Modifying your security settings: The CB3000 & 6000

As you can tell from the title, this is going to be one of the more technically oriented posts, so if you aren’t interested in the geekier aspects of chastity devices, then I suggest that you toddle off to look at my HNTs.

The CB-2ooo has been around since the mid to late 1990s; the 2k was not the first inexpensive male chastity device, but it soon became one of the first widely marketed, mass-produced models. The original versions were built from machined and glued acrylic pieces, but as the demand grew, AL Enterprises invested the money to have the sections molded of polycarbonate plastic. Easy to clean, and not too finicky to modify, the 2k went from a novelty to a full time business.

The success of the 2k allowed AL Enterprises to invest money in a more complex design: The Curve. While it did not gain the wide following of the previous version, it paved the way for an even more complex design in the CB3000. The 3k, perhaps because of the outside shape, took the “trapped ball” style devices out of the “adult novelty” section and into a variety of other categories. Over the last few years, I’ve seen references to the 3k pop up on a wide range of websites. Yes, most of them are of the “WTF is this for?” genre, but just the fact that other people comment on those items shows that they are becoming, if not more popular, at least not so unusual.

Last year’s introduction of the CB6000 was more evolutionary than revolutionary, but the trimmed, sleeker shape seems to be at least as popular than the previous model. Personally, I’m disappointed that the new model isn’t made to be interchangeable on the cuff rings with the previous versions, but anyone with some tools and a bit of creativity can figure out how to work something out. After having worn both devices for some length of time, I find that I prefer the 3k, but it’s a close call.

The success of the CBx000 line can be shown by the various group discussions, the large number of hints and tips about wearing the devices available around the web, and in number of after-market add-ons that have sprung up over the last few years. It speaks volumes, however, that the most popular discussions (and most common add-ons) have to do with enhancing either the comfort or the security of the devices.

Some users of the original 2k noted that with some lube and a few minutes, they could wriggle their penis out the back of the cuff ring. The device would still be attached to their bodies, held on by the thin space between the cuff ring and the cage (hence the moniker “trapped ball” device), it became clear that the device, while preventing intercourse, could still allow one to masturbate. While this isn’t a concern with some people – chastity being, of course, about fidelity within a relationship – those interested in exploring orgasm control, either with regard to a personal sacrifice, or in a BDSM context, have been disappointed. The 3k and 6k, unfortunately, haven’t seen many improvements in that regard, at least, not if the reports of the various web boards and email lists are any indication. While the devices have improved in comfort and wearability, a lot still depends upon the personal anatomy of the wearer.

CB6000 Mods

This problem is not limited to the CBx000 line, by any means; I’ve seen users of various other devices with similar complaints. Some men who are able to pull out of one device report it to be impossible in others. Some other men report that they can pull out of all of them. The problem stems from the fact that some men can compress their squashy bits more than others. The 3k, though, seems to have more options for security than the other devices by AL Enterprise, and the various other devices manufactured – especially the ones made from stainless steel – don’t really have any. If you can pull out of device, unless you have a genital piercing, preferably a PA (Prince Albert), then for the most part your device is more symbolic than actual.

Security Mods

I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I have needed to modify both the CB3000 and the CB6000, both with some degree of success. A while back, I had the idea that I could anchor myself in the 6k with an O-ring attached to an elastic (which would provide some slack to accommodate the natural movement during the course of the day). It worked really well – for about three days, when, while cleaning the inside with a cotton swab, I discovered that I could ease the O-ring off, and later, ease back into it. So much for my simple idea.

Fortunately, there are more practical security add-ons for the CBxxxx line of devices. The most well known are probably those sold at, and are known as the KSD, or “Keepsake Device” line. The G2 is essentially a molded plastic reducing bushing; it slips into the inside of the CB2000 or CB3000, and provides a smaller opening – the idea being that once squished into it, it would be very difficult to wriggle out of the back. This seems to work for a lot of men, although there are some issues reported. The snug fit can sometimes be too snug for those men who are “growers,” causing the blood to be trapped in the penis, making it swollen or difficult to remove. But the biggest issue is that some men are simply too flexible and squishy to be anchored by such devices.

The next design by the Keptforher folks is actually a complete change on the “make it snugger” school of design that we tend to see for chastity device add-ons. Thinking “outside the tube”, they have a plastic insert that looks like the top half of a bushing , with a tongue extending an inch or so into the tube. While designed with the 6k in mind, on a 3k it would cover the top vent holes (which pretty much serve no other purpose than to allow you to swell up through them like little skin balloons).

The tongue tapers a little bit, with the end terminating in a small flange that nestles in the ridge behind the head of your penis. The flange does two things: it helps to keep your penis in pretty much the same position inside the tube during the course of the day, and while there are no sharp edges, it does create a blockage for the loose skin, should you be tempted to try to pull your penis backwards. It’s quite simple, and when you see it working it makes you wonder why nobody had thought of it sooner.

