Forced Bye

Okay, I have a question.

It’s about the reaction to one of my stories. I think I’m missing something.

53 Days is not my most popular story, but it has managed to garner quite a few hits since I published it at the end of May. It’s a short tale about a chastified man who jokingly suggests that his wife’s friend, Chris, take care of him while his wife goes away on a business trip. The humorous part is when his wife agrees – and just before she leaves (when he is restrained to the bed, of course) she introduces him to her friend, Chris – short for Christopher.

Oops. Mistaken identity revealed, and hilarity ensues.

Anyway, I’ve have about 20 comments on that story, mostly from women, all of whom expressed some curiosity over “what happens next?” I’ve also had emails to that effect, which puzzles me; it’s been my experience that women do not appreciate the idea of two or more men together. Sexually, I mean.

When Mrs. Edge read the story, she thought it was amusing, but when I later asked if the idea was a turn on, she wrinkled her nose in that “Eww, there’s a dead mouse in the garage,” way.

Maybe it’s a generational thing? Over the last few years, the few women in my social circle who have even mentioned anything in that neighborhood all seem to show a disinclination to see M/M sex. Not that the subject comes up often – I am surrounded by couples in their 40s to 60s who seem to have missed that “sexual revolution” that you used to hear about. But that’s another topic.

I’m aware of M/M slashfic, and have, in fact, looked some over. I mean, who can resist some hawt Kirk/Spock action, right? My guess is that women close to my own age probably aren’t participating in those boards – at least, not very many of them.

This is not me with Chris and Pat

Conventional wisdom on this suggests that women are threatened by the idea of two men. If men don’t need women, then what value do they have? That’s old skool thinking, of course, but I suppose that it’s valid in some situations. My own perspective is that if one attractive man is good, then two must be twice as good, right? I mean, it’s a bunch of rippling muscles, hard cocks, hot, sweaty, pumping action. . .

Whew! I suddenly feel a bit warm, and I have the urge to eat a hot dog.

Anyway, I do know that many of you – women and men – actually do get aroused over the idea of M/M action, written or otherwise. So, let me ask: What do you get out of it? What’s the attraction for you?

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21 Responses to Forced Bye

  1. maymay says:

    I suppose it’s cheating if I just say I’m a 24yo bisexual boy and use that as my reason for finding man-on-man (or preferably man-on-me!) action hot in this comment. 😛

    But seriously, if I were to consider the question more than just “why do I like teh penis” I’d probably say something about subverting homophobia, but I’m honestly too busy looking at that picture of three naked men to think about it any further.


  2. Mina says:

    I’m 41, female, bi, and I prefer M/M to F/F for my mental play. Even during my women only, really not wanting men near period. I’ve never thought to be threatened by it in any way.

    Partly it’s because I enjoy anal, so you get double the pleasure there. Partly, as maymay says, “I like teh penis” a fair bit. There’s also a sense of deep surrender in slash fic. You aren’t just giving in to your partner and the moment but to this bigger ‘thing.’ Emotions tend to be heigtened, so the sex is more exciting.

    But mostly it’s a lot of buttsex and I like that.


  3. Wendy Blackheart says:

    I wish I could explain what it is I like about m/m action. It is just something I always found fascinating and fucking hot….especially M/M/F, with me being the ‘f’. Then I get to watch in person, have two gorgeous men perform, and play with them myself.

    Then of course, there is the idea that ‘the more penis, the merrier!’. And buttsex. Boy on boy buttsex.

    I also find that gay porn has hotter men and scenes than straight porn. I like BDSM, but you’ll never find me watching ‘Men in Pain’ from Oh no, I’m off watching ‘Bound Gods’ and salivating.

    And THEN there is the fact that deep down inside, I think of myself as a gay man. I’ve always thought I was kind of gay, and kind of missing my penis.

    But whatever. Two dudes are hot.


  4. Little Minx says:

    Like Wendy, I wish I could explain why it’s hot, but I can’t. I just know that it is. I’m 31, female, bi. I love the boy on boy action.

