May in June

The scene negotiations were hot; not so much overtly sexual as they were emotionally intense. I watched as the young man in tight black T-shirt and faded jeans snugged over snake-thin hips tried to read the intentions of his partner: an attractive, soulful-eyed young woman, similarly clad and exuding an innate confidence that gave her the appearance of being older than her years.

It was obvious that the young man wanted something, but there was some hesitant delicacy in his ability to express it. He leaned toward her, and I saw that it wasn’t just the air conditioning which had brought his nipples to attention under the skin tight fabric — the small barbell piercings held them permanently erect. He tried again to elicit some agreement from her, but she still seemed reluctant, as if she were torn between her own hungers and desires, yet trying to be sensitive to his needs. The tension was palpable; they both wanted something, but seemed to be testing each other. Finally, she asserted her dominance, and settled the negotiations to their mutual agreement. The scene was about to begin.

“No, I want my own Philly cheese steak sandwich,” she told him, imperiously. “You can just get whatever you want.”

Slightly envious of the way that they could order such food with abandon, I asked for a grilled chicken sandwich (for which I later removed the bread to reduce the carb count) and a glass of water. It was a small Greek pizza restaurant at the woodsy edges of the greater New Haven area, and I was sitting across the booth from Maymay and Helio Trope.

I don’t often get out to meet other bloggers or internet friends, so it was a most pleasant surprise when Maymay emailed me a few weeks ago, wondering if I’d like to meet for a bit before he packed his few worldly belongings and headed out west. He was headed back to NYC, and realized that he would be passing my neck of the woods. I invited them for dinner at the Edge household, but as things worked out, the only time we could meet was going to be mid-week for a late lunch. Mrs. Edge was unable to drive down to meet us, but the consolation prize was that Maymay and the attractive and engaging Helio Trope were able to first stop by my little manufacturing business to get the quick tour.

It was while walking around a grimy, old machine shop that I discovered something about Maymay; he’s unbelievably fascinated with everything around him. I’ve taken people around my place and watched them look around nervously, or sometimes with a sense of boredom. It’s not surprising; we rarely get a chance to see how things work outside of our own jobs, and the lack of context often makes such information as exciting as looking at your grandparent’s vacation slides of Delaware.

May, on the other hand, looked at everything, and tried to make it fit into some kind of context in which he could better understand it. We briefly discussed the kind of programming that I do (machine controls), and he made some analogies between what I do and how I do it to some of the things that he, himself does. Unfortunately, we weren’t running any really cool machining jobs at the time, but he seemed no less impressed. The tour finished, and we headed out to lunch so we could chat more openly.

During lunch, we realized that we had known each other for about 10 years, having met and run across each other at different times in various online groups and forums. Ten years? That’s like, what, half a century in Internet time, isn’t it?

The problem with meeting friends for lunch is the short amount of time that you have to to catch up. I felt like we were trying to squeeze in ten years of questions in an hour or so. We touched on quite a few topics — setting up munches and groups (and the various group dynamics that invariably go along with them), internet communication, blogging, Fetlife and other online groups, Male Submission Art, and his plans for the immediate future.

Surprisingly, we only barely touched on the topics of chastity and orgasm denial; surprising mainly because those kinds of groups were the ones in which he and I would frequently meet. I did, however, give him a set of stainless steel locking pins and spacers out of the prototypes that I’ve been working on. Later on, I noticed that Helio Trope was wearing a Masterlock key on her necklace, the kind that is usually sold with the CBx000 devices.

It came up in conversation that the two of them had been talking about something, and Helio Trope suggested that I might be a good one to contact about it. Unfortunately, I don’t know if we actually talked about whatever that topic was. May or Helio, if you’re reading this, drop me a line and let me know.

In person, Maymay was every bit as hyper as I’d expected him to be from his writing. I found him to be quick, bright, and engaging. Similarly, even though I’d never met Helio Trope (online or off), I found her to be very comfortable to talk to, and by the end of lunch it seemed like we were all chatting like old friends. It was a most enjoyable time, marred only by my trying very hard not to eat the side of thick, crispy french fries on my plate. At the end, I hope I did not embarrass them by grabbing the check; in my own personal mythology, I was simply helping out some nice, younger people.

I wish both of them every success.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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13 Responses to May in June

  1. advochasty says:

    Aren’t food and real estate the ultimate porn? Scene negotiation over Philly cheesesteaks really set my heart racing!! And I confess I’m hot for the pictures of Aarkey’s renovation. He should open a Clips4Sale store!!

    Cool story. It’s fun to meet other blogger/internet friends in person.


  2. devastatingyet says:

    Sweet. Must be the meeting-people time of year!


  3. devastatingyet says:

    Yes, but May intimidates the hell out of me!

    (Sorry, Tom, Thumper.)


  4. LOL. All that over a cheesesteak? (And did she really say Philly? Isn’t that redundant? 😉


  5. Heliotrope says:

    Thank you so much for taking us out, Tom! It was amazing to meet you – I had heard of you, but hadn’t visited your site much until May showed me a few things he thought I might like. And I did – Oh, I did. Thank you also for your kind words, here – I’m not sure if you read too much into the sandwich, but I’m certain I made the right decision there. It was delicious!
    And no, you didn’t embarrass this young person, at least. I was grateful and honored, and on my way in to a week in New York on a shoe-string budget, so every little bit helped.
    Meeting you was truly lovely. I hope to get to visit again sometime, but if not, we’ll always have the intertubes.

    P.S. Catchy post title! Oddly reminiscent of something, somehow…
    P.P.S. If you can find me, perverts, come and get me. Or try, anyhow.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Amazing to meet me? I imagine that you don’t get out much…

      And now that you’ve decloaked, I can put a link up to your blog. I had wanted to check, first, so thanks for stopping by.


  6. maymay says:

    I had been meaning to drop you a line since well before I flew to San Francisco. However things being as hectic as they are, I’ve also been meaning to drop about 40 other people a line and have yet to do that, too. I’m very sorry for that—I apologize for what must seem like radio silence.

    I’ll echo Heliotrope’s comments and thank you again for your kind words about me, and about her. This post was extremely fun to read, furthering my belief that you should write more erotica. I had an inkling of where you were going thanks to the title and its probable inspiration, but the first couple of paragraphs still got my heart racing!

    As Heliotrope said, regardless of whether or not we managed to get to the intended topic at hand (I didn’t actually have an intended topic to discuss), there’s always the intertubes!


    • Tom Allen says:

      I thought I was being cute with the title. I’m easily amused. No worries about not getting back to me – I figured you had a bit on your plate.

      You know, I would *like* to write more erotica; I just can’t find the time. It’s freakin’ hard – all that writing, editing, grammar checking, masturbation breaks, etc. It took me two hours just to write this post.


  7. Fusion says:

    Hey, I never got the 10 cent tour of your business last year 😉
    Always nice to meet other bloggers I think…

    And I just finished reading your last ten or so posts, enjoyed them all, still slowly catching up with all my blogging friends little by little.


  8. Aarkey says:

    Sounds like a great meeting. And I can definitely relate to the talking about everything other than the kink/fetish that brought you two to become friends in the first place. It seems common that way, since that’s the one big thing you two have already talked a whole bunch about 🙂


  9. Eliot says:

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. I’ve thought about meeting some of my fellow bloggers & twitterers, but then I don’t know. Perhaps I should keep some mystique. lol


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