Nattering and Nabobbing

So, what with all the reviews of chastity devices, reporting and commentary on various sex news, posting pics of hot older women, and the rare HNT, it seems like I’ve gone quite a while since posting an actual blog post about, you know, me.

Things have been busy in the Edge household, although in a mundane sort of way. Children, work, family, church, PTA, bake sales, charity volunteering, etc., have taken up a lot of our time (as is usual), and with the warm weather we’re outside more, repairing and maintaining the homestead, and keeping an eye toward the weak spots in case of the zombie invasions.

That reminds me, I wanted to check prices on titanium crowbars.

Anyway, while the mundane things have been mundane, we’re managing to intersperse some interesting times in there, too. As it happens, this weekend marks sixty (that’s 6-0) days that I’ve been locked into my modified CB3000. The Birdlock needs a repair to the locking pin, and the 6000 split along the bottom seam from, uh, hydraulic pressure induced while under an excited state. That leaves the 3k, which, frankly, has proved to be the most durable device that I’ve used in the last several years.

It’s actually more than 60 days, when you consider that I was wearing a device pretty much every day before this period; but I had access to a key, should I need to remove a device – which I only did for the sake of repair or modification. Oh, or sex, which we were kind of having on a regular basis, which was a nice change from not having it on a regular basis all winter. When I think about it, I’ve pretty much been wearing a device since the beginning of the year.

Mrs. Edge has not permitted me to release for the entire time that she has taken the key, although a couple of weeks ago it just sort of happened. In fact, it came on so quickly that I was barely aware of what was happening; but when I finally got the signal and tried to pace myself to hold back, Mrs. Edge (not realizing my state, being focused on her own), kept urging me on. The result was that as I was taking her with her favorite strap-on, I released while still wearing the 3k. When she finally came to her senses, she was a little ticked off, but it didn’t stop her from having me continue for another fifteen minutes until she was properly sated.

Here’s one of those weird things: The release was enough to take the edge off the arousal, and for a day I was thinking “Damn, I’m so tired of wearing this freakin’ cage.” But after a day, when I looked back on being compelled to keep sexxin’ her after my release, it seemed, well, kind of hot. Naturally I told her about it a week later, and she sort of understood. Well, I think she understood; it’s just that I told her while we were having sex, and she kept making these moaning noises and nodding her head and stuff.

I don’t know if we’re doing another really long term session, although it certainly looks like we’re headed that way. She keeps telling me that it’s going to last at least until August, but we have definitely switched things up a bit. A while back, when we were talking about starting another session, I told her that I got the impression that once she allowed me to come, that is, have an actual sanctioned orgasm, then it seems like she loses interest in continuing. And she admitted that she does; even after 20 years of marriage, she still has this idea that sex is done after I orgasm; she sort of extended that concept to our chastity play. Apparently a lot of women feel the same way, although to be fair, a lot of men also feel the same way: after they come, they lose interest. I don’t, of course, but she hasn’t quite internalized this.

What did come up in one of our chats, though, is that she seemed surprised that I would consider her putting me right back into the device immediately after allowing me to come. She assumed that the post-orgasm period would make me resistant. I explained that being compelled to do something when I don’t want to do it is part of what makes it hot. But I also expalined that part of the overall hotness was her control over my situation; the idea that I don’t know if she will allow me to come, or when, or how is exciting to me. And in talking, we found out that it’s exciting to her, as well.

What’s been even more exciting, though, is that for the last month or so we’ve tried to make a regular Friday night “sex date.” You’d think that having to schedule your schtupping might make it less exciting, but trust me, when you know it’s the one time a week that you’ll have an opportunity, you can manage to get into the mood. But in those date nights (during which, in case you missed it, I haven’t been allowed to come), we’ve made a point to talk about more about what we’re getting out of this and why it’s working. Mrs. Edge isn’t all that great about expressing how she feels, and this is partly because she never gives it any thought. But we’re working on it; she tries to think about things once in a while during the week and will mention it. I, of course, having to deal with wearing a plastic cage every day, think about it all the freakin’ time.

I’ve noticed that during our date nights, when I tell her how aroused I am, and how much I’ve been looking forward to it, even though I know she’s not letting me out, she becomes very aroused herself. The other night, we went at it so long and hard that her knees were literally trembling when she stood up. Wow, we haven’t had sex like that since we were dating. It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point, and while we’ve got some more work to do, at least we’ve finally reached a point where we’re both able to enjoy it, and to express why we enjoy it.

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9 Responses to Nattering and Nabobbing

  1. MyKey says:

    Sounds like Mrs Edge and Sandy are quite similar. Sandy also finds it hard to communicate partly because she doesnt think about it much.

    I am impressed by your staying power, ive found that true long term chastity (by which I mean more than a few days, pathetic eh? 🙂 ) I find hard. I miss feeling physically teased and miss getting enough sleep. It takes the edge of the fantasy for me. Its very interesting, not to mention hot, reading your post though.

    Have fun!

  2. roo-roo says:

    That’s just plain sexy. The idea of going that long makes me turned on and nervous at the same time- that whole yes/no thing.

    I’m glad the date nights are helping you communicate better. Definitely a plus.

  3. Sulpicia says:

    I’ve seem you commneting on my favourite blogs and on this sick day started reading yours. Intriguing. Mind if i add you to my mniscule little blogroll so i can catch up more easily?

  4. Tom Allen says:

    Yeah, it’s kind of hot. Except when it’s frustrating. Which is hot, but only in retrospect.

    Hi Sulpicia – Yes, I see your name around, too. Please feel free to add me.

  5. Aarkey says:

    “…being compelled to keep sexxin’ her after my release, it seemed, well, kind of hot.” KIND OF? KIND OF???? Geez man, what’s warm? The summer sun?

    “I, of course, having to deal with wearing a plastic cage every day, think about it all the freakin’ time.” – Awww, poor you! I’m kinda jealous, and kinda not – but you know that already 😉

    Tech note: The “titanium crowbars” link doesn’t work

  6. Milliscent says:

    I think that the ‘sex nights’ are a great idea, and am glad that they are working for you.

  7. RideFlame says:

    OMG did you really say titanium crowbars…

    (my name was forged in the red hot insanity of a Half-Life game, my relationship with Gordon Freeman is something I have never dared to explore in public 😉

  8. I’ve been allowing hubby get away with the big O once a month this year, I may have to rethink our sessions. xoxoxox Rob is going to love you for this, lol

    • Tom Allen says:

      Once a month? Jill, you’re much too nice.

      Mrs. Edge has been toying with the idea of only allowing me those involuntary releases while I’m still in the cage. It’s sort of like a ruined orgasm, with the added frustration of never being out of the device.

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