New survey proves that we love stereotypes

Ah yes, nothing promotes international harmony like poorly designed polls that support cultural stereotypes.

From The Guardian (UK) comes this bit of fluff:

German men are ‘world’s worst lovers’ with English men in second place

German men have been voted the world’s worst lovers, narrowly beating English men to the unwanted title.

Published: 7:00AM BST 29 Sep 2009

A poll of 15,000 women found that Germans are considered “too smelly”.

English lovers came second because they are so lazy, while men from Sweden were branded “too quick to finish” and came third.

Spanish men topped the table as the best lovers, followed by Brazilians and Italians.

The poll, carried out by global research site, asked women from 20 countries to rate nations on their ability in bed and give reasons for their answers.

Germans were deemed to have bad body odour, Englishmen were accused of letting women do all the work, whilst Swedes were a bit too quick to finish.

Men from Holland were “too rough” between the bed covers and Americans were accused of being “too dominating” in the bedroom.

Greek men were said to be a bit too soppy.

Other countries who didn’t fare well in the poll were Scotland (too loud), Turkey (too sweaty) and Wales (too selfish).

Russian men crept in at tenth place amid accusations they are too hairy for the average woman.

A spokesperson for added: ”These results are an eye-opener for thousands of men around the world and female travelers might judge potential new lovers by looking at these results.”

1. Germany (too smelly)
2. England (too lazy)
3. Sweden (too quick)
4. Holland (too dominating)
5. America (too rough)
6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)
7. Wales (too selfish)
8. Scotland (too loud)
9. Turkey (too sweaty)
10. Russia (too hairy)

1. Spain
2. Brazil
3. Italy
4. France
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. Australia
8. New Zealand
9. Denmark
10. Canada

Some comments:
Brazil? The country that practically makes plastic surgery mandatory?

Greece? What the heck is “too lovey-dovey” supposed to mean?

Scotland: Too much moaning and groaning? Do women not like that kind of thing? And what’s up with England and Scotland that apparently is okay in Ireland?

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go work up a hairy sweat by throwing Mrs. Edge around the bedroom for a few minutes; after which I’ll lie back, let her do the work, and then roll over and take a nap.

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10 Responses to New survey proves that we love stereotypes

  1. Fusion says:

    Silly polls.

    Thanks for the laugh with that last sentence though 🙂

  2. You see, THIS is why Marx had the best ideas! Break down the boundaries, unite the world and then we can ALL be the world’s worst lovers!

  3. Susan's pet says:

    Right. Should anybody believe this drivel? For instance, how scientific was the poll? I am a scientist, but I can’t think of a way to make this sort of thing legitimate. After all, when your assessment depends on your state of arousal, you can’t really be trusted to give rational answers. However, the research could be fun.

  4. Jz says:

    As to the Worsts, I have not found 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10 to be at all true.
    In fact, I would have put some of them in the Bests list.
    On the other hand, I haven’t worked my way around to the countries on the Best list because I’m having too much fun with the Worsts.

    And why don’t we get to hear what makes the good ones so great?!?
    Seems only fair…

  5. Bean says:

    Scotland is too loud? What, do they play bagpipes mid-coitus? Or do they just make more noise than most? If so, I’m moving to Scotland, stat.

    WTF with Ireland being on the Best list. What do the Irish have, beer goggles?

    And I can’t help but notice the total absence of Asian countries on either list.

  6. Steve Mayhew says:

    Wait, is is Holland or America that is too dominating?

    Or are ‘dominating’ and ‘rough’ the same thing?

    (Or maybe Americans are indistinguishable from Dutch once you’re in bed with one. Either way, somethings screwy).

  7. darklily says:

    The Dh and I had a bit of fun with this poll though, as well as one that rated lovers according to their profession. He’s a computer nerd (#1) of Spanish descent .Woo-hoo, twice the best!!

    Ok, so he’s an American and the other half of him is of Scottish descent.

    I think he’s the best…so I don’t really care what the polls have to say anyway.

  8. Blacksilk says:

    15,000 women from 20 countries and enough of them knew the difference between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland that they came so high? I doubt it. That sounds like a lot of UK women to me.

    My FWB is English (trust me, this hurst my Celtic pride) and our first night lasted until 6am. And we didn’t even go the whole hog. Doesn’t sound all that lazy to me.
    Plus, Fractal is Welsh and there is no way on *Earth* he’s too selfish. Sometimes I wish he’d take a bit more!

    And too rough, too loud and too dominating? Those are bad? Jeez, sign me up! If there any generous Dutch, Scottish or Americans nearby, let me know 😉

  9. mosthandysub says:

    I thought you might enjoy this clip and want to share it with your readers!

  10. Pixie says:

    Bean, don’t be so ignorant about the Irish and grow up. Appealing to the stereotype of the “drunken Irish with their beer goggles” is pathetic.

    Personally I think these polls/”research studies” are absolute crap. Nationality has nothing to do with how good a lover someone is and more to do with their personality and demeanour.

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