CB-6000 – Modifying your chastity device

Okay, okay, okay. I’ve been too busy crowing about my exercise schedule and weight loss and fitness and all that stuff that you don’t actually care about; and not nearly enough time posting about what most of you really come here for: male chastity.

I’ve been promising for months to describe some of the modifications that I’ve made to my own devices to make them more comfortable. Since the CB6000 is the latest and hottest thing on the market, I’m going to focus on that one.

CB6k & 3k Mods

I got the CB-6000 back in April of 2008, and while it’s a nice device, I wasn’t overwhelmed. Over the next few months, I made a few modifications, mainly so I could wear the device with my solid cuff ring that I use with the CB-3000. Over the several years that I’ve been wearing the 3000, I’ve found that the solid rings (originally sold with the CB-2000) were more comfortable and more durable than the hinged rings that came with the 3000.

The 6000 uses a 3 piece assembly that is fairly comfortable, but not as easy to work with as I would like to see. Also, Mrs. Edge prefers me to leave the cuff ring on after removing the cage, which allows it to act like a cock ring. So, I did two things: I turned the 3 piece assembly into one solid piece, and I adapted the new cuff ring and cage to work with the solid rings from the 2000. This works because the 3-hole pattern is the same as the pattern on the 3000 and 2000.

As it happens, the solid ring makes for an excellent cock ring, and so I often leave it on even when the device is removed. Note that this may not work for everybody; if you are wearing a very snug ring, then it may cut off too much circulation, or not allow the blood and fluids to cycle back into your body. The idea is that a cock ring should be snug, but not tight. If it’s painful, that would be a clue.

After some experimentation, I found that the solid ring that I made from the 6k sections was just a bit too bulky for comfort, although part of the problem was (again, for me) the corners weren’t rounded off enough. The slight chamfer on the corners leaves more surface area on the inside to “grip” with, which makes the entire device less likely to move and slide around. Unfortunately, my squashy bits don’t fold as easily around the smaller corners and it feels pinchy and more prone to chafing. At some point, I’ll try sanding the corners to round them over a bit more.

Ultimately, I found it more comfortable to press new guide pins into the 6000 cage and wear them with the older solid cuff ring. I have been experiencing more slippage and movement, though, which was one of the issues with the previous 3000. Some men wear the “Points of Intrigue” in order to keep the cage from sliding around, but I find that they dig in a bit too much for comfort. And those are made for the 3000 anyway, not for the newer 6000.

Recently I gave the 6000 another try, and while I managed to work out most of the bugs, I still had an issue with my skin swelling out of the vent holes on the sides of the tube. I’ve filled the vent holes on my 3000 with epoxy, and more recently, with clear waterproof silicone – the kind you use for sealing aquariums and such. A little bit of arousal means that your squashy bits have to go somewhere, and the vent slots on the top (3000) or sides (6000) offer the opportunity. Unfortunately, quite a lot of skin will squoosh out, and it becomes painful. In the past, I have covered the insides of the tube with tape, and filled in the holes from the top, making for a smooth surface once the tape is removed.

Also, I have another problem with the 6000 that I didn’t have with the previous 3000. The head has much more of a taper than the 3000, which gives it a cool, rakish look and is actually a bit more low-profile in when you wear tighter clothes, like jeans. The design is such that one would think that it could contain the head of a penis, and the narrower section of the cage would help hold things better to keep your bits from slipping around. Unfortunately, the head of my penis is bigger than what the head of the cage will hold, and so the coronal ridge – the skin at the back of the head – tends to fold over and slip backwards into the cage. This is uncomfortable, and the bottleneck keeps me from manipulating it forward. This is not especially important, until I find myself standing at a urinal and trying to inconspicuously make an adjustment so as not to dribble down my pants leg.

Until I get this resolved, and find time to fill in the vent holes, I’m back in the CB3000.

I should point out that the website “Kept for Her” (www.keptforher.com) sells interesting add-on devices to enhance the security of your CBx000 device. One of the, the KSD-G2, is really just a plastic collar that makes a smaller opening, in theory holding your shaft more firmly so that a) there’s less movement, and b) makes it more difficult to slip your penis out of the back of the cage. While they may work for some people, I found it either too constricting, or, after I sanded it to be a bit larger, just downright uncomfortable when aroused.

