HNT: Muffin Top

So, after a month of HNTs of pictures of me biking, I thought I might toss out a pic of where it’s gotten me. I’m actually down about 7 or 8 pounds, which is really just the stuff that I gained over the winter anyway. My problem is that I get down to around 185, and then I stall.

Here you can see my manly muffin top. I’ve got another 10, maybe 15 pounds to go before this won’t look quite so muffinesque. The reason that you can see the waistband of my boxers is because my shorts are literally falling off of me. I guess that’s a sign of some progress, although the next size down is still a bit snug.

The next month is going to be the hardest because I’ll be visiting the in-laws for a week on vacation, and they don’t have the same mindset toward healthy eating. I’ll be surrounded by ice cream, potato chips, and batter-fried donuts. And that’s just for breakfast.

ETA: Wow, seeing this up on the monitor makes me look heftier than the little picture on my phone. I think I might have to print this and post it on my refrigerator to give me a little motivation to keep at it. Who knows, maybe by next year I’ll be looking like this guy.

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16 Responses to HNT: Muffin Top

  1. No doubt you already know this but,,,,

    As one works out they are gaining muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than adipose. I think its like 2.2 pounds of muscle to 1 pound of fat or something like that.

    So most people stall when working out for weight loss. They start out getting good ‘scale’ results, then stall as they are gaining muscle, get frustrated (some quit) and don’t factor in the gain in ‘scale weight’ due to increased muscle mass. They just need to be patient and press on, and they should pay less attention to the scale and more attention to how they feel, increased flexibility, strentgh, endurance etc.

    Ok, I have half a gallon of chocolate chip (with extra choc-chunks) to go polish off so,,,, see ya. 🙂


    • Tom Allen says:

      I think that’s 2.2 kilos to 1 pound 🙂

      Muscle is more dense than fat, so 185 with a body fat percentage of, say, 35% would make me look rather portly, while 185 pounds with a body fat percentage closer to 20% would mean I’d need smaller pants.

      For me, I think it’s more a matter of tweaking my diet, since my exercising hasn’t changed all that much. For the last month I’ve been concentrating on eating a lot of lean protein, very little fats or dairy, no flour or gluten, and fewer fruits. It seems to be working; I’m hoping that it will help me break through this particular point.


  2. Joanna Cake says:

    You’re definitely on the right track but don’t cut out fat altogether as the body needs a bit from all the food groups in order to metabolise properly. Cutting out bread and other foods containing processed wheat and sugar is the really biggie that will see your whole shape change x


  3. waterfromyk says:

    muffinesque. haaaaaa.


  4. Jz says:

    On behalf of possessors of TRUE muffin-tops everywhere, I thank you for wanting to join our society but must inform you that this is a *seriously* half-baked effort. You’re welcome to come back when you’re achieved a MT in it’s true and proper full glory and we shall re-consider your membership at that point.
    Thank you.


  5. ~m says:

    lol @ Jz — yea, I was thinking, he calls that a ‘muffin top’? I think it looks just fine. But I do know about trying to lose a bit. I lost 2.2 this past week. HOpe to continue on a downward trend.



  6. Elle says:

    It’ll not only take work to look like that guy, it’ll also take a few good razors 😛

    Seriously though, you don’t really have anything to complain about. You’re looking pretty damn good already 🙂


  7. Alex says:

    Looking pretty damned hot there Daddy.



  8. nursemyra says:

    Well done Muffin Tom (though I’m hard pushed to see much muffin.

    That muscular gray haired man only looks about 35; I’m not allowed to touch anything more than ten years younger than me 😦


  9. Billus says:

    Forget the muffin; what kind of cage is that poking out at the bottom?


    • Tom Allen says:

      Wasn’t wearing one the other day, Billus. Hope that doesn’t disappoint you. But typically it would be a modded 3k.

      BTW, interesting web store you’ve set up. Is this new?


  10. Billus says:

    Yes; I’ve been inspired by yours and Sarah’s blogs to offer something for the non-sissy maid/cringing servant chastity devotee.


  11. scott Kelly says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m having the same issue. I’ve been stuck at 164 for a month even though I’m working out almost everyday and keeping the calories around 1500 per diem. Frustrating to say the least. Even in my 50s I was able to take off the winter fat layer and get down into the low 150s.

    I guess watching Tony Bourdain’s No Reservations isn’t exactly the best way to encourage myself.

    Hang in there. I think the exercise is the most important part of the equation for longevity and health.


    Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


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