Piercing, Chastity, and the country of the blind

Okay, okay, okay. I hear you. Sheesh!

It’s finally time for me to stop crowing about my fitness program, my diet, my shapely muscle definition (did I mention that you can finally start to see my ab muscles?), and the fact that I lost a few more pounds (did I mention that I’m now down to 185?) since my last crowing, and write about something that’s actually interesting to other people.

A devoted reader posted the following comment on my Devices page:

Chorion3000, on October 29th, 2008 at 8:23 am Said:

Hey Tom,
I have really been enjoying your site. Me and the Mrs. have been playing with chastity devices for a few years on and off (CB3000). We both really enjoy it and I have gone as long as a month without any removal/release.

But gosh darnit the thing is so bulky, and some others seem even worse. I am always worried someone will notice the bulge in my pants.

We have been discussing piercing as a solution, and I note that you got your frenum pierced. I wonder if you know whether the connection of a Prince Albert/Guiche or Frenum/Guiche actually makes for a suitable, light weight solution.

I like the painful pressure I get from the CB with an erection begins and wonder if anyone can comment on whether the the piercing approach gives a similar “constrained” feeling. Of course I don’t want my penis to rip apart either…

I have looked around on the internet and just can’t seem to come up with a good resource for this.

BTW, why did you go with the frenum instead of the PA, which seems to heal quicker? Was it a concern over the 2nd peehole…?

Please note the second to last paragraph:

I have looked around on the internet and just can’t seem to come up with a good resource for this.

Don’t you just hate that? Gajillions of page hits on all sorts of sexual fetishes, and you just can’t get reliable information about putting metal hoops into your tonker. What good is teh intertubez when you really need it?

I really don’t know how a PA to Guiche chair would work. I’ve heard about it, but I’m just imagining that it has too much potential for damage or for migration. If your wabbly bits are chained close enough to prevent any arousal, then the pulling action is going to cause the rings to migrate. If you’ve got too much slack, then it’s not going to prevent you from (in technical terminology) having a quick wank.

Chor, here’s the story: I had my tonker pierced because Mrs. Edge and I (okay, mostly I) thought it might be a neat way to anchor the CB3000, so I could do away with the spacer that I made to enhance the security of the device. To us, at the time, the more “inescapable” the device, the hawter the scenario. Nothing says “You’re trapped” like a hunk of metal through your skin, you know?

Anyway, after most of a year and several attempts, we gave up on using the piercing because no matter what we did, it would get an infection after a few days in the device. I kept myself flushed and as clean as possible, and was very careful to use cotton swabs in the shower, but nothing seemed to work. So, after more than a year, I finally removed it. The hole closed up immediately, and that was that.

The thing about a PA is this: I happen to like standing at a urinal to pee. It’s convenient, and where I work, it would be an annoyance if I had to use a stall all the time. And frankly, it would be a hassle for me have to find a stall in the other areas in which I travel, so I spent a bit of time figuring out how to modify my CB3000 in order to make it more upright-peeing friendly. My understanding is that a PA would cause some drippage into the cage, which might leak out (causing some embarrassing spots on my pants) or would sit in the cage and begin to smell (an issue if I’m not in a position to wash it over the course of the day).

Having said that, I want to tell you that the device really is not as noticeable as you think it is. The only time I’ve worried about it is when swimming at a public pool. I wore baggy swim trunks which kept clinging to my body when I got out of the pool. I learned to just shake them out a bit, and pull the legs down. My wife has assured me that the device is very organic looking and does not show under anything that I wear, from jeans to khakis to suits to short. If you use the shortest pin so that the lock stays close, then it probably won’t even show under your underwear, either.

I’ve worn my devices (yes, I have more than one) to the gym, while biking, while working in the yard, to weddings and funerals, and (with a plastic lock) through various airports while on vacation. Yes, at first I was very self-conscious and was always worried that somebody was looking at me. But you know what? Generally, people aren’t as interested in the bulge in your pants as you’d hope they’d be.

Anyway, thanks for writing, and I hope I answered your questions. I’ll be back to showing off writing about my latest fitness goals before you know it.

