In case of Keymergency

Mrs. Edge has gone to Bangalore for what will essentially be the entire month of July. Her company has been trying to set up a customer service operation, and has not had much success here, so they are subcontracting, and the contract ended up literally half a world away. Mrs. Edge is on the team to provide quality and support.

Knowing that she was going to be traveling for an extended period, we had a discussion about making the lock secure. This was a result of our (frankly, disappointing) experience with the Birdlock. The locking pin broke while she was away, so I removed the device and replaced it with my CB6k (and I replaced that with my 3k when she got back) Her concern was that should something similar happen, how would we relock me? And how would she know I hadn’t carefully unwrapped the key?

Generally, we just wrap up an emergency key for me in some tape, and she signs and dates it. So far it’s worked well, but she wanted something more resistant to tampering — not that this has ever been an issue, just that it adds to the hawtness. I brought my question to several chastity groups, but to no avail. I looked for various devices meant to hold keys safely, but all of the tamper-proof items that I ran across were rather large. I wanted something small enough to take on my keyring — and I’m not one of those guys who likes to hang a huge jangle of keys off my belt loop. Other suggestions included molding the key in resin or epoxy and smashing it open with a hammer, keeping the key elsewhere, sealing it in a glass bottle, etc. As helpful as they tried to be, apparently, some of the respondents were unfamiliar with the concept of “emergency.”

We thought of another issue, too. If, for some reason, I needed to use the key, what would keep me from using it again and again? After mulling this over, I remembered that I had another lock with two keys. If for some reason I needed to open one lock, I could replace it with the other. Yes, I know — what if I needed to open that lock as well? We decided to risk it; I have never, in the past, needed to use my emergency key. In fact, the tape on my key was two years old, and was almost worn away when this conversation took place.

That still left the problem of how to secure the keys.

Now, you would think that with my McGuyver-ish talents that I’d be able to think of something, but I drew a blank. The fact is that most of the time that I’m locked, I’m using my modded CB3k, which is the only device that has not failed; I’ve simply never needed to worry about having to take it off to replace or repair something (at least, not in the couple of years or so that I’ve been happy with the modifications), so I’ve never given any thought to the problem. And recently, I’ve made some stainless steel locking pins and spacers, so I certainly don’t have top worry about those breaking.

I’m afraid that our solution is going to seem rather mundane.

The day she left, Mrs. Edge took my emergency key, and the second key to my spare lock, and a short while later, presented me with this:

Key 1


Key 2

The stupid cell phone pictures aren’t very clear; Mrs. Edge, showing an interesting streak of creativity (not to mention some serious interest) wrapped each key in a type of tape that is easily destroyed when tampered (she got it from work), and then wrapped them again in clear plastic tape, pretty much ensuring that any attempt to undo the package would tear the lower layer. Each key is signed on the inner layer, so I can’t simply re-wrap the keys.

Actually, this is kind of neat, because it shows a little initiative on her part with regard to the actual mechanics of the device that is normally left up to me. I had no idea that she she had any security tape. She has copies of these pictures, in case she feels the need to compare them to the actual articles when we finally meet up at the end of the month. But she also said that we might not need the keys, anyway.

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29 Responses to In case of Keymergency

  1. Mykey says:

    Hey tom
    why would you need a key at all? If the emergency is bad enough break the pin. Not wanting to damage it is a defense, as is the fact that mrs E would know. Isn’t that enough?



  2. Mykey says:

    Sorry I meant to say break the ring


  3. Tom Allen says:

    You bring up an interesting discussion. As it happens, I’m using one of my stainless steel pins (the lock will break before this thing will). And since I’ve never needed to use the key, is there any point in keeping it on my key ring — or indeed, as you mention, even having one?

    The whole “emergency key” concept causes conniptions in some of the hard core chastity fanatics, and some of the arguments have merit. For example, since pretty much every piece is plastic, then why bother trying to futz with a lock if you’re (for example) bleeding in a car wreck? Just snap the pin or cuff ring and yank it off. Similarly, if it’s *that* much of an emergency, then maybe you’re too worried about losing an arm or internal hemorrhaging to think about your plastic cage. On a less morbid note, having a key potentially makes you prone to thinking of ways to actually get to it. Why risk temptation?

    But aside from life-threatening emergencies, there are other considerations. If your cage splits, chances are it’s going to pinch some very sensitive skin in a vise-like grip. Newbie wearers might have a testicle pop through the space between the cuff ring and the cage. There are situations in which you really might need to remove it, but in which you’d at least have a few minutes notice.

    Since I’m kind of a “pro” at this now, I don’t worry about the ring spacing or even the cage splitting. I could very well just leave the key at home (or at the office, or wherever). I even told Mrs. Edge to just take all of them with her. She, OTOH, insisted that I might need them — Murphy’s Law and all that.


