Artificial Beef

Me love you long time.

Me love you long time.

I know that it’s a fantasy of many chastity enthusiasts to have their keyholder lock them away and to use them as a human dildo. Some take this a little further and enjoy thinking that they will be “replaced” by a strap-on piece of silicone, or perhaps a Magic Wand.

Now we can add another level to that fantasy: to be replaced by a life-sized sex doll.

The odd looking piece of equipment is Nax, a “lifelike” (ironically placed quote marks mine) male sex companion by a German company called First Android. He has six-pack abs that you can bounce a quarter off of, a pony tail hair do (great for hanging onto), and an exceptionally high forehead, presumably to turn on those of you who like brainy men. He also boasts a life-like appendage that, if I understand the promotional materials correctly, is fully functional.

How functional? A Babelfish translation of their website says:

Anatomically trained skeleton with full freedom of movement. Skin in flexible, pharmaceutical silicone. Free standing (option), knee position, sitting, torsos forward bending in knee position and hands supported on the ground, arms causes over the head swivelling.

Options: To move inserted rocker movement around the hip forward and in the back. Very good shock effect in each position, automatically swelling penis during contact, automatic Ejakulation with artificial Ejakulat, other compatible options see purchase order.

Apparently they have added animatronic features, but it’s not clear to me if Nax can actually move under its own power.

Personally, I’m not worried about being replaced; at least, not until androids really become fully functional.

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11 Responses to Artificial Beef

  1. I’m not sure if I think that’s more “weird” or “interesting” that science has come up with something like that.

  2. sulkygirl says:

    .. but what does he smell like..? does he give a good cuddle..?
    That pubic hair looks like it would come off in your.. umm.. hand..

    I am a bit disturbed by the artificial ejaculate.. and the design of the six pack and the pony tail.. seems like some android designer has been spending far too much time reading romance fiction..

    God, Listen to me.. I am never satisfied..

  3. Týr says:

    Being German, I thought I’d give you a better translation that Babelfish can provide. Enjoy.

    Anatomically formed skeleton with full range of motion.
    Skin made of elastic, pharmaceutical silicone.
    Free-standing (optional), kneeling, sitting, upper body bent forward with arms on the floor. Arms have limited range of motion above the head.

    Options: pre-installed rocking motion to move the hips forward and backwads. Very good thrusting effect in every position, penis automatically stiffens at a touch, automatic ejaculation with artificial ejaculate. Other options available.
    sonstige kompatible Optionen siehe Bestellschein

    NEW – NAX mit Animatronic. Arme, Beine, Kopf und Oberkörper lassen sich automatisch in bestimmte Positionen bringen. Die enorme Verstellkraft der neuartigen Aktuatoren von bis zu 380 kp, hält Stellungen auch dann wenn der Körper bewegt wird. Fotos und Videos folgen in Kürze.

  4. sulkygirl says:

    Tyr.. I am doing a post on this too.. would you mind if I used your translation?

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  6. Jz says:

    That high forehead appeal is negated by the Neanderthal expression.
    I’m holding out for Data…

  7. darklily says:

    Uh, I’m not sure I could use that thing…the look of the head/hair/face gives me the creeps.

    Ok…on second glance the whole thing gives me the creeps. What guy actually looks like that?

  8. Fusion says:

    So wrong and I think he’s an extremely ugly man. I wonder what gay men would think of “it”…

    And the ejaculate thing is just ick.
    Will it cum with different flavored refills? 🙂

  9. Fusion says:

    Showed it to my GF, she said she’d call him Mr. Bighead…

  10. susan's pet says:

    I wold not mind switching places with Data at this point. I am also programmed with several pleasure alternatives.

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