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4 Responses to Piercing, Chastity, and the country of the blind

  1. roo-roo says:

    I’ve considered the piercing-as-a-chastity-device route myself, since I’ve already got a PA and frenum. My main concern is having one of the piercings ripped out. Anyone who does t&d knows erections happen often. That much pressure on a piercing throughout the day can’t be a good thing. Whether it’s a fast and painful tearing of the flesh or a slow migration, I just can’t see things staying where they should. Piercings are generally not weight-bearing devices.

    Plus, getting hard would probably be incredibly painful, and not in a good way. That can be distracting if you have, you know, a job or something.

    I’ve used the 3000, but the curve is better suited to me. While I pee sitting down if I have a choice (it’s neater) I’ve peed at urinals with no problem, even with the PA. The trick is to sort of turn the device as much as possible to either side, then shake any drips out of the cage, or even have a piece of paper towel ready to wipe. No smell, no drops on the pants.

  2. Wendy Blackheart says:

    I’m always as interested in the bulge in people’s pants as they’d hope I’d be. but I’m a pervy crotch watcher!

  3. Michael X says:

    Hi Tom,

    Since I have first hand experience I thought I’d share it.

    I started playing with short periods of chastity many years back. Primarily to prolong masturbation so only periods of hours or a few days. More genital self-bondage really. Around 1990 I pierced myself, guiche and frenum. I’ve kept a 3mm (approx) ring in the guiche since as otherwise, after a few days, it starts to close up. The frenum piercing however remains open regardless
    and has had periods of years unused without disappearing.

    The frenum piercing is just below the level of the corona and is a little tunnel about 5mm in length and can happily take a 3-4mm ring or padlock hasp. I’m uncut and it goes only through skin and superficial subcutaneous tissue.

    I’ve played with piercing rings locked together and also took two brass small padlocks which I expoxyed together to produce a device where the hasp of one padlock went through the guiche and the other through the frenum. Alas that produced irritation and swelling after a day or two. There is definitely a need for a small high security lock with a surgical grade stainless steel
    hasp. The problem with piercing jewelry is that it can be removed and reinstalled with simple tools which defeats part of the fantasy element. Still they are fine for attachment points for bondage and feel good when played with.

    Erections when locked happen and tug on the piercings causing discomfort. The frenum piercing hurts the most. This can be reduced by wearing tight underwear that holds the penis down between the legs, passing the crotch of the underwear through the hasp of the lock can also prevent the removal of the underwear so some forced femme potential there.

    Urination requires sitting. Hygiene is no problem.

    Masturbation and orgasm are possible. One lies on one’s belly to keep the erection pointing down and puts a hand or two down there to stimulate the glans along with grinding ones pelvis into the bed. A somewhat female style of masturbation which no doubt would have high appeal to some.

    Penetration of a partners orifice(s) is almost certainly not possible. I’ve never tried but I suppose one could get the glans in. That might involve nearly as much yoga as doing a guiche piercing on one’s self does 😉

    Overall though despite having installed the fittings almost 20 years ago I have made little use of them. I can see they might be great as part of some styles of femdom/malesub. Restricted erections, feminised masturbation, enforced sitting to pee, locked on panties, humiliation potential, etc. That doesn’t really rock my boat. I still engage in T&D chastity play occasionally but find a Gerecke Bow using the frenum piercing to prevent pullout works far better for the elements of chastity play I enjoy which are primarily masochistic rather than submissive.

    In conclusion I’ve had a lot of pleasure from the piercings over the years. A guiche to frenum locking does have potential to provide types of SM and lockable genital bondage play that are fun, and with tight underwear to stifle erections has the advantages of simplicity, hygiene, near invisibility.

    Hope the above is of use to your questioner and of interest to yourself and others.


  4. Tom Allen says:

    Wow, thanks MX!
    I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen stainless steel locks, probably at some specialty shop like Steelwerks.

    Dang, that’s one store that makes me drool.

    Roo – I really hate getting drips all over myself, which is why I try to modify the cage to avoid having to twist my bits.

    WB – Stop it! You’re making Chorion all nervous!
    Of course, please feel free to stare at mine all you like.

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