Spurting Fountain of Youth

I’ve really been enjoying some of the interesting science and health news lately.

Chemical in sperm ‘may slow ageing process’

Researchers in Austria say that human sperm might be the next weapon in the fight against ageing.

The article also points out that this is at least the second elixir of eternal youth that has been ‘discovered’ in the last few months.


So, someday they might make a pill. That’s great, but for anyone who wants to get a head start, I’m willing to be a donor. Right from the source.

Just thought I’d mention it, is all.

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9 Responses to Spurting Fountain of Youth

  1. Elizavetta says:

    Alright! Scientific evidence for what we’re talking about here:
    I feel so validated, vindicated, whatever.


  2. gillette says:

    And we all thank you, Tom, for your selfless offer of service.


  3. gillette says:

    Giggles…and I’m wondering what you would say if I actually took you up on your offer…teeheeheehee…might be worth a plane ticket.


  4. Wendy says:

    “for anyone who wants to get a head start, I’m willing to be a donor. Right from the source.”

    Hmmm, doesn’t Mrs Edge have this valuable medical supplement safely locked away?


  5. Jz says:

    A noble offer from a noble man!
    Just wondering, tho’. Do you think this will be a pill or an ointment?


  6. 2amsomewhere says:

    Liz Phair’s song “HWC” describes it as the “Fountain of Youth”. Was she ever ahead of her time. 😉



  7. susan's pet says:

    Now, does a man need a better excuse than that to hang out with his buddies? “Honey, sorry I am late coming home, but I was just trying to bolster my anti-aging arsenal.”


  8. Allie says:

    Now what other cures will the penis provide? Only the future can tell! 😉


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