    I think of lot of it for me is just that I think sex is hot. Period. Any combination of genders and activities can get me going. From the het/vanilla to the way way out there. But I do know that I’ll look for m/m stuff before f/f. Even though I’m bi and very much enjoy the company of women.

    I’ve also been accused, more than once, of being a gay man deep down inside. So that’s gotta factor in somewhere as well in terms of why I like the boy on boy action.

    I like m/m so much that I go so far as to say that I prefer my male partners to be bi.


  5. GreyOwl says:

    Ummm… Tom. Sorry; just doesn’t ring any bells. Zero… And I’ve found myself in some really interesting groups. When I was told of a buddy wanting me to be friendly with his wife, I hesitated, until I realized they were both fine with the idea. It wasn’t until she & I were deep into the act that she told me that he was watching through the patio doors…

    Nope… just not for me. But don’t let that deter anyone. Have a very nice day…
    Time to bike down to the post office.


  6. devastatingyet says:

    I like man/man action because it’s hot and sexy. Why not? Two men! Men are sexy. I guess I enjoy it for the same reason that a lot of straight guys like the idea of two women together. What’s not to like?


  7. Fuse says:

    What the hell, I’ll out myself here. I’ve talked about it on my private blog and a few other ones too.
    I’m bi curious, to a point. I have no desire to kiss a guy or have butt sex, but mutual j/o and oral does turn me on. As to why, the only answer I can give is because I love oral sex, and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s with a woman or guy. And for a while I was worried that it would label me bi sexual or gay, but thanks to a man’s j/o group I joined back home, and the conversations I’ve had with some of the members, I’ve come to realise I’m just a straight guy with a kink. So far I haven’t had to opportunity to live out this kink because I haven’t been back to Idaho since I joined, and now that I’ve found a new girlfriend, I’m not sure how I’d feel about going to a meeting with the guys, so this may just remain a desire for now, or not…does giving a guy a bj count as cheating?


  8. Anon says:

    “I’m aware of M/M slashfic, and have, in fact, looked some over. I mean, who can resist some hawt Kirk/Spock action, right? My guess is that women close to my own age probably aren’t participating in those boards – at least, not very many of them.”

    It’s largely women who are writing the M/M slash fiction stuff, and has been ever since the Kirk/Spock stories. Diane Marchant’s Kirk/Spock slash fic was the first of its kind published in a fanzine in 1974.

    I think women your age just aren’t telling you how much they get off on M/M slashfic.


  9. sexywhispers says:

    Hummm….outside of the obvious “dead mouse in the garage” reaction to anything remotely connected with Spock and Kirk doing the naughty….I really can say that M/M action has neither positive nor negative effect on me. I would not stop to watch it or avoid watching it. I guess it is because there is nothing to offer there for me sexually. Its like cheetos. Some like the puffs and some like the crispy. It does not bother me that the puffs are on the shelf…long as I dont have to eat them. 8) ~~Dee


  10. Milliscent says:


    I too find M/M fantasies, encounters hot.

    I suppose for a couple of reasons. First of all, as has been mentioned, some out and proud gay guys are just amazingly hot, their bodies are smokin hot, and the confident way they pursue sexual satisfaction is smokin hot. I remember many years ago at Folsom Street Fair, a large group of the most amazing looking men, all in black leather g-strings, just hanging out. I had to get a pic of myself in the middle of them, and happily they obliged despite my obvious gender disadvantage in their eyes.

    I also love the D/s possibilities. Two hetero guys going down on each other at my command, each tasting a cock for the first time, the nervousness and fear in their eyes as they begin turning to passion and desire as they start to get into it. Again smokin hot! I’m blessed to have been able to experience this a time or two, so can say that the reality is just as good as the fantasy.


  11. glowinside says:

    Nothing really hot about M/M action for me, Tom.

    What weirds me out, though, is the number of femdom or ‘cock control’ / hypnosis sites that seem to think that I, as a submissive heterosexual male, will be turned on by being teased by a woman about being a closet gay.

    I recently downloaded a bunch of audio samples from one such place, and found that they were all full of references to how I must presumably want to suck a big cock, seeing as how mine must presumably be so small.


