MJ’s slave, on October 18th, 2008 at 4:11 pm Said:

yeah, yeah, yeah to all that…
Where have you been??
Almost two weeks since the last post…so you must be getting incredibly fit by now!!
When might we expect a new HNT, sir??

: wanders into the office :

: runs a dustcloth over the desk and keyboard :

: sits down at desk and leans back in chair :

“Dad? Can you help me with my Spanish homework? How do I know if this is an irregular verb?”

: sits back down :

: opens Mozilla Seamonkey :

“Tom? Can you print out the church fair sign-up sheets? I think that they’re in my Documents folder, but I can’t remember who’s account I was logged into when I created them. No, I didn’t name them – does it matter?”

: gets comfortable :

: spends some too much time lurking at other blogs :

: surfs over to personal blog page :

“Hey Dad? Check out this YouTube – it’s, like, a zombie Sailor Moon ninja in the Naruto universe. It’s like, the funniest thing.”

: re-opens browser :

: cracks knuckles :

: stares out the window for a few moments :

“Hello, Mr. Allen? Sorry to call you so early in the morning, but your wife said it was okay. We need you to bring the teflon cookie sheets down to the church kitchen when you come down in an hour. She said that you’d know which ones. ”

: closes eyes and invokes inner focus :

: takes a sip of coffee and begins :

Can you freakin’ believe this? You’ve been waiting for weeks for me to write an actual post, and it’s not about orgasm denial, chastity, snarking on the clueless, or kink in society. Hell, you might as well just mark this as “Read” and go on over to read Elle or NW/GH (who seem to squeeze more kinky hotness into a week than most of us have during the rest of the year). I mean, when did Tom Allen’s Chastity Blog become Tom Allen’s Fitness Blog, huh?

I’ve spent a lot of time lurking at the various blogs to which I subscribe, some of which are listed on my ever growing blogroll, some of which are on my Google Reader, and some of which I stumble across while reading others. And while I’ve been not writing, it doesn’t mean that I’ve been slacking off.

A few months ago The Edge of Vanilla passed its 2 year Blogiversary, which makes it something like 17 in internet years, right?

Also, somewhere in there I passed the 200th post. That means that even with my slack time, I’ve been averaging two posts a week for two years. I’m not even going to tell you how many drafts I have, because it bothers me to think about all those unfinished projects just hanging around, sucking the psychic energy from that teeny little creative section in the back of my brain.

But the reason that I didn’t mention any of this last month is because (to me) they pale in comparison to the real milestone that I passed a couple of weeks ago:

I lost over ten pounds (that’s 5 kilos for those of you outside the US) of body weight, and almost 3 inches (7 cm) off of my waist! Woot!


Geez, it sounded so good when it was in my head, but it looks so lame in writing.

At some point a couple of years ago, I was actually a tad over 200 lbs. Last year I managed to lose a bit and tone up, but the winter holidays conspired to put some of that back on. Over the spring and summer I made a concerted effort to become more fit, and instead of blogging, I used my internet time to research fitness, weight loss, health, and exercise in order to come up with a plan that works for me. For a few months I was discouraged because I just couldn’t break under the 190 lb mark, but I’ve managed to tweak some things in my diet and exercise plan, and I’ve seen it creep lower.

This morning, I was 187 lbs. This is the least I’ve weighed in five years. Yay, me!

Okay, sure, I used the bathroom first and got on the scale entirely naked, but hey – I’m trending in the right direction.

I went to a function yesterday and wore my good suit. The fastened pants literally fell down to my ankles before I put on the belt. My jeans now fit me right out of the dryer, without having to pre-wear them for a day to stretch them out a bit. I’m constantly prancing around in my boxer briefs, like the character from Risky Business – although it’s still a bit more distressing for Mrs. Edge to watch me doing it instead of that other Tom.

There were a couple of weeks that I didn’t work out in the morning because I was busy with a local charity function that left me exhausted every night, but I’m rested up now and back to my 20 minutes a day. The weather in New England is getting chilly – the leaves are turning and there has been frost on my car a few times now – so I may end up putting the bike away soon. I’ve been riding 10 to 15 miles a week, mostly fast sprinting for cardio. I’m going to need to find some kind of replacement because I’ll be pretty upset to backslide over the winter.

I had promised somebody that I’d get a picture of me in my bicycle shorts before the year was out. Here’s me getting ready to go out on one of the last warm days of the season. I didn’t like the way that my gut was hanging over the waistband, but at least my ass looks good in black.

It’s not an HNT, but there’s blackness and shinyosity – can that be so bad?

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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20 Responses to Milestones

  1. Elle says:

    Congratulations! No, really! It’s so hard to keep the motivation going when it comes to training. For me, anyway. I’ll exercise for a while, then skip a day. Then skip a week… *sigh*

    Feels great when you keep at it, though, and it’s good for your health and all that jazz. So yeah, congrats!

    And thanks for mentioning me 😛


  2. Eileen says:

    Tom, just out of curiosity – how tall are you?


  3. Tom Allen says:

    Elle – Thanks for the encouragement. Especially as the winter holidays approach, people are constantly passing around cakes, pies, cookies, and all sorts of treats.

    I’ve cobbled together a combination of the Weight Watcher’s “Core” Plan, and South Beach. Mainly, I’ve given up eating processed carbs, which means mainly passing on bread and pasta, and pretty much anything else made with flour. 😦
    That also means I’ve been taking salad for lunch every day for a month, instead of the more manly – and satisfying – lunch of sandwiches.

