HNT: Show some He-vage

While it’s not likely that the readers of this blog are overly concerned with the popular vis-a-vis what they simply enjoy, it’s worth noting that after two decades of smooth-shaven male models (anyone remember the Calvin Klein Obsession ads from the mid 80s?), it’s now officially okay to display chest hair.


From the pop culture blog Gawker:

Sexy Men Are Happy to Show Their Sexy Chests

Men do not have breasts. But our chests are beautiful creatures in their own right, which is probably why the man-cleavage, or heavage, is taking America by storm. We are apparently in a new “golden age of male chest hair.”

Referencing an article from no less than The Wall Street Journal:

“We wanted to go back to a more natural body, a more ’70s body with the models, getting away from the super skinny,” says [New York fashion designer]Mr. Bastian.

But what about those of us with a more hirsute nature?

The latest resurrection of man cleavage does raise a not-so insignificant issue: to wax or not? For a number of years, any male chest hair was considered a fashion don’t, but very recently a thin thatch has become quite acceptable. The low-cut look “is better if you have a little chest hair,” says Tyler Thoreson, a New York-based men’s style consultant. “It’s not about showing off chest hair, it’s about it peeking out a little bit.”

Robert Caponi, a 32-year-old musician in Greensboro, N.C., isn’t taking any chances. In order to get the hair-to-skin ratio just right, he shaves his chest every two weeks or so — a regimen that helps him to feel comfortable in one of the six deep V-neck shirts he owns. Not all styles fit the bill. After purchasing a wide scoop neck recently, he declared it simply too revealing. “I looked in the mirror and I was disgusted,” he says.

Some women share the sentiment. Posting on her blog earlier this year, Ketty Colom, a 22-year-old college student in Orlando, Fla., vented about the burst of men sporting heavage. “Leave it to the bedroom,” she said. “I don’t want to see your chest.”

Well, Ms. Colom – and you, too, Mr. Caponi – now would be a good time to click over to some other website. Those of us who kept our chest hair, letting it insulate our manly pecs, are tired of being in the closet.

About Tom Allen

The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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17 Responses to HNT: Show some He-vage

  1. Vixen says:

    Who knew! You do it quite well. 🙂


  2. Just a Curious Wife says:

    i love ’em furry!
    silver AND furry? nearly fatal!


  3. piecesofjade says:

    I’ve ALWAYS loved chest hair! And yes, I agree with the above…silver is SEXY.



  4. southerngirl says:

    Ripe with possibilities…. HHNT!


  5. sulkygirl says:

    dear tom.
    i have just now realised that I become increasingly frustrated with the images you post of yourself.

    you spoilt me with the click through a year ago.. and now I just want more and more and more..

    more click throughs.


  6. Nom! *snuggles into the warmth*

    xx Dee


  7. Wendy Wicke says:

    Hah, my husband has never shaved his chest, but just the other day said he was thinking about it because of “all the grey hairs.”

    Personally, I like to grab it and pull a little.


  8. Aarkey says:

    I’m glad hair is coming back. I never shaved (well I did once, but that was a full drag thing) – but trimmed it a bit. And mine is getting a bit gray. Heck it takes 2 mins to buzz clip my entire chest and arms, and then I do it again in 2 weeks. It just looks “clean” – at least that’s what my 6 yr old niece says 😉

    Oh, and I think I may have lied about just shaving it once, I can think of at least two other times now.

    But how’s a guy supposed to look pretty in a low cut dress with chest hair?


  9. gillette says:

    Nice chest. And hairs. 😉


  10. Elle says:

    You should come out of the closet more often 😉


  11. Keep that shirt off!


  12. Hello Tom, for me, chest hair is a delight to rub one’s face in. Unshaved legs against unshaved legs feel silky against eachother but I shave mine now lest I’m reminded too often of my old biology teacher, Mrs. E. I haven’t shaved my armpits for decades despite objections from many. I much prefer the silky hairs to a plucked-chicken look. As for grey hair: I find it beautiful. Somehow elegant.


    • Tom Allen says:

      Hi SE – as it happens., I’m one of those few guys that is intrigued by hair on women. I’ve had lovers that did not shave either legs or pits; not only didn’t it bother me, but I found ways to enjoy the sensualism of the silky feel.


  13. checkers says:



  14. Ketty says:

    Put a shirt back on!!!!!


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