  4. Mykey says:

    Thats what I always thought. A true emergency, either you dont care who sees the device, or you will break it off and not think twice about it.

    I see your point about the lesser emergencies, but the examples you brought up could be handled without a key. For example I have had to slip free a second testicle and remove the entire unit before, it can be done. Perhaps there are examples we cant think of at the mo.

    I think one reason why I play so much less with cbs these days is that insecurity. Chastity may be in the mind but one may as well use the honour system, which I do. A steel chastity belt, one that cant be removed without cutting, where cutting is not entirely trivial. That is what chastity means to me. Now I could really accept the need for an emergency key. I still would not want one though. Fun to live on the edge.

    Sounds like Mrs Edge has her own opinion, but its pretty sexy to see the thought she put into securing those keys!



    • Tom Allen says:

      Look, the devices aren’t perfect. It’s quite possible to have a testicle slip through and not be able to wrangle it back. And they do split and crack, and believe me, I’ve been snagged four or five times on all different sides – it’s freakin’ painful.

      That said, if the key is in some kind of tamper evident seal, then breaking into it is really the same as breaking the pin or the cuff ring – only cheaper in the long run. You can do it, but you can’t hide the results.

      But the mistake is thinking that it’s *all* mental. I mean, it is, of course, but with a vibrator and sufficient arousal, even the steel belts can be defeated, if you count a very minimized release as defeating. Fact is, no device will prevent 100% of guys from getting off 100% of the time.

      And *that* said, Mrs. Edge and I like me wearing the device because it’s a reminder of her control, and frankly, I can’t *easily* defeat it, so it’s not just the illusion of control. And she enjoys seeing me get aroused while locked in it. To her, it means something, it gives her a sense of empowerment. I can’t think of any better reason to wear one.


  5. thumper says:

    And recently, I’ve made some stainless steel locking pins and spacers, so I certainly don’t have top worry about those breaking.

    You should sell those puppies.


  6. Mykey says:

    True. When I said slip out I meant to remove the device. I agree getting back in can be almost impossible.

    Speaking for myself, it has become all mental. Partly because Sandy doesnt like the look of the belts, but mainly because I know I can get out too easily. Nothing is perfect but where my own line is drawn is higher security than I have found, except in my neosteel. Now that floats my boat big time, but its too uncomfortable to wear more than 2-3 days. Its actually easier to sleep in though. I dont expect perfection, the odd rubbish orgasm actually makes me feel its even hotter. ‘This is the best you can get, haha’…

    I didnt mean to imply that my opinions reflect in any way on your and Mrs E’s usage. To be honest I love the way you guys play, especially her obvious enjoyment of the predicament.


  7. cb3000 says:

    My Wife has had me locked in a CB-3000 since 5/22/09 with releases for sex once every week or two. She has also given me one of the keys and she taped it with duct tape and signed it.
    My last release was after 15 days and I’m afraid she is liking how much better I am and perform afrter a week of chastity. What worries me is that when a woman realizes this thats when they start demanding three and then four weeks?


  8. Scott says:

    Tom, as usual great story, question, the picture of you in bed, is that lock as big as it looks? mine is much smaller, did you mod for a bigger lock?
    Thanks, and good luck!


    • Tom Allen says:

      Scott, the padlock shown above is the 3/4″wide Masterlock that shipped with the CB3000 back in 2004 or 2005 when I bought it. The one that is on my device in the HNT picture is a similar Masterlock that I bought at a hardware store several years before, when I used it on my hand made stainless steel cage. They are the same size. The one in the HNT picture has been covered with a black plastic sleeve on the body to help keep the noise down.


  9. Greg says:


    I just read an interesting idea regarding the ’emergency key’. Drill a tiny hole in the emergency key where the teeth are so that one of those numbered plastic locks can be affixed. The only way to use the key would be to break the plastic lock so that you could insert it in the lock. The only problem I see with this idea is that the part on my extra key that would be drilled is faily narrow and drilling it might be a little tricky. An interesting idea however.


    • Tom Allen says:

      I rather like this idea. The plastic tags that some with them would not need a very large diameter hole, so I don’t imagine that the key would be weakened much. And drilling a section in the middle of the toothed area should not affect strength, because most of the twisting/torsion is going to be where the wide part of the key meets the part near the keyhole itself.

      The only thing I’m not sure about is how prone the tag would be to breaking, just from the normal daily use of having anything on a keyring. I think I have a couple left — I’ll try one when I get a chance.


  10. Greg says:


    I was also wondering about the plastic tag. I don’t think I would keep it on a key ring. What if the key and tag were placed in a small, clear plastic bag and heat sealed? This would help protect the key and tag and the Key Holder could also periodically check to make sure that the tag was still intact.

