Sexxay UK

I don’t know how I ended up on a mailing list for a UK adult toy distributor. Hell, I barely remember how I end up pretty much anywhere on teh intertubes. But they did send me an interesting note this morning:

Hello Tom,

I thought you might be interested in hearing about the LoveHoney Sex Map UK. It’s a brilliant new tool that was launched yesterday and will give you hours of fun. The Sex Map allows you to explore the UK finding out all sorts of naughty facts from which town is most into BDSM to what town likes their sexy undies. Type in your home town and find out what everyone is up to behind closed doors! Or why not plan a sexy holiday based on the sexy locations on the map?

You can see the Sex map here:

Check it out and you can find out why Upminister is the sexiest (I know, it came as a shock to us too!) place in the UK.

Happy mapping!

LoveHoney blogger

I don’t know that much about the various towns and cities in the UK, except what I’ve read about in Conan Doyle and P.G. Wodehouse stories, but it was interesting to plug in names of the towns that I did know to see how they stacked up.

Better, I discovered that there was a map of the UK that appeared to be a weather map… except that the temperature variations were replaced by buying habits; areas in red spent two to three times more than the national average.

Question for the people in Southampton, Bristol, Nottingham, Cambridge, and Lincoln. Do you have time to get any work done out there? And where the hell is Upminster? That town spends ten times the national average on pretty much everything!

Scotland and Wales spend a bit more than you shoppers in England (Scotland? Really? Must be the kilts.). Conversely, Northern Ireland had better get busy, because your counties are typically under the average.

I don’t know anything about these places, but the searching the data was certainly a fun way to spend my lunch break. And as soon as I can afford a trip, I’m booking a flight to Upminster, wherever the hell that is. I’ve got to see what’s going on over there!

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6 Responses to Sexxay UK

  1. thisgirl says:

    Upminster is slightly east of london near to the horrible motorway that is the M25. They probably stay in all the time because they would have to contend with the worst road in the country to go anywhere!



  2. Jz says:

    Ooo! Check on Lower Dicker and Middle Wallop, please!
    But really, if a country has traffic signs saying, “Hump for the next 450 Yards” should we be surprised at anything they might get up to behind closed doors?
    (Altho’ you may need to be British to accomplish that while driving, I’m not sure…)


  3. havingmycake says:

    thisgirl is probably right 🙂 I got the email too and I did enjoy putting in various postcodes 🙂 My town is right down in the 200s when it comes to sexiness. I guess that’s cos I get all my sextoys as freebies to review these days 🙂


  4. Blacksilk says:

    Cardiff apparently spends most of its money on erotic novels and condoms. How very boring.

    Must try harder 🙂

    Thanks for this post though, I’m in the UK and didn’t get an email at all!


  5. Allie says:

    Damn I just checked this and my hometown ranks twice as high as my University town.
    Guess I shouldn’t have left…


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