Bad Blogger — No donut!

I get a lot of reciprocal traffic with Emma and Scott of Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse. Well, I used to, until Blogger shut them down.

Scott dropped me a note to pass on the news that they have reopened under a new URL:

Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse (

Now, while I fully support the right of any webhost to terminate a contract, I think it’s poor practice for Blogger (acquired by Google, a few years ago) to block the blog without contacting the owners. According to Scott, attempts to contact Google have gone unanswered. It would be easy for Google to write a script that sends out an email when it blocks a blog for TOS concerns.

A few years ago, Yahoo started to get a bad rep for suddenly dropping sexuality related groups and profiles. I suggest that anyone in the sexuality community start looking at some ways to back up articles and media in case Google is trying to give Blogger a more squeaky clean image makeover.

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13 Responses to Bad Blogger — No donut!

  1. Billus says:

    I’ve noticed a few of your links to Blogger sites have gone dark in the same way as Scott & Emma’s. I’m glad they’re back up and running again. The strong impression that self-styled ‘net vigilantes’ have been reporting sites like these.


  2. Tom Allen says:

    Every few months I do some housekeeping; blogs that haven’t been updated in 6 months or so get moved to the Z-list. After a while longer, I just delete them entirely. I also try to sort out the blogs that have dead links, become password protected, or become otherwise inaccessible.

    Sometimes I overlook blogs because I read them via RSS, and fail to notice that they haven’t updated. Sometimes I add the link, but forget to add them to my RSS reader. We do our best, but sometimes we get a little overwhelmed here at Edge of Vanilla Labs.


  3. Fusion says:

    Not that I’m sexually explicit in my blog (well maybe a little in my sidebar stories…), but I mirror my blogger blog with a wordpress one, just in case. Backup never hurts…


  4. richard says:

    In view of the photos on the Emma Kelly site, please notify Emma and Scott that they need a home page with the adult warning content and a means for the reader to agree to the conditions stated – over 18, etc – in order to see the content.


  5. richard986 says:

    My comment was out of concern that Scott and Emma protect themselves from claimed violations of federal or state laws. This is why many sites – commercial and non-commercial – require the visitor to make certain representations and agreements – before being allowed beyond a “neutral” home web page.


  6. Billus says:

    Tom, I didn’t mean to imply that you were slacking on checking your links. Hell, you should get a medal from somebody.

    I merely meant that I’ve noticed a few Blogger sites have gone dark, which makes me think someone’s been complaining that someone somewhere might go to a site that *they* don’t think is appropriate.


  7. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Tom and Richard,

    We are trying to figure out WordPress software so that we can put up a warning page. If anyone can tell us how to do this we would appreciate it.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


  8. maymay says:

    This is exactly the kind of censorship that I’ve been warning the sexuality communities about for a while now…. Another similar situation is all the people using Twitter. If you don’t host your own data, or have an easily-portable copy of it somewhere, then you’re under the mercy of whoever keeps your bits. Literally.


  9. sulkygirl says:

    re links:
    you have Cat listed THREE TIMES.. and me.. umm.. me.. well.. where am I? I wonder?

    Do I need to post more naked butt shots to get a look in in your links list?


    • Tom Allen says:

      Cat is only listed three times? I must have accidentally deleted a couple.

      I like looking at Cat. 🙂

      I used to have you listed, and then you changed blogs, and then I never got around to re-listing you. But posting more naked pics certainly can’t hurt.

      There – you’re linked. Happy now?


  10. MissBonnie says:

    Thanks for keeping us update…*leaves a donut*


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