Young cougar attacks boy

One of the problems with “S” humor — sarcasm, satire, and snark — is how insidious it can be; often, many people can’t tell the difference between satire and actual opinion.

That’s why I had to call your attention to the headline (with article excerpts) that I ran across.

Another Female Teacher Attacks Male Teenage Student With Sex

Female teachers grow more and more disgusting, as they continue to attack their minor-aged male students with sex.

It seems the realm of teaching is being plagued by a new breed of pedophile: female teachers who like to prey upon our young sons of America. Last year, our astute leader and friend, Pastor Jack Gould, revealed this dangerous new trend of liberal female teachers attacking young boys with sex.

These teachers have a sick, festering desire to corrupt the minds of the pure and innocent. They exploit a young male’s burgeoning sexuality — meant to only be fully released during the confines of wedlock, to his wife — for their own sick desires.


Reports detail how this young man shamefully came forward to speak of how this teacher raped him in her car, using both her secret parts and her mouth to do unfathomable acts upon his body. This young man was so emotionally scarred, ashamed and in so much pain, he allegedly did not even want to take the stand during the trial.

The thought of what horrors this young must have faced as this teacher forced him to copulate in her car, using his body for all of her lustful desires, is truly disturbing. What’s even more frustrating is the thought of how these liberal courts tend to let these teachers get away with such things with only a slap on the wrist.

It is a wonder that young men are even able to graduate high school and go on to college, as a man should do. We find more females in college now than young men due to things like this: how can our sons make it to college when they are being raped at such an age, one where they should be protected by law and not abused by a system of biased corruption.


We must let these diseased women know that as a society, we do not condone their sex attacks and will uphold the law to ensure their threat is removed for good.

And just in case you thought this was an isolated incident, here are more examples of the constant threat to our young men:

Vajazzling, The Newest Threat To Your College Son

Sexy Liberal Teachers Are Attacking Your Children with Sex

Submitted without comment, but feel free to add your own.

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11 Responses to Young cougar attacks boy

  1. I do find it sad how the double standard exists between a male teacher having sex with a student and a female teacher. The courts should apply sentences equally.


  2. Jz says:

    Well, it is true that I’m offended but odds are good it’s not by the parts this writer assumed I’d be offended by…


  3. mike says:



  4. Wendy Blackheart says:

    From the Vajazzling article
    “There is a grave and sinister new threat facing our college sons nationwide. College girls are now “vajazzling” their privates with jewels in efforts to tempt our solid, young men into fornicating with them and having babies.”

    ….having babies? Really? Really? That’s why I’m supposedly putting jewels on my vag? To have babies? When I fornicate, its generally to have orgasms. Not babies. Unless they think that by Vagazzling our vagina’s, we’ll be breeding gay babies or something.


  5. Aarkey says:

    What’s really in your face about this kind of abuse is the way that when women teachers abused boys, they are sentenced almost always depends on how attractive they are. The better looking ones almost always get let off with probation or house arrest. The unattractive ones can sometimes get real time.

    When they do it to the girls, they get harsher sentences as well. It’s such a fine line to play. So many men see this stuff as their fantasy. “When I was 13, etc…” I always wonder, how young is too young?

    Anyone who thinks they’re all pretty – go take a peek:

    I also find it amazing just how many of these women are married, with children of their own.

    Nope… it’s one of those “hot fantasy” & “cold reality” things for me. And if you’re curious what line I’d draw, I would say that both have to be 18, and that the student is no longer a student at the school.

    As to the jeweling of the vagina, that’s just plain ole silly.


    • RabeBurns says:

      I don’t know about you but I had a crush on my second grade teacher! Though I can’t say my 11th grade Trig teacher did anything for me.

      How young is too young? In our society it’s simple – the law says 18, then anything below 18 is too young.


  6. J says:

    Ahahaha – vajazzling? If only I knew sooner there were even more deviant ways I could subdue and trap a man with my whorish groin! 😉


  7. femsup says:

    Ah yes nice pastiche on a 60’s type conservative mentality.In the UK the age of consent is 16 and what really counts is the abuse of trust and position by the teacher.It can lead to favouratism at school and also brings up concepts of intimidation or pressure of the teacher on the child.

    Burt it is laughable wehn you hear of willing 17 year olds having their fun and then putting their teacher in it.Epecially if she is say 19 or 20.


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