Hi, I’m Troy McClure…

You may remember him from such hits as Christmas Ape and Christmas Ape Goes to Summer Camp, but how well do you remember Troy McClure’s other projects? Can you tell which of the following titles come from the filmography of Springfield’s favorite screen icon and which are the real-life dregs of IMDb?

In an apparent contest with my friend E as to who can scrounge up the craziest quizzes on teh netz, I offer up this amusing little tidbit. I didn’t do very well, but somehow I don’t feel embarrassed about that.

My score was 53% (8 out of 15). Think you can do better? Click the Troy pic and take the test for yourself.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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8 Responses to Hi, I’m Troy McClure…

  1. Fuse says:

    We tied Tom. Let’s hear a good old Homer “WOO HOO” 😉


  2. Kate says:

    67% 10 out of 15…

    I can’t quite decide if this is a GOOD thing or not….


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Kate – yeah, I know what you mean. I have no idea what a “good” score is, or what it even represents, except, perhaps, an ability for Simpson trivia.


  4. Kate says:

    or bad ‘B’ movies…


  5. allforher says:


    I’m actually disappointed I missed 3 as I use most of my brain for useless Simpsons trivia knowledge.

    “Did you know most people use 10% of their brain? I am now one of those people!”
    -Bart Simpson

    “I’d really like to want to help you…”
    -Homer Simpson


  6. hersforever says:

    And my inner nerd shines through… 13/15, and one of them I actually knew but clicked the wrong option. My wife and I both love the Simpsons, its the number two show on our tivo (behind Scrubs)


  7. almostmagic says:

    I only got two wrong, ha! Seen too many bad B movies, I guess.


  8. Elizabeth says:


    Meanwhile, I’m losing the contest I just found out about! Stupid work. It’s kept me from so many important things.

    Like this!


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