Birdlocked: Oh, yes I did.

I’ve often wondered what the heck was wrong with those guys who owned several different chastity devices. I mean, get one, modify it and just wear the damn thing, what’s so difficult, right?

Well, I took stock, and realized that I owned a Stallion Guard, a steel cage device that I built, two CB3000s, a CB6000, and as of early this week, one more: the Birdlocked.

The Birdlocked is a Swiss creation, and is an example of thinking outside the box. Unlike other devices which surround your genitals with hard plastic or steel, this is a one-piece device made of 1/8″ (3mm) thick silicone. It’s squishable, which makes it exceptionally comfortable in snug clothing like jeans.

We didn’t really need another device around the Edge household, but we thought it might be a nice addition to the collection as a device that I could wear on vacation, or at the beach (the 3k and 6k show up a bulge under wet swim trunks), or – and this was important – while exercising. I’ll be breaking out the bicycle much earlier this year than I did last year, as it’s my favorite way of burning up cardio calories. While I can wear my modified 3k on the bike, it sure would be nice to have something that could be even more comfortable for longer rides.

Anyway, I know that some people have already had their Birdlocked for a few weeks now, and that others are waiting for the early adopters to start posting reviews. I’ve been wearing mine since Monday night, and I expect that sometime next week I’ll have quite a bit to say about it. Preview: It’s mostly good, but I have a few minor reservations and complaints. Mrs. Edge is still undecided, although at the moment we both think that we prefer the CB3000, although it’s more because of personal taste than because of any particular features of the devices.

Hopefully we’ll have some warm weather this weekend so I can at least test out the device on my Cannondale road bike. Hmm, maybe I’ll get some HNT pics, as well.

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11 Responses to Birdlocked: Oh, yes I did.

  1. Aarkey says:

    Mine arrived today… no time to try it out yet, life’s just too hectic lately. But I’m curious to see how it’ll compare to the others.

    And what were you thinking with the Stallion Guard??? 😛

    Your homemade device looks interesting. Can you post another shot with it all closed up? I think I understand the concept to it… but I’m always curious…



  2. Tom Allen says:

    The Stallion Guard was, um, just sort of there when I had the idea to order something, instead of making one.

    I thought I’d had more shots of the thing that I made a few years ago. Turns out they were in another album. If you click that link again, you should see more pics and details.

    Actually, if you compare them, the one I made is more similar to the new Birdlocked, at least, in how it is more of a one-piece arrangement with a center strap underneath that anchors to the bottom of the cuff ring.


  3. Milliscent says:

    I look forward to reading your fuller review of the birdlocked, it seems that chastity, and the devices to enforce it are always one of my favorite subjects.


  4. leathermax says:

    I also can’t wait for your birdlocked review. I wear a CB 3000 and my only complaint is that I can’t wear it while cycling. My husband allows me to unlock myself for a ride and then lock myself up again when I get home after my shower. So that works fine. But I think we’d both be happier if I had something I could take on the rides with me.

    My worry about the birdlocked is that the “squishiness” of it will allow me to give myself too much stimulation. I like that the hard plastic of the CB3000 forbids any kind of contact with my dick.


  5. thumper says:

    Tick-tock, Tom. Birdlock review? It’s been almost a month now…


  6. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the Birdlock and I’m also looking forward to your in-depth analysis.

    I just recently bought a custom tube design from the Montreal-based company, Steelwerks Extreme. It’s as close as I think I’ll ever get to a device I might have designed myself.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


    • Tom Allen says:

      Hey Scott – I’ve read about your Steelwerks decision, and I’m looking forward to your writing about it. Sine they will customize anything you want, it’s about the best you can do.


  7. Chas. says:

    Have been ‘Birdlocked’ for a week no, 24/7. It is comfortable, invisible under normal clothing, lightweight, flexes with the body, and definitely prevents erections, sex and masturbating. Easy hygiene. Very difficult to get into, but even more difficult to remove,- so, once you are in, it can easily be permanent. Lubricate it with lanolin cream to give good skin movement, to make it completely comfortable. Highly recommend as the ultimate in mcds.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Hi Chas – I’ve been wearing mine for a month, and I just switched out last night. While I find it mostly comfortable, it’s not the Omega of devices. The width of the cuff ring presents certain comfort issues, and I find that it actually creates a bit more from bulge than my 3k or my modified 6k.

      I’ll get into it a bit more over the next few weeks.


  8. pictaker55 says:

    We have had the birdlock for about a 6 weeks now.
    A birthday present from my wife / keyholder.
    I have been in a cb6000 for about 14 months prior to the birdlock.
    I must say it is a fantastic feeling because of the soft material and my wife loves it as she can play with my cock and turn up the tease levels.
    After a week or so i found that the rather flimsy plastic locking strap supplied had (i think) increased in size allowing me to pull out, or in cold weather my balls just seemed to retract and the birdlock would fall off.
    We replaced the plastic strap with a small leather dog collar and this was fine for about a week when the same thing started to happen. We guessed the leather had given with the tension.
    My wife suggested using a collar from a cb 6000 and this works perfectly.
    I cut the fixed and padlock pin pins down so that the collar fits snugly into the groove of the birdlock back ring.
    With this modification i have found it impossible to pull out and even in very cold weather my balls are kept firmly in place and not allowed to retract.
    Hope this helps


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