Vanilla. But erotic.

Those of you who troll the net looking for oddities may have stumbled across this little gem that’s been circulating. Chances are that a friend of your forwarded this to be titillating, albeit in a squeamish, squickish way.

Yes, it’s meant to weird you out a bit. Marketing Magazine has their own take on it:

Science World hopes to raise a few eyebrows and possibly some squirming with the release of its latest viral YouTube ad that launched this week.

“Ice Creamy Goodness,” by Vancouver-based Rethink, shows several elderly women enjoying ice cream cones, including one memorable shot of grandma in the hospital licking ice cream from her finger. The ad ends with the copy: “Vanilla is the most erotic scent to older men” and the tag line “We can explain.”

Interestingly, despite my own advanced years (I’m 51), I looked at this and said “Holy shit – those people are old!”

I’m enheartened (is that a real word?)) to see that the usual Youtube denizens haven’t yet spewed the usual “Ugh, that’s disgusting” comments at the several videos available.

Coincidentally, this comes out just as I was looking at an article in the AARP magazine about “sexting” and related phone shenanigans among the retired (i.e., over 60) crowd. I’m still disappointed at the comments I’ve read implying that younger people think that sex stops at 45 – or when your body puts on an extra 20 pounds. I’m hoping, though, that playful, light-hearted ads like this will inspire in people some degree of acceptance that older people (i.e., people older than me) have their own needs and desires that shouldn’t be discounted.

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The Grey Geezer Dauntless defender of, um, something that needed dauntless defending. Dammit, I can't read this script without my glasses. Hey, you kids, get off my damn lawn!
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8 Responses to Vanilla. But erotic.

  1. ptathuk says:


    Are you suggesting that at our age, we need the encouragement? Something to look forward to?

    I think it’s a lovely ad; beautifully shot. Definately on an edge, with lots of vanilla.



  2. Jz says:

    I absolutely agree that the needs and desires of older people shouldn’t be discounted. But I’m not sure it’s the young who are the most guilty of this. Youth always discounts anyone more than 10 years older than itself. So that attitude coming from them doesn’t bother me.
    It’s when I get it from my contemporaries (and older) that I get irked. All the viral “now that we’re old” crap I get comes from people in my age bracket or higher. Hogwash, I say!
    They may sit down in anticipation of decrepitude if they wish. I’m going to wait until it’s actually here. Until then, I can be found on the dancefloor…
    [Or, you know, where ever 😉 ]


    • Tom Allen says:

      Actually, I’m going to agree with you that most of the “abandon all hope” emails that I get are from my slightly older friends. I’m tired of the cutesy emails about needing depends and viagra and glasses and hearing aids, about not being able to do things anymore. My father spent the last few years building a friggin’ *house* for crying out loud. Yes, he’s slowing down, but he still outworks half the guys that he hires to help him.


  3. Elle says:

    “I’m still disappointed at the comments I’ve read implying that younger people think that sex stops at 45 – or when your body puts on an extra 20 pounds.”

    That’s kinda funny, no? It shows people have no foresight. Because when you sit down and think about it, are you going to say that if you gain 20 pounds or when you reach 45, you won’t have sex anymore? I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure I’ll want to keep on having sex no matter what. Oh, and my boyfriend is 45. I’m grateful he still wants to have sex 😛


  4. I only started dating and playing with young people in my demographic recently. Give me a quintagenarian any day! As for bald men in their 40s … mmm quivering!


  5. Aarkey says:

    LOL – nice ad.


  6. Barney says:

    Tom, nothing wrong with that add, even us oldies have an “urge” ……….every now and again.


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