    If you do try it, please do let us know how it went. I plan on trying it also and will comment when I do.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Maybe I’m overthinking, but I want the emergency key accessible, which means I’d want to carry it on my key ring. I like the sealed bag idea, too — easy to get to, and very obvious if it’s been tampered with.

      But being in my pocket with other keys, loose, change, etc., makes me worry that the bag would wear a hole in the side, which would look incriminating. As it works with us now, the tape stays on my key until I pretty much wear it out.


  11. Greg says:

    Point taken. I take a backpack to work everyday which has a zippered pouch. I was thinking of keeping the extra key-and-tag-in-a-heat-sealed-plastic-bag in this pouch. Of course, constant jostling of the backpack could tear the plastic bag or break the tag. Maybe I could keep the plastic bag with key and tag in a ziplock bag? Maybe this is getting silly…

    I’ll keep you posted.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Five minutes of Googling on “tamper evident seals” turned up quite a few good alternatives to the flimsy tags that you get with the CBxxxx devices. There are some smaller zip ties that would easily fit into a small drilled hole in the key, and look more resistant to breaking than the current tags.

      Also, rolls of tamper evident tape are pretty cheap; writing over applied tape seems pretty fool-proof. Hell, you could even put some tape over the lock itself.


  12. maxwell says:

    Hi there….

    Great site! My wife has me in CB6000. Currently she secures it with the plastic one-way locks, but we would like to switch to a padlock (with a key she carries naturally). I worry that showering will seize the lock though. Do you somehow protect your lock from moisture (in the shower)? If so, please share your experience. I had to ruin a pin on a previous device because a master padlock siezed up after a few showers.



    • Tom Allen says:

      Hi Max – I want to say that I have been using the same Masterlock for more than five years and have never had a problem. I believe that it has more brass inside than some of the newer units that use steel and aluminum.

      I suggest a few drops of baby oil in the keyhole once a week or so.


  13. Greg says:


    So I drilled the hole and attached the plastic tag. It actually worked quite well. Like I said before, I was worried that the hole needed would have been too big for the width of the key but it worked out fine. I have some pictures if you want to see. You could post them on your blog if you were so inclined. Anyway, if you are interested, send me an email and I’ll send you the pics.


    I have been using the lock provided for the CB6000 for three months now and haven’t had any problems so far. For the record, I take a shower once a day. I should be adding a drop of baby every now and then as Tom suggest.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Greg, I really wish I had thought of this a month ago. I kept thinking of ways to seal the key, but hadn’t thought about simply making it impossible to simply use.

      I’ve sent you my email addy — let’s see some pics!


  14. Madlock says:

    Hi Tom & all holders of an emergency key,

    I vaguely remember having read a similar thread that, in my mind, produced a simple yet effective solution for a potential loophole with the sealed emergency key: It would not stop you from using it the second that your wife left home for a four weeks’ trip and still pretend that you broke the seal just a minute before she came back.

    The idea was to write numbers on the four corners on a sealed envelope and you need to call your KH and ask her which corner you may tear it open. More numbers will obviously reduce the chance that you guess right if you dare to break the seal before asking for permission first.

    It collides with your preference to keep the key on a ring, though … The best I could think of was to seal a bunch of them with only your wife knowing which one opens the lock.


  15. Whistlersix says:

    Hi Tom,

    Somewhat new to the chastity thing, but I was thinking about this when I couldn’t sleep tonight. Do you have access to a laminating machine? What about having Mrs. Edge sign and date two business card sized pieces of paper or stiffer cardstock, place the key in between them, with the signature facing outward, then laminate the whole thing?

    This would give you a nice stiff ID like card that could fit in your wallet. It would be there in emergencies, but out of site and out of mind. Heck you could even get creative and design some type of chastity related ID (‘Owned by _______’) for the two pieces of paper/cardstock.

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a laminating machine so I’m not sure if they could handle the thickness of two pieces of paper and the key between them or not but it’s an idea I’ve had bouncing around in my head.



  16. Max says:

    Tom I was referred to your site by Elle and her blog/site. She mentioned the stainless steel pins you made for the Fort/CB3K. Do you sell these adjusted pins, because if so I would be interested. Thank you. Great site full of of good information by the way. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks.


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    • Tom Allen says:

      Again, it’s a nice unit, but it’s not the best solution for an emergency as it assumes that anybody who matters is going to be next to a computer when the need arises. That is, if I needed that key NOW (in case of an accident, for example), I would have to contact her, hope she’s near her PC, and that I’m near one, myself.

      Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great idea, especially for long-distance keyholders. It’s just not a good idea for dealing with emergencies.


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