Full Scale Models

You may remember that I’m often surprised to see that so many people hit this blog not because of orgasm denial, chastity devices, or even general kinkiness, but because of a few posts of mine lauding the sexiness of  Marina Sirtis. Indeed, it’s a rare day that Ms. Sirtis is not on one of the top 10 searches for those who land here.

Recently, I’ve noticed another non-kinky topic set that frequently makes the top search terms: Lizzie Miller and/or BBW Model or Plus Size Model.

Seriously, I write dozens of posts about female domination, orgasm denial, kinky sex, or some weird fetish, and Google ignores me. But just a couple of posts in which I rant about some women who are sexy, despite not being a size 2 or under, and suddenly I’m ranked. Life is funny that way.

Anyway, while I’m on the subject of plus sized models, the other day V Magazine (one of those exclusive fashion mags that showcase clothing that costs almost as much as my first car) took the cue from Glamour Magazine and the several other magazines which have done this, and launched their own campaign of plus-sized models. And while I’m imagining an editorial board jumping on the trendy bandwagon a la Zoolander, I’m quite pleased at the photos that have been released in advance of the publication of The Size Issue.

But before we go on to ogle the women presented here, we should cover a few points.

One is that despite being called “plus size” models, they are still smaller than the average woman in the US or UK. The models in the photo shoot range from size 8 to size 12, which in real terms, simply means that they have a body fat percentage that just allows them to float when they go for a swim. Most women walking around are closer to a size 16; while these models are closer in size to the average woman, they still are not totally representative.

Another point is that the women pictured here are incredibly attractive. That’s because they are models. Models, of course, not only have particularly symmetrical features, they also have a team of people to style their hair, apply makeup, adjust the lighting, fuss with the poses, and to fetch their orange mocha frappachinos. Anybody that has ever seen “glamour shots” of non-models can attest to the eye-enhancing power of good makeup and proper lighting.

And while we are  drooling appreciating these models, let’s remember that we like what we like, and that it’s perfectly alright if some people are turned off by a muffin top, just the way that some people are turned off by women that look breakable in a good romp. In fact, let’s all go a bit further and try to learn to appreciate the infinite variety in the human form, and to find not just the physical, but the inherent, inner beauty.

More shots of these, and other beautiful (if unattainable) women can be found at http://models.com.

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14 Responses to Full Scale Models

  1. Sara Eileen says:

    Orange mocha frappachino?

    That’s disgusting, Tom.


  2. nursemyra says:

    what gorgeous rounded butts!


  3. Aarkey says:

    Call me a moderate, but I generally prefer women with curves but not lumps. I don’t find most models attractive, they look like girls who haven’t hit puberty yet. Unless they install fake boobies, and then they look like dolls.

    Which is pretty much what 90% of porn stars & strippers look like.

    Which might be why I don’t bother with either of those scenes.

    Maybe it’s boring, but I have a thing for women who look like healthy women. My first web job was for the company that launched “Plumpers & Big Women” – and I tell ya, the models & their admirers were sure happy that someone finally acknowledged their interests. What a joyous bunch of people to deal with. Far more fun than the kinky buggers who read Nugget and were always screaming for “Where’s my pee video!”

    But I’m kinda off topic now…


  4. Jz says:

    An interesting take on the use of the larger model…



  5. ptathuk says:

    Heart rate up. Eyes on stalks. Soggy keyboard. Yep, must be these stunning ladies doing that. The Cypo from Turnpike Lane is fine, but these ladies couldn’t be more beautiful – on the outside. Can’t help wondering what kind of people they’d turn out to be?



  6. Liras says:

    I think they look totally and thoroughly scrumptious!


  7. Shadow Lady says:

    I think these women look like a healthy woman should Most models to me look like burnt out match sticks that look like little boys. Just nothing healthy about that look. These real size models look like fun and much ore attractive.
    I am so glad that finally we are seeing real women take over again in modeling. Too bad it did take some models dying of anorexia to prove the point.


  8. Joanna Cake says:

    My own anorexia was partially stimulated by being bombarded with images of the perfect woman when I was an unhappy teenager.

    I went to a funeral recently of an old school friend’s mother. I hadn’t seen a lot of the people there for over 30 years and they all commented on how much weight I had lost since then. I know that I probably weighed only a stone and a half more than I do now but, because young girls have a lot of ‘puppy fat’ at that age, it takes a while for it distribute itself into the proper curves that will eventually form her woman’s body. This means that some will indulge in ever more dangerous practices to shift it.

    For years and years, I went through a punishing regime of aerobics and martial arts to try to achieve and then retain the shape I wanted to be. When injury forced me to stop, I was devastated. But then I found yoga.

    I do a class every day and my body is changing as a result. I am a little less angular and sharp. I havent put on weight but my body is softer where it needs to be.

    I feared the loss of my six-pack and, yes, it has indeed gone. But it has been replaced by the proper muscle tone of my core. My biceps and tricep definition is still there but it is, again, less ‘manly’.

    I think what Im trying to say is that, if more people did yoga on a regular basis, they would discover the body shape that they are meant to have, rather than starving themselves to become a shapeless stick.

    They would also be far more chilled out about the whole body image thing.


  9. Anonymous says:

    You have mentioned several times about what search terms land people on your blog.
    How are you viewing that information?



  10. Vanessa says:

    No doubt people should love themselves no matter what their dress/pants size, but right now in the USA more people are dying of obesity related issues that anything else.
    Curves are great, big old boobs and butts are fine, but we should not encourage/reward anyone to be unhealthy, that which may lead to their early demise. 🙂


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