They just introduced a new item, the KSD-G3, which is not a constricting collar, but a plastic insert that puts just a little bit of downward pressure on your shaft, inside the tube; it has a slightly angled tip about an inch into the tube, and if you try to pull yourself back out of the tube, your loose skin bunches up at the tip, making it very uncomfortable, if not downright painful. They made this for the 6000, but I recently bought a set and have been using it on the 3000, and it’s surprisingly comfortable, and even more surprisingly effective. I had to lightly polish the edges of the molded plastic part, but I think that it’s the best add-on thing on the market for these devices.

Again, I need to reiterate that the CB2000/3000/6000 line of products are an excellent, low-cost way for people to explore male chastity and orgasm denial. The $150 to $200 cost for a device is considerably less expensive than the $1,000+ that one can spend on a crafted, solid steel belt, or even than the $500+ that one might spend on the various stainless steel devices that look and operate similarly to the plastic ones. It’s just an unfortunate fact of situation that one must be a bit of a gearhead in order to customize one of these devices in order to make it more convenient and comfortable for everyday use.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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43 Responses to CB-6000 – Modifying your chastity device

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  2. thumper says:

    Terrific info, Tom. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: those folks at A. L. Enterprises should bring you on as a consultant or something. You could help the CB-9000 (or whatever they’re going to call the next one) a better product. Also enjoyed the pictures. I’ve never seen the 3k and 6k compared more thoroughly.

    And what you said about the hard little corners of the 6000’s ring? A-f’in-men, my brother.


  3. Elizavetta says:

    Ok, I know you’ve written a totally wondrously chastity geek post here, one for which you should be congratulated on, albeit, probably only by fellow chastity geeks. And though I do not consider myself a fellow chastity geek, I do so appreciate your complete and utter dedication to modding your cage.

    However… in these photos, all your chastity parts are laid out on diapersall your chastity parts are laid out on diapersall your chastity parts are laid out on diapers

    My mind is totally stuck on this! Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-T [that’s the sound of my brain shutting down due to cognitive dissonance overload]

    Nice post, though…


  4. thumper says:

    Holy crap, that *is* a diaper!


  5. Tom Allen says:

    Thumper – thanks, bro! Having spent most of my life in the manufacturing field, I have a certain perspective when looking at how things should be made. And I’m constantly tweaking things, as you can imagine.

    E – you’re obviously not a gearhead, let alone a guy. All guys know that when your kids are grown, diapers are the best thing to have around the workbench. Polishing the car, the lawn tractor, windows, and jewelry are perfect jobs for those leftover things. They are also good for straining junk out of old gas cans and fuel tanks.



  6. Tom Allen says:

    OFGS, they haven’t been used as diapers in a dozen years. If it’s that freakin’ distracting for you, I’ll just de-link the pictures.
    Geez Belize…


  7. thumper says:

    Looking at the pictures again, I also never realized the 3k was so much shorter than the 6k. On the one hand, I’d imagine that’d make the 3k easier to conceal, but on the other hand, it’s shorter, damn it! Ouch!!

    I read your review of the 6k and you mention the difference in tube lengths, but I don’t see where you compared them from an aroused fit perspective. How would you rate them relative to each other when they’re “fully engaged”, as it were.


  8. Fuse says:

    OMG, old diapers???
    Just use a towel….


  9. I find it really interesting that people who have no issue whatsoever discussing body parts of all kinds, genitals, literally sweating your arse off, and locking foreign bits of plastic round your external reproductive bits, all of a sudden start to have a super extra bonus squick-out when the topic approaches  (note  approaches,  not even  touches)  excretion.

    I mean, come on, the nappy is an object, what’s the big deal?   It’s not like anybody poo’d in your dinner or anything.

    I feel a post about attitudes to excretion coming on…


  10. MJ's slave says:

    lol…who would have guessed? i’m with Lady L. ..hope you link back if she does the poop post…btw..my oldest is 20 and i still use her wonderful cotton diapers for too many things to list..maybe it’s a new england/yankee thang??

    i must be the total cock slave..as i got thru this whole post and almost get it…

    you make it almost understandable, technically speaking, to the uninformed. i must admit you’ve got me thinking about this in a whole new lite…all this engineering means LOTS of men are into this…meaning when i am doing (ABC), most likely more than one or two of the men on the other side of the desk are wearing this ingenious device…now which ones are they???? Things that make you go hhhuuummm…..