Over the last – wow, has it been ten years? – that we’ve been experimenting with chastity and OD at the Edge of Vanilla Labs, there has always been a tug of war between the comfort and convenience, and the security of the several devices that we’ve tried. The ability for a lot of men to pull out the back is, I think, one of the reasons that the AL/CBxxxx devices are often considered to be “toys” or not worthy of serious consideration. I think that the latest G3 might work well enough for the majority of users to satisfy both the comfort and security concerns. I wore a G3 in my slightly modified 3k for about six weeks straight, and did not have any problems with fit or function.

Why such a long post on this? First, to provide a little background, because – believe it or not – chastity devices are still a pretty new fetish, and based on the conversations that I see in the various groups, people seem to be discovering them every week. However, I also wanted to lay out some technical groundwork before I started my review of a similar device, because that will take an entire post in itself.

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10 Responses to Modifying your security settings: The CB3000 & 6000

  1. GreyOwl says:

    Ahhh… as always, a very capivating discussion. No, seriously, this is the issue I hear about and wonder if a solution is possible. From all of us treading water and wanting to take the plunge… Thank You.


  2. Aarkey says:

    Great write up Tom, and as you well know – this is something close to my heart and interests too. A really tricky balancing act: effectiveness, comfort, safety, affordability and of course – something that the keyholder likes the look of.

    Quite the challenge.


    PS. I love the hedge 😉


  3. Bound says:

    Hey Tom. Good update. I created a similar device for the CB-6000 that I owned (Lexan back, wiper insert conformed to the bottom of the tube that held a silicon band). Worked (and couldn’t slip it back on if I pulled it off. Just had problems with chafing after 3 days under the band – never got that figured out.

    Actually I think I may have hit the right device after buying pretty much one of everything. Purchased a Steelworx metal device (Steelheart 2) with integrated lock and then modified a G-3 to fit inside. Probably the closest I’ve come to the right combination of comfort and “relative” inescapability. Like the metal much better than any of the CB-X series (no seam split, much more comfortable and also no give at all). Let you know but given the price of the unit – it is really superior – just have to change back to CB-6000 when I’m traveling. Cheers…


  4. Tom Allen says:

    I swear, you really have to be a bit of a gearhead to get trifecta of Comfort, Convenience, and Security.

    My current setup of the modified 3k with the KSD-G3, plus the cuff ring from the 2k gives me about 90% – 95%. I still get occasional pinches and pulls, and I’m still not crazy about the little bit of a bulge I get under snug clothes or a swim suit, but it’s manageable.

    I had more hopes for the Birdlock, but (as I’ll explain later) it just didn’t work out as well as I’d imagined.


  5. Bound says:

    True enough. Wife see’s me down in the hobby room, Dremel buzzing and gives me a sad smile – quest for the perfect device. Ah well…

    The Neosteel belt is by far the most secure but I’ll be damned if I can get beyond the pure hell of day 3 – plus it just isn’t happening at the gym so the search goes on.

    So far, loving the stainless tubes vs. plastic – I’ll keep you in the loop. Take care.


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  7. Dan says:

    I am loving your blog – I thought I was nearly alone in needing to modify the crap out of these things.

    I do own a CB6Ks, and while I like it for wear, the two flanking pins to the sides of the security pin make it impossible to use as a cock ring for intercourse when it comes off. The Holy Trainer 2 (once the urethral opening is enlarged a bit for lineup, and the sharp edges where the ring and cage meet are sanded smooth) is very nice, and the internal brass lock is a great idea – the keys are large, long, ugly and emblazoned with “Holy Trainer” – so they aren’t likely going to be worn by my Lady on a necklace or anklet for daily wear.

    As we prefer metal, I tried a number of devices, all with their merits, before plunging for the Bon4Metal Small cage with solid rings (keptforher has solid rings for the B4M!). So far, I really like it. It has contours and external padlock very much like the CB devices, but the flanking pins are integral to the cage portion, lining up with holes on the ring. If the Mrs. decides She wants my actual cock, the cage and security pin are easily removed when I am engorged, leaving me in a smooth metal cock ring with no pins or weirdly sharp lumps in the way.

    The two issues I have with the B4m:
    1) The finish is POOR (though the form & function are, IMHO, excellent). Good engineering and ideas went into this device, and it is stainless steel, not alloy metals, but it is cast, not machined or welded from barstock, and the internal bits of the cage are rough and in places sharp. Bon4 did smooth the urethral hole, and other surfaces quite well, but the edges of the vent holes and the internal surface could do with a simple sandblasting. (I used a Dremel, emery paper and a nail buffer to get it close, then made a paste of baking soda and water and rubbed it vigorously to polish the metal surfaces – it has worked out well, but it’s a fair amount of effort, and honestly irritating to have to do it, but it’s a well-designed, solid, stainless device for under $200 US, so …I guess it’s worth the time?)

    2) the vent holes around the glans section are large and elongated, and my skin protrudes out far enough that it rubs against the fabric of my clothing. Wearing soft/smooth undergarments are a must. Rough cotton Y-fronts are not going to cut it…unless you like the pain of the stim.


  8. Dan says:

    Oh, and … Many of your image links are broken, most immediately noticeable on this page.

    I would like to see what you have wrought – please update the links?

    Thanks in advance, even if you don’t!


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