Straggler in a strange land

So, yesterday I had to opportunity to meet a really great guy; polite, well-mannered, and enjoyable company.

Oh yeah, and I got to meet Fusion, too.


Living out in the hinterlands of Southern New England, I don’t get the opportunity to meet many fellow bloggers, so it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up when I learned that Fuse was going to be traveling through this area, and I thank him for arranging his travel schedule to accommodate my work schedule this week.

He called when he got into the Nutmeg State, and while I had given him some ideas on interesting sites to vist on the way in, he decided to press on to his hotel and tackle the sightseeing until the next morning, when (hopefully) the heat and humidity would be lower. He stopped by late Saturday afternoon, and I immediately put him to work cutting up the brush in my back yard so I could haul it away later on.

Well, not really.

We BSed for a while until Mrs. Edge, who had been out shopping, came home. Then, knowing that he had traversed the country seeing all sorts of great natural and man-made wonders, figured I’d give him a break from all that.

I brought him to the grocery store.

Hey, we all gotta eat, right?

We took a detour around town, but despite the fact that I live near a scenic ridge, Connecticut is really much more picturesque during the autumn when the leaves are changing colors and you can see the valleys and hills unobstructed. During our half hour ride, all we could see were a lot of green leaves.

While it’s a given that most of us can be someone that we’re actually not while on teh internetz, I found Fuse to be one of those people who is very much in person like his online persona. He really is good-natured, and modest. Good for him for being able to keep it real.

So we grilled up some steaks and vegetables and steamed some local corn, and polished off a few bottles of wine. He also called Kimba so we could say hi the old fashioned way, by voice. I told her that she sounded like “one of those British birds in a 60’s spy flick.” She protested, understandably, that she didn’t sound British at all. I told her that might be true, but were there any 60’s Australian spy flicks?

Kimba, you know I’m just teasing you, right? You have a nice, sexily husky, womanly,  Brit Aussie voice.

Oh, and we really did not take Fusion to Outback Steakhouse for “authentic” Aussie cuisine.

Afterwards he showed us some of the highlights of over 6,000 pics of his trip to Oz last year. We kept the poor guy up until midnight, so I hope he had a chance to sleep and get off to a decent start this morning.

We did give him some brownies to take for the road, though. You know, just in case he gets stranded and needs some sustenance to keep his strength up. He’ll spend a few more days around New England, and head out mid-week to parts south of here.

Travel well, bro.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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11 Responses to Straggler in a strange land

  1. Fuse says:

    Thanks Tom, I did sleep well, and headed up route 7 this morning, stopping to see the covered bridges and waterfalls. I ate the brownies on the Massachusetts turnpike on the way to Boston. Had a great time with you and your family. Thanks again!


  2. em says:

    Oh how fun!! I want to meet another blogger… I want to hear Kimba’s voice…


  3. evening says:

    Hi, I am Maureen. I was a part of Fusion’s Great Cross Country “Meet Some Bloggers” Trip too. He is a really nice guy, isn’t he? And it sounds like he had a wonderful time with you and your family. I have told him I am going along on the next cross country trip he takes, I am looking forward to BBQ ing at your house 🙂

    Crap, I just saw the “Proper Dress Required” note up top, I will be back after I get dressed.


  4. Rebekah says:

    We met him just before you… he was wicked nice and we had a great time.

    I wish I could have tagged along for some steaks though!!!

    Have a great day!


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  6. Jennifer says:

    I wanted to thank you again for your help the other day, things are going quite well now. We’ve started a blog to chronicle our journey and I was wondering if it would be okay to add you to our blogroll, since without your blog, I’m not sure we’d be here.


  7. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse – sorry about the humidity, man. Hope the Cape is better for you.

    Em – I’ve met a few fellow bloggers over the last few years and it’s been funny to put a face – and a face – to the words. Some people aren’t what you’d expect, some are.

    In real life, I, of course, am exactly the way I am on the internet. Only better.

    Bekah & Maureen – Welcome to Edge of Vanilla. We can always toss a couple more steaks on the barbie; Mrs. Edge and I have one of those houses that gets frequent visitors, so we try to be prepared. Maureen, the dress code is easy. You have anything in leather?

    Jenn – by all means, add me! I’m a blogging attention whore. And please let me know what your URLis so I can link to you and visit.


  8. Jennifer says:

    You’re added! Thank you. And our URL is We’d love to have you come and check it out.


  9. marianne says:

    Wow! How fun! I’ve met a few bloggers, well four, I guess… but since they were all great and very genuine, I’m enthused about the idea of meeting more someday.


  10. evening says:



  11. Tom Allen says:

    Jenn – I added you to the blogroll

    L- I added you , too

    Mari – I’ve met other people that I’ve only known through online groups, and mostly they have been good experiences.

    Eve – pics, honey, or we don’t believe you 😉


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