  11. thumper says:

    For the record, I’m *totally kidding* about the diaper. We used to have a bunch of them around the house and it’s true, they’re good to have for lots of reasons.

    Also, for the record, this little bunny has a high squick tolerance for topics that not only approach, but down right snuggle up to, excretion.


  12. Tom Allen says:

    Oy! I can’t believe this.

    What is the problem with the diapers? Is it that they were once filled with baby poopy? Or is the issue that they are associated with babies in general, and are not to be associated with deviant sexual urges?

    Real men love diapers because the already soft cotton has been washed hundreds of times and they make excellent cloths for cleaning and polishing cars. Yes, you can use an old towel, but the terry can trap microscopic grit.

    I mean, really, folks – they’re just old cloths.

    Also, anyone who regularly works with small components can tell you that the soft, cushy cotton is great to work on because if you drop a small item on the desk it will invariably roll onto the floor and under the sofa – even if the sofa is two rooms away. Don’t ask me how that happens, it just does. When I repair jewelry, I do it on the cloths because the stupid little findings and rings don’t end up on the floor.

    And for those of you who associate diapers with babies, well, you’re correct, of course, but even so, after ten or twelve years, they’ve long since lost such association in the Edge household, and are now associated with dusting, cleaning, polishing, and covering the desk to prevent glue drips, scratches, etc.

    And now I’m going to stop justifying my choice of working materials.


  13. Tom Allen says:

    mjs – That’s why I took the pics (on the freakin’ diaper, for cry eye), to give a more technical view of how they fit and what the modifications look like afterward.

    Thumper – the 3k and 6k are the same length, it’s a trick of perspective in one of the pics that make the 3k look shorter. However, the 6k is slightly longer in the head length, which might be more comfy for some men, except that the cage head is so tapered that those with larger, blunt heads don’t squeeze all the way up to the tip. It’s not that much of a problem until you get aroused, in which case you’ve actually got slightly less room in the 6k. When you understand that the inside of the 6k is not round, but slightly oval, being 1/8″ narrower from top to bottom, you realize that the total volume of the device is smaller than the 3k.

    I went back to look at the pics. When you see them standing up side by side, the 6k looks longer, but that’s partly because the cuff ring is wider than the solid ring on the 3k. The spacers between the cuff ring and the cage are also different, so it looks like the 6k has more length. If you were to see them side by side without being assembled, it would be more obvious.


  14. thumper says:

    Ah, I see. Thanks!

    “However, the 6k is slightly longer in the head length, which might be more comfy for some men, except that the cage head is so tapered that those with larger, blunt heads don’t squeeze all the way up to the tip.”

    I have this issue some mornings with an erection that’s so strong that I can’t hardly squeeze the piss out. I’m literally clamped shut. I wonder if that’s the result of the tapered head? Have you ever had this happen in the 3k?

    Not that it matters. I’m actually quite happy with my 6k. If I ever move out of it, it’ll be to a stainless model.


  15. Elizavetta says:

    God, people, i was trying to be funny! And obviously, not succeeding.

    My mind being stuck on the diapers in these pictures has nothing to do with poo or deviant sexual anything. It’s just that, as a mother (of several children), when my mind registers the image of diapers, all I can think of is constant exhaustion, constant wiping of spit up, no time for myself, very little sex, and virtually no time to myself. The cognitive dissonance had to do with not being able to hold the idea of locking a man up sexually and being a frazzled mother in one thought.

    Tom, I totally understand why you used diapers in these photos! I have a whole stack of them myself that I still use for dusting, cleaning jewelry, etc.

    So, keep the link to the pictures, Tom. And everyone just relax… I mean, at least he didn’t use a whole box of Kotex pads – with wings.

    [tee hee]


  16. thumper says:

    “The darn thing’s got wings!”

    Best. Commercial. Line. Ever.


  17. Tom Allen says:

    Ezv – sounds like you were in my house 🙂
    I dont’ associate that with cloth diapers, but I do associate that with the disposable kinds. Plus baby gates, plastic cups, and a bazillion other things.

    I have a niece with a 1 year old who is over all the freakin’ time, so I’m getting a deja vu.