    I’m trying to treat is as organic denial 😉

    Eileen – I like to joke that I’m not over-weight, I’m under-tall.
    Actually, I’m 5’8″. According to those health charts, I should weigh between 155 and 165, but I haven’t weighed that since high school. I’m shooting for the low- to mid-170’s, which I think is reasonable on a muscular frame.


  4. Awesome. I really need to slim down myself. At some point I’ll no longer be able to use “I’m just an old fat guy” as an excuse.


  5. MJ's slave says:

    Now that’s what i’m talkin’ about!!

    Great post…glad life is good by you & yours!

    Thanks for writing and for the cute bottom photo…shiny=good!



  6. Fuse says:

    Congrats Tom! Good job, those last pounds get tough I hear. I need to lose my last 20-25 pounds this winter myself. You’ll do it! Keep up the good work.


  7. roo-roo says:

    Much congratulationification! For a lot of people, sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it, but when you see the progress, it feels amazing.


  8. Lady Julia says:

    Tom – you’re doing so well! I’d tell you that you are a good boy, but that’s not your thing so I’ll just say congrats 😉

    I can so identify with your comments about posting. I have a least twenty posts in my drafts and I wonder if I’ll ever get to them because every time I sit down something happens to distract me. Since blogging is really therapeutic for me, I’m thinking maybe I will start getting up a little earlier and working on a post for awhile every morning.

    It’s nice to see your words whenever you have time and it was really nice of you to share your tush with us. Lady Lubyanka isn’t the only person who appreciates your efforts! 😉

    Warmest Regards,
    Lady Julia


  9. Hehehe, hello Grey Geezer of Hawtness. 🙂

    Thank you muchly for the spandex goodies, yum. 😀

    I just counted the drafts I’ve got waiting to be finished, and there are 19 of them, and some have been sitting there for absolutely ages, so please don’t lose heart, it’s not like they’re sitting there waiting to pounce on you with a large mallet or anything.

    (even if it may feel like that)

    I’m not even sure some of them will ever see the light of day. So what? I reckon they’ll find them when I’m dead and wonder wtf I was on about. 🙂

    When I read Lady Julia’s post, I felt such a strong temptation to gang up with her, to conspire giggling and whispering in the corner, darting looks your way and driving you nuts wondering what we were saying!

    I spose some of us never outgrow adolescence, even if our bodies do. :p

    As a treat for all your hard work, would you accept a chocolate chip cookie made entirely out of celery?

    Here. 🙂

    Best regards,


    ps: You might want to avoid my most recent post, as it has a rather foodier theme than usual. Just in case, y’know. 🙂


  10. Cat says:

    I will bet it’s all that chastity play and O/D that has conditioned you to stick with the exercising. But congratulations on the progress and you have a 1st rate backside there Tom…


  11. Brain Teaser says:

    Before anything else, I would like to congratulate you, you did an amazing job. I have to tell you that losing weight is never easy. You really have to devote your time to work out / exercise and of course proper diet shouldn’t be put aside. And losing weight can never be achieved in just a snap, it takes a lot of sacrifice and discipline.

    When I started working out, I also did have my frustrations because it seems nothing has change, but after I discover that I can wear my old jeans again, Man I was so happy and all the sacrifices that I did was worth it once I saw the progress.

    Hey Tom keep inspiring us. Nice picture.


  12. maymay says:

    :laughing!: These sorts of posts are why I love you so, Tom. 🙂

    :glances at his list of drafts and gets depressed:

    :reads these comments: Oh, I’m 5’8”, too and under 155 pounds. Now I feel better weight. That almost makes me feel better about that long list of drafts.

    Congrats, Tom! You are TEH AWESOME!


  13. maymay says:

    Also, as an aside, Eileen and I find it amusing (and endearing) that our blogs seem to migrate around your categorized blogrolls every so often. Apparently I have moved out of the “chastity” list and made it into “Fetish and Kink.” That is all.


  14. darklily says:

    Congrats on the weight loss and for sticking with the exercise program! I wish I had a workout buddy. : ( I managed to lose 10lbs. earlier this year, but want to lose about another 5 or 10lbs. Another 5 would put me at the upper end of my ideal weight. That would make me pretty happy. I just don’t seem to be able to make the time for excercise.


  15. thumper says:

    Congrats on the 187, Tom. Nothing feels better than getting into clothes you *know* you shouldn’t fit into!


  16. Tom Allen says:

    CK – I hear that some chicks dig the old fat guys. Look at how many women have a Santa Claus fetish.

    MJ’s – I’m working on it, really.

    Lady Julia – ’d tell you that you are a good boy, but that’s not your thing so I’ll just say congrats

    Sadly, I’m a good boy in real life; I prefer being a bad boy whenever possible.

    Lady Lubyanka – I really hate the visible shirt lines. I promise to do another one real soon.
    Oh, and some food critic hijacked your blog.

    Cat – well, it has taught me to be more temperate with the food. I can walk by that box of donuts all day and not even feel tempted.

    BT – the progress is slow, but I have to keep reminding myself that I did not put on 25 pounds in a few weeks, and so I’m not going to take them off in a couple of months, either.

    May – It’s my blogroll and I can fool with it if I want. I’m easily amused.

    And I’ve seen your pics. You look normal at 150. I would look like… like something that’s not like you.

    Thumper – Nothing feels better than getting into clothes you *know* you shouldn’t fit into!

    I tell Mrs. Edge that all the time, but she still gets pissed off when I wear her lingerie.


  17. Kate says:

    Go Tom! Nice to hear your ‘voice’ again.


  18. Toni says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss Tom, keep up the good work – don’t worry I am absorbing your excess weight through my profligate lifestyle.


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