be bothered with the shipping costs and delays of buying from a US distributor, especially if you are a looking for chastity devices. Fortunately, I happen to know that Tickleberry specializes in chastity devices. Even better, I happen to know that Tickleberry has the hottest chastity device fetish photos in the known universe. I hate to admit this, but their galleries might even eclipse my own hawt chastity porn in terms of fetish hawtness.

No, don’t even say it.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter where you live – if you’ve got internet access, you can – should – check out the newly updated Tickleberry site. Not only is there a new line of products for the fetish consumer, but they have also added a very good series of articles on topics ranging from pegging to chastity devices to choosing a dildo.

And of course, they have an updated gallery for the chastity aficionados.

Tickleberry has distinguished themselves by using fetish models that don’t look like the typical 22 year old clones; they use models that are, well, uh, yeah, still pretty freakin’ hot, but also more real. The set features a man who is probably in his 50s, and women in their 40s. I’m looking at the site now, and I hope that I look that good when I’m 50. . . Oh, wait, I just turned 50 and I’m not quite that toned.


Okay, maybe when I’m 51.

Tickleberry has also added what has to be the most tasteful set of advertising videos I’ve ever seen. The After Dark section has a set of videos featuring some their various products being used on the aforementioned real-looking models. They also have computer wallpaper, a photo caption contest, and a host of other great new things.

It was just a year ago that I last mentioned Tickleberry in a blog post about the introduction of the new CB-6000, and that post is still one of the more popular hits on this blog. Go check out their updated site – it’s a nice change from the typical adult product online sales model.

In case you were wondering, no, I’m not getting any consideration from Tickleberry for this. I am, however, hoping to entice Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lady Jester of Chastity-UK into doing an interview for The Edge of Vanilla.

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11 Responses to Tickle me …

  1. thisgirl says:

    there’s tollyboy in the UK as well, in Sheffield. I think thats where my belt will be coming from when he gets round to it! x (personally i’m in no rush!


  2. Tom Allen says:

    There are several makers in and around Germany, including Latowski, which might be the Rolls-Royce of belts.

    Mrs. Edge has no plans on getting me anything more than the CB-x000 styles. She likes the idea of being able to get it off ASAP.


  3. em says:

    I have the sudden urge to go toy shopping.


  4. Fuse says:

    Hmmm, I’ll look more tonight after I have some privacy (still visiting my mom). Took a quick look and liked what I found…


  5. Eileen says:

    That…is the most annoying ways of displaying porn as flash that i think I have ever seen.

    Nice images though. Thanks for the tip, Tom :).


  6. SufferJet says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this Tom. Great photos. Eillen I don’t get what you mean about annoying porn flash? Please explain? 🙂


  7. Tom Allen says:

    em – I always enjoy window shopping for toys.

    Eileen – what was annoying? I actually found it to be a pleasant change. Maybe I’m not looking at enough flash porn?

    SJ – You’re welcome. Thanks for stopping by 😉


  8. Eileen says:

    Er, okay, maybe I am just incredibly easily annoyed. (Actually, scratch the “maybe” on that one. Heh.)

    I don’t like photos I can’t grab and save. And I definitely don’t like having to sit through slideshows. I’m much too impatient for that.

    But hey, that’s just me.


  9. Vague says:

    This… is relevant to my interests. Thanks.


  10. Dave says:

    I sorta like the 22 year old clones, given that porn, at it’s core, is all about fantasy.

    But yeah, Tickleberry rawks.


  11. Tom Allen says:

    Eileen – Now I get it. Yeah, I hate not being able to snag pics, too. Fortunately, I don’t mind looking at this set.

    Vague – you’re welcome.

    Dave – I understand what you mean. I’m one of those people who really does enjoy seeing “real” people in ads, especially for adult products. It makes me more able to visualize actually using the products.


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