    Thumpie – just remember that you’re squeezing 6 inches of meat into a 3 inch tube. There have been a few early mornings when I’ve needed to chill for a good minute before the valve opened.


  18. js says:

    You mentioned a O-ring and elastic modification to prevent pullout at one time. How did that work out?



  19. Milliscent says:

    I enjoy the fact that you write about more than just chastity. Chastity might be why I started reading here, but the other topics you post about are also interesting, and add depth to the person behind the words.


  20. Miss Tease says:

    Great post! However, it seems there is still not an optimal chastity solution out there.

    Even with lots of tweaking, current chastity devices seem not to fulfill just basic requirements (no health hazards including good hygiene, decent security against escape, undetectability under clothing, unobstructed mobility for sports, etc.) . I wonder how long it takes until someone comes up with an according device. Or is it not possible to develop such a device? What do you guys think?


  21. Tom Allen says:

    js – Yes, I haven’t forgotten. That’s coming up in another post very soon.

    Mill – I appreciate that. I do tend to think of this as a sexuality blog, not a chastity blog, and even at that, I seem to be going in a different direction than I had envisioned 2 1/2 years ago.

    Ms T – Optimal is a very subjective target. For most people, the 3k/6k will be adequate – you can wear them for several days or a week, they are inexpensive, and can be modified easily. They can be easily cleaned, and if you don’t smoosh petroleum based lubes all over them, then hygiene really is not a problem. The devices are mostly covered by normal street clothing; bathing suits and tight pants or jeans might show up.

    Keep in mind that these are all concerns with the expensive full belt models. Some people will “fit” better because of body shape, size, flexibility, etc. Because we’re all build differently, there is just not going to be a “one size fits all” solution.


  22. Miss Tease says:

    Hmm, in my mind the CBx000 series is not really adequate for mid to long term wear. There may of course be differences depending on the wearer’s specific anatomy, but based on experiences with my boyfriend and testemonials from other wearers it seems that people experience two main problems with CBx000 devices: health issues and security problems.

    After a couple of days, chafing (esepcially around the hinge of the CB3000 ring) and edema are common problems. In addition, nocturnal errections usually cause pain and mess with the wearer’s sleep pattern. It seems that over time, the body adapts by reducing the intensity of nocturnal erections. However, as a consequence the stiffness of erections in general can decrease to the point where full erections are not possible anymore. In my mind this is an inacceptable health hazard.

    On top of the health issues, the CBx000 series provide almost zero protection against masturbation. The vast majority of males seems to be able to pull out their penis of the device even when additional accessories such as points of intrigue are applied. Getting back into the device also does not seem to be a problem using a certain technique incorporating a nylon stocking or pantyhose. A potential solution could be a piercing, but this always bears the risk of migration or being ripped out of the wearer’s skin during physical activity.

    Altogther, I would not call a device that can cause significant health problems while not fulfilling its intended purpose adequate. I agree that as a sex toy for beginners, the CBx000 devices make for a hot fantasy, I am just a little disappointed that they are so inadequate as real chastity devices.


  23. thumper says:

    I would still like to read one reputable source show any kind of long term issue with erections, etc. I’d guess that if Tom can still get it up, than we’re all safe.

    Yes, there can be fit issues, but nothing that can’t be figured out if you’re willing to fiddle about with all the various bits and pieces that come with it.

    Regarding the masturbation issue, there are some security enhancement products out there to make it harder to get out, but it’s still not impossible (unless the wearer has a PA piercing, then he’s stuck). If you’ve got a guy who might secretly jack off while supposedly in lock-up than you have a guy who might jack-off anyway. Sounds like the issue is more in the guy’s head than in his pants.


  24. Miss Tease says:

    As I see it, there is at least one of the two outlined issues present at any time: a messed up sleep pattern or erection problems. Do you agree?

    Following your logic on security, a chastity device would be useless in the first place. Isn’t the whole purpose of such a device to prevent secret masturbation while in lock-up? I am aware that there will never be absolute security, but in my mind any decent device should at least prevent the wearer from simply pulling out his penis whenever desired. That kind of defeats the purpose of such a device for me.

    Maybe my standards are just too high, but I have not discovered a chastiy solution yet that seems to adequately fulfill my requirements.


