Unintended Paradigm

What would life in a Matriarchy actually be like?

I know that the FLR and Female Supremacists fantasize about walking around naked and being made to do humbling tasks. However, a report on the Mosuo, a matriarchal group in southern China, provides some interesting and contradictory insights.

Men Live Better Where Women Are In Charge

Here’s a rather interesting paragraph:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What is life like for a man in a matriarchy?

Coler: Men live better where women are in charge: you are responsible for almost nothing, you work much less and you spend the whole day with your friends. You’re with a different woman every night. And on top of that, you can always live at your mother’s house. The woman serves the man and it happens in a society where she leads the way and has control of the money. In a patriarchy, we men work more — and every now and then we do the dishes. In the Mosuo’s pure form of matriarchy, you aren’t allowed to do that. Where a woman’s dominant position is secure, those kinds of archaic gender roles don’t have any meaning.

And this note for those of you who are planning to move there:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Is Mosuo society a paradise for feminists?

Coler: I had expected to find an inverse patriarchy. But the life of the Mosuo has absolutely nothing to do with that. Women have a different way of dominating.

The article was fascinating, but far too short.

Go read it at Spiegel Online.

Then, come back and comment.

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4 Responses to Unintended Paradigm

  1. Sulpicia says:

    Holy paradigm shift. I can’t imagine this without experiencing it. It so upheaves all the basic premises and foundations of our society. I agree that the article is too short. More detail! But it does sound like it works. I’d love to do personal interviews with both the women and men. Have you found more on this?

  2. Tom Allen says:

    If you Google around for the Mosuo, there is a lot of information, but very little detailed. The “visiting marriage” or “walking marriage” customs are mentioned in a number of texts, but I haven’t seen any good reports of day to day living.

    They do not have a written language, and they are an old-fashioned agrarian culture. Presumably, they don’t get a lot of visitors to the area.

  3. That was quite interesting. I found it amusing about the “when the woman falls in love, only that man comes to her hut” — it didn’t say if she simply chooses him for this purpose, or if he feels the same in return!

  4. Fantasia says:

    I would love to see a documentary on this!!!

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