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Dev’s note on her top search terms led me to take a look at what my own have been; not just for last week, but for the last couple of years. I’ve sorted out the variations on the top searches; I’ve thrown out the searches on the blog name itself, and I’ve come up with a Top 10 list that’s not too surprising.


  1. Orgasm Denial
  2. Chastity Stories
  3. Marina Sirtis
  4. Thigh Boots
  5. CB-6000 / 3000 / 2000
  6. Chastity Porn
  7. Fetish Wear
  8. Frenum Piercing
  9. Vanilla Wife
  10. Male Chastity

Yes, after the variations on “chastity,” “orgasm denial,” and “fetish wear,” Marina Sirtis is one of the top searches that brings people here.

That’s a result of a post – a blog meme, actually, from last year in which I named the sexy Ms. Sirtis (Deanna Troi of Star Trek, The Next Generation) as one celeb that I’d like to top. I linked to a small pic (I found a larger version of that pic that I intend to scrutinize very carefully for the next couple of hours) of that actress, done by the incredible guys at 4F Creations in which Ms. Sirtis is shown as a sort of latex Borg fetish pinup, which has now become one of my most popular search hits.

Latex Borg Fetish. Hmm, I don’t see that on the list of search hits, but I’m ever hopeful.

And here I was, worried that people only came here for the hawt chastity porn. I feel much better now, knowing that people don’t see me as a Johnny-one-note.

This comes at a particularly good time, though, because Ms. Sirtis is only a couple of years younger older than I am, making her one hell of an attractive “older experienced woman.” Since I’ve already had a rant about the delicious incredible Kim Cattrall, I think that I’m going to dedicate this post to the celebration of Marina Sirtis: yet another woman who continues to be even more attractive as she gets older.

Edit: In searching the IMDB, I discovered that she was born in 1955, not 1960 as I had read elsewhere.
ETA: Added the reference to Deanna Troi for the non ST geeks.

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22 Responses to Search me

  1. Fuse says:

    I didn’t know this Tom. So does this mean you’ve watched every episode and movie of ST:TNG?
    There was a video of her making it’s way around the internet years ago making all the trekkies hot and bothered because she was topless in it…


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Fuse, that would be the 1983 film “The Wicked Lady”, which I have not seen.


  3. Elle says:

    I’ve watched a LOT of ST TNG episodes, AND the movie 😀 I’m such a geek 😛


  4. Patty says:

    Why does it not surprise me that you are a trekkie? Subby loves TNG and will now think you are even cooler than he does now.


  5. sexywhispers says:

    All Trekkie references aside…I just love the fact that you appreciate that women get sexier with age! BIG KISSES for that.~~Dee


  6. swingerwife says:

    Echoing sexywhispers’ comment refreshing to see a man that doesn’t name Jessica Alba or Cameron Diaz as their first choice when it comes to stars that they would like to nail. You rock, Tom!


  7. Aarkey says:

    Now wait just a sec swingerwife, are you implying that Cameron is even in the same tier as Jessica?


    One thing about Ms. Sirtis always got me, her voice. It’s just strong but not gruff, very sexy.


  8. swingerwife says:

    Aarkey, nope, those just happen to be the two that I always hear men mention the most. Personally, Jessica gets me going…that smoking hot body of hers is stuff of countless fantasies. Not so much. But thats just me. 🙂


  9. Tom Allen says:

    L – I still watch them if they happen to be on – which is rare because I’m too busy blogging.

    Patty – 😉

    Dee & swinger – Maybe I should make this a regular feature? “Appreciation of Experienced Women” or something like that?

    Aark – Apples and oranges, bro.


  10. Elle says:

    I used to watch ST TNG everyday, twice a day, when I was in college. Loved it. Now I don’t know when or on which channel it plays, but if I did stumble upon it I’d watch for sure. Remember loving the movie, too. Data rocks.


  11. Tom Allen says:

    Remember the episode in which Troi gets frustrated about something (a fight with Ryker, maybe?) and grabs Data, who starts to explain that he’s programmed for “pleasuring” in various different methods? Hah!


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  13. Elle says:

    Yes, that’s why he rocks 😛


  14. marianne says:

    Loved the series (the best of the Treks, in my opinion), always thought Marina was dead sexay.
    No one ever seems to get to my blog through searches, except the occasional original person search for ‘fucking’. Hmmmm.


  15. Tom Allen says:

    I get some odd searches. You’d expect ones that are sex or fetish related, but a few have me confuzzled.
    Infected Nipples?

    ETA: Heh – gotta love Google. I’m now the No. 1 search for “Latex Borg Fetish” 🙂


  16. Aarkey says:

    Ya know Tom, you inspired me to research some of what brings people to my blog, and your blog is near the top of hand offs – so, thankee for that 😉

    I guess having a double A name helps in the alphabetical listings that way too.

    Another big source of hits for me seems to be “free images of boyfriends forced to wear corsets” as a search result. Which, well… that’s pretty damned specific, ain’t it?

    Oh and I’m allergic to oranges (honest) – so that might be the deciding factor 😉


  17. Dave P. says:

    Well, Tom, she’s much too old for you, but check out Christine Baranski in Mama Mia!

    She gives women of a certain age a very good name!


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  19. Steve Mayhew says:

    my favourite on mine is “why femdom has ugly womens”


  20. Garth says:

    I have tertiary syphilis.


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