  25. Aarkey says:

    Miss Tease, the hinge on the 3000 was definitely a poorly thought out design, and it’s one of the reasons that the 6000 does not have a hinge for the ring. Most wearers in the past would go with a solid 2000 style ring, which works better as well.

    As to the pull out, there is an add on device which seems to work well for about 50% of the men out there. It’s sold at kept4her.com

    FWIW, there are dozens of different chastity devices – and since everyone’s anatomy and needs are different, what works best for one person doesn’t always work best for another.

    The CB-#000 line works very well as an introductory device for most wearers, and considering the low cost compared to custom metal devices I think it works reasonably well. But for stronger security, most agree that a piercing is required.


  26. thumper says:

    With regard to sleep, I can say it was a real issue with me at the beginning. I’ve written about it on my blog:


    After living with it for a while, I can report that one does get used to it and is able to sleep fairly well. I’m still awakened at between 4:00 and 5:00 AM, but that’s much better than it was. This isn’t because I’ve stopped having nocturnal erections, it’s because I’ve grown used to the sensation of being locked and loaded (as it were).

    I do not agree *at all* that the primary purpose of the device is to prevent masturbation. It is a symbol of her control over me, not the source of that control. I know I can get out of it (for the moment), but I never would. I wouldn’t think of defeating it. If I did, I’d be undermining everything I’ve committed to have professed to want in our relationship. I guess that’s what I meant when I said the issue is in his head, not his pants. If he hasn’t mentally submitted to your authority, then no device will work.

    All that being said, I am about to add a security cable to our device. I get off on knowing I will be *absolutely* unable to get out of it without experiencing physical trauma. That’s not a “security” issue, it’s a kink and fetish thing.


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  28. Susan's Pet says:

    Is your computer area/desk always so neat? If so, you are some kind of weirdo.


  29. Aarkey says:

    Susan’s Pet… I thought that too. I mean, people call me OCD but it’s nothing like that!


  30. Tom Allen says:

    No, of course my desk isn’t that neat. But I was so embarrassed to have pics of the device amongst all the clutter that I moved everything to another area in order to present a less distracting backdrop for you, gentle viewer.

    That said, did you notice which website was displayed on the monitor?


  31. susans.pet says:

    No, actually I don’t like to pry, so I dismissed it. But now that you have called our attention to it, I did magnify it to the nth power and saw what it was.

    You are so vain!


  32. hersforever says:


    (I know late reply to an old post but here it is anyway) Great Info, thank you. I’ve seen mentioned in a few places that people have filled the holes in the CB devices with epoxy and that they also re-seal the seam with it after the inevitable break. Do you know what kind of epoxy or whatever will hold best on the CB devices? My Curve broke last week and it’s been a really weird experience to be under my own control these past few days!



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  34. jazy1 says:

    I bought the CB2000 for my bf but the largest ‘A” ring is too tight. Have an advice or website where I can purchase a bigger ring? maybe a 2 1/8″ ring. I did email the manufacturer but havent heard so I am searching for other means of getting a bigger ring. I went as far as emailing a site called Tickleberry that is out of stock but who knows if its real. ANy help would be greatly appreciated!!


  35. TurtleGoGo says:

    I have to agree with Miss Tease on the health issues involved with the CB6k. I used to have really intense hard erections, but after experimenting a week with the CB6k my erections have changed and they are no longer fully stiff. If people are interested I’ll follow up privately, or on here, when I know more.

    I would like to hear more from Miss Tease about those who’ve had health issues.


  36. Private says:

    Great site. Thank you for the posts and connections.


  37. karen quick says:

    may have to think about retraiing hubby after reading your site! http://www.sextoy.co.uk An independant adult price comparison site with a funny blog by me – Karen OG – (Office Goddess)


  38. Colin says:

    I have a CB6000 – and I’m thinking about sealing up the vents on the side w/ aquarium seal like you did on your 3000.

    I found this forum post:


    and it implies that “silicone oil” I assume this means silicone lube, will dissolve the silicone sealant.

    Have you found this to be true…?

    Thanks so much!!



  39. John N says:

    do you have any update to this article?


  40. Hey! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.

    Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any points or suggestions? Thanks


    • thumper says:

      Check out Blogger.com and WordPress.com. Blogger’s a little easier to set up but WordPress looks better an has more features. Also, creating a Blogger profile with your main email address might expose to others in Google’s universe that you’re a pervy blogger.


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