    Do some femdom practitioners assume that any guy who likes being dominated must actually be gay?

    It’s odd. Or I am missing the point. Or both.


  12. roo-roo says:

    I’m with glowinside here. It’s not my thing, but so many assume that someone who’s hetero is just yearning to be “made” to suck a cock. And that all these straight guys are suddenly going to turn bi and get into it. Riiiiight. That’s no different than the clueless guys who say to lesbians, “You’re not really a lesbian, you just haven’t met the right man yet.”


  13. maymay says:

    @glowinside, @roo-roo: THIRDED here! And what’s worse, I like “teh penis” for real. But when I hear the crap that comes out of some stereotypical teaser MP3 (and unfortunately, lots of’s Men In Pain stuff is no better) about how I must be so ashamed of my s3kr3t desire to suck cock, I get turned right OFF.

    See also my entire blog (or more specifically, this post, or this one, or this one, or any of these).


  14. Blacksilk says:

    We all like teh penis!

    No, but seriously I’m starting to believe I just like sex generally and don’t really care about how many and what gender are involved. M/M sex is hot just as M/F, F/F and all sorts are. Sometimes I’m more in the mood for it than other things, sometimes not.

    I’m 22 and bisexual by the way, if’n you didn’t know already.

    And in all seriousness I wouldn’t be surprised if the multiple manbits didn’t have something to do with it 😉


  15. Verity says:

    Whatever…….those 3 guys are adorable!!! I love the sight of an erect penis.


  16. gillette says:

    I’ve had the opportunity to be in a number of threesomes with two males. The hottest ones for me were ones in which one or both were first timers or had only partcipated in bi activity a few times.

    The part that got me was that they were overcoming huge internal taboos for the first to fourth times in their lives. I loved watching their facial expressions as they took a cock in their mouth for the first time…or entered a guy’s ass….or kissed the other. Really fucking hot because I was imagining all they were feeling..all they were resorting in their lives and how it might affect them emotionally…like…how do they see themselves now after all these years of one vision of themselves and now another…or if they had fantasized about it …how was it now that they finally did it? Way cool. A gift for me, for sure.


  17. Cat says:

    well as a slash fan and someone who watched queer as folk faithfully I think it’s hot because men seem more human with other men. Hmm I almost need to read that again to make sense of it lol. But there is a certain level of objectification that comes from man women pairings. And maybe it’s more baggage than reality but it’s there all the same. So what’s hot is two equals, not one more naked than the other, not one performing for the room, but two people. And for some reason that comes across easier for me with 2 men.


  18. rlewizr says:

    I had an experience that was similar to the one from the story. This was some years ago and was one of those realization moments when I discovered, “I like this as a fantasy, the reality is too much for me.” During that same calenar year, I was also put in the position of spending a week as the servant of one of my wife’s friends. Again, it was one of those times when I affirmed my desires to serve only my wife.



  19. MJ's slave says:

    M/M/F is hot….just M/M..not so much…but that’s just in my fantasy world. Number one hit on MJ’s blog is “cock worship” and i strongly suspect after the poll we just did that many that come from that search query are guys.

    Since i’ve been reading around the blogosphere i have found several bi-guy blogs that i really enjoy. But i think that’s as much a function of them being great writers as the actual content.

    i do think you’re right that it’s generational…guy on guy “used” to be totally taboo…back in the dark ages…you know before Al Gore invented the internet.

    Interestingly enough, back in those ancient times…the same guys who were “gross!!” or “no way, jose!!” or worse..and we won’t even go there…were the same ones who wanted girl on girl in the worst way…and could never get why i might find that less than equitable….things that make you go hhhhuuummmm…



  20. Fuse says:

    “You’re not really a lesbian, you just haven’t met the right man yet.”

    Kinda like my wife when our son told her he was gay, she said she wouldn’t believe it until he was bedded by a really good woman…


  21. em says:

    Nice picture! Um.. I would be aroused watching or reading about m/m sex… but it isn’t my favorite. I don’t feel threatened or disgusted… I just prefer other types… maybe stories in which I can relate or imagine myself in.


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