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Hot ‘n’ Heavier

Okay, the comments and emails about one of my recent posts regarding heavier women having more sex than their thin sisters brings up some good points: From Rose – It thrills me to see someone, or to be more specific, … Continue reading

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HNT – Hand iN my panTs

I’m really trying hard not to go on and on about my weight and fitness and all that stuff. Really. But you know, it’s really one of the bigger, or at least, more exciting things happening in my life right … Continue reading

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Hot ‘n’ Heavy

I’ve been a big fan of Gloria Brame for years, ever since I discovered her “Different Loving” over a decade ago. At the time, I had not realized that there were books available as resources (as opposed to wank fodder), … Continue reading

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Piercing, Chastity, and the country of the blind

Okay, okay, okay. I hear you. Sheesh! It’s finally time for me to stop crowing about my fitness program, my diet, my shapely muscle definition (did I mention that you can finally start to see my ab muscles?), and